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For your own mental health stop using this subreddit for a month10:17 pm Sat Mar 20 EDT

I’m all for the semi intellectual shitposts, at least for the time being. 3

Okay but actually how good would Ben Simmons be with Steph Currys shooting abilities 9:22 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

Imagine Jordan’s ability to dunk in Lebrons body. Lebron dunking from the free throw line would make the opposing team forfeit 1

Okay but actually how good would Ben Simmons be with Steph Currys shooting abilities 9:22 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

I literally said “ooh fuck” out loud. Just about any starter would be a top 30 all time player with Stephs shooting. Ben Simmon’s athleticism and playmaking ability combined with the best shooting ability of all time would make him the best player o 1

Where would you like to see Melo next year 12:55 am Fri Mar 26 EDT

Portland. 1

The knicks have a really good young core12:04 am Wed Apr 7 EDT

A big three of DSJ, Frank N last name, and Elfrid Payton is gonna win a 6 peat 0

Who s the new Black Mamba now that Kobe is dead11:33 pm Sat Apr 10 EDT

You could ask “what players possess the most Mamba Mentality?” but there will never be another Black Mamba, bro. Although this jerk is totally trolling us, don’t play along folks. 3

I don t get why people think clinical depression is entirely genetic6:22 pm Mon Apr 12 EDT

Kevin Loves burner account? 1

Who would decline this trade 4:11 pm Fri Apr 16 EDT

Dude go to bed 2

What NBA Player has the biggest PP 12:37 am Mon Apr 19 EDT

Who has the smallest pp? I feel like Mike Bibby has a fuckin chode. 1

The nba is full of large gaps12:39 am Mon Apr 19 EDT

What now? 2

Tyreke Evans is an ALL-TIME Great PROOF2:25 pm Mon Apr 19 EDT

A few great seasons don’t equal a great career. He will surely be a “remember him? he balled out” type of player, but is not an all time great 1

Where do you rank this player all time 5:57 pm Fri Apr 23 EDT

How many seasons has he played? 1

Where do you rank this player all time 5:57 pm Fri Apr 23 EDT

Is he retired? 1

How different would the league be if players got kicked out for cheating on their partners 8:31 pm Fri Apr 23 EDT

Do we even have an idea what true percentage of NBA players, or professional athletes in general, cheat on their wives and girlfriends? 1

Serious Who the hell is actually going to watch a documentary about the 2008 USA Basketball team 10:39 pm Tue May 4 EDT

Ding ding ding 0

Serious Would the 2017 Warriors be better or worse if you replaced Kevin Durant with Prime Michael Jordan 1:17 pm Mon May 17 EDT

With the other team being forced to help on D when Jordan drives, Steph and Klay would be wide open for days. Jordan would average 8 or more assists per game. 1

Kobe would be sad9:18 pm Wed May 19 EDT

Don’t put words in his mouth. 1

Why is Shaq not remembered as fondly as Kobe 8:24 pm Wed May 26 EDT

I think a lot of it is recency bias. When I was younger, let’s say around 2005, the only current player non nba fans knew of by looking at a picture of them was Shaq. Sort of like today the most recognizable players are Kobe and Lebron. 1

Whichever aggregation of participants consummates the conclusive denoument appertaining to the current interval will the aforementioned grand triumph calculate worthwhile in the preponderant disposition in regards to the antiquity of the National Basketb10:30 pm Thu Jul 8 EDT

TS;CR or Too Smart Can’t Read 1

Rank the young cores of the non-playoff teams excluding Warriors Blazers 4:24 pm Sat Jul 10 EDT

Pretty good list. Im impressed -1

Sports Fan - Customer Support Specialist - Start in Work at Home - Coral Springs FL Sutherland Global Services12:31 pm Sun Jul 11 EDT

Go away 1

According to Bleacher Report Damian Lillard is thinking of requesting a trade to the Lakers or Knicks and I have a few questions11:58 am Sun Jul 11 EDT

1. Bleacher Report is constantly full of shit 2. That’s literally all that matters 24

Which backcourt would you take Rose Booker vs Brogdon Mitchell vs Bledsoe Beal 10:32 am Wed Jul 14 EDT

Bledsoe/Beal. Next question 14

These social message jerseys are going to sell for so much money9:13 pm Sat Jul 17 EDT

Or you can get one on DHGate for 20 bucks 1

Adrian Wojnarowski has been suspended by ESPN11:07 pm Sat Jul 17 EDT

I mean, is he suspended for a few weeks because the rules clearly state that talking like that is not condoned, or is he suspended for speaking out against an ignorant asshole? There’s a big difference. 1

I wonder what setup is available for exercise rooms in Orlando 12:36 pm Sun Jul 18 EDT

You’re right. They have an exercise bike with the foam shit falling out, one of those things that you lay down upside down in, and one of those things that you stand in and you move your arms and legs back and forth like you’re doing 30% of a split. T 1

Corona1:35 am Mon Jul 19 EDT

Meyers Leonard too. It’s inevitable 2

Which team would you take if everyone is in his prime 2011 Mavs or 2017 Warriors 4:59 pm Mon Jul 19 EDT

It’s easy to forget how good prime Iggy was. He was already pretty old by the time he won the finals MVP, but he was an all star and 19 ppg scorer with Philly long before that. 1

Mitchell Robinsons 74 2 FG this season is the highest in NBA history topping Wilt Chamberlains record Rudy Gobert currently at 69 8 will have to shoot 88-for-88 in Orlando to beat the mark 5:31 pm Mon Jul 26 EDT

Why would Rudy have to go 88-88? Why not 20-20, for example? Maybe a dumb question but I honestly have no idea 1

Mitchell Robinsons 74 2 FG this season is the highest in NBA history topping Wilt Chamberlains record Rudy Gobert currently at 69 8 will have to shoot 88-for-88 in Orlando to beat the mark 5:31 pm Mon Jul 26 EDT

Oh thank you. 5

Someone should plaster this on Dwight Howards hotel door 12:43 am Tue Jul 27 EDT

R Kelly could give Dwight a lesson or two in this, but Dwight might be 20 years too old 1

Im off to bed When I wake up tomorrow the season will have started1:52 pm Tue Jul 27 EDT

What kind of sandwich? 1

I m calling it now Raptors drop to 3 seed and lose in the first round to the 76ers 11:30 pm Wed Jul 28 EDT

Eh, it’s not an outrageous take. But Nurse>Brett Brown and Embiid/Simmons and even Shake/Horford are huge question marks, too big to bet on. 1

Does anybody know how to make a good looking sports logo10:03 pm Mon Aug 2 EDT

Atari 400 1

Has anyone here actually been to magic city 10:12 pm Mon Aug 2 EDT

Eh, smells like fish 1

Should the NBA start fining players for spreading disinformation on social media 2:05 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

Fuck no? Just cause relations with China are struggling doesn’t mean the NBA can become China 1

How Would you build a contending team around Deandre Ayton 7:45 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

Get two actual stars. Add Ayton. 4

Paul George looking like an MVP level player again10:35 pm Fri Aug 6 EDT

His late game pull-up 3 made me pretty wet, not gonna lie 1

Paul George looking like an MVP level player again10:35 pm Fri Aug 6 EDT

Dudes repping Palmdale 1

Question Why do some players have their last names on the bottom of their number while others don t 10:05 pm Sat Aug 7 EDT

It seems like the ones who choose to have their last name instead of a phrase have their name on the bottom 1

Question about masks in bubble10:45 pm Sat Aug 7 EDT

There has to be billions of dollars weighing on this bubble, they’re gonna be as cautious as possible 3

What is the best center build 12:31 pm Sun Aug 8 EDT

Maybe I’m jaded, but a little shorter and a little faster/athletic might be the way to go. A dude that can defend all 5 positions, get both blocks and steals, make plays and, ideally, shoot the lights out from anywhere. Edit: yeah i didn’t realize th 1

The Heat have a 17-point lead at the end of the 1st half vs Milwaukee with no Butler Dragic Make your prediction Will the Bucks comeback and win 5:21 pm Thu Aug 12 EDT

I’m now actually surprised that he is just now playing for Miami. The dudes got a little bit of crazy in him and he’s got that Marquette connection. His defense and semi reliable three is making me love the dude 1

Gary Trent Jr8:42 pm Thu Aug 12 EDT

Go to bed bro 0

Can someone explain the 0lay-in off format that the NBA is using right now 8:34 pm Fri Aug 13 EDT

Olay! 3

Is TJ Warren in the MIP discussion at all 8:57 pm Sat Aug 14 EDT

Finalists have already been announced. Plus, TJ was averaging almost 20 ppg three seasons ago, his scoring ability has long been established. Not saying he ain’t good, he’s just an established player for non casual fans 4

Big Request That video with the Denver Nuggets mascot passed out falling from the ceiling9:17 pm Sat Aug 14 EDT

This is fantastic 1

Zion and Redicks 1st serious moment First time in the locker room he said yknow Z Im 13 13 Dont mess this up for me JJ Dont f this up 11:26 pm Sun Aug 15 EDT

If Zion played even half the season, the Pelicans would have made the playoffs. Blame JJ for signing with a young rebuilding team 1

Why isnt the Pacers Heat on tv 9:33 pm Mon Aug 16 EDT

There’s been a few Grown Man Bam plays and a few cold blooded shots by Oladipo, but other than that you’re right 1

How good would Houston be with Duncan Robinson and Davis Bertans instead of House and Covington 11:43 pm Tue Aug 17 EDT

House is the real deal, the dude gets buckets 1

Dont worry Suns fans10:04 am Fri Aug 20 EDT

Bro go back to bed 2

Predict Embids sickness injury when they lose to the celtics5:04 pm Sun Aug 22 EDT

Broken chances of ever succeeding in Philly -1

Is Chuck drunk right now 9:15 pm Tue Aug 24 EDT

The announcer of the Celtics 6ers game yesterday called J-Rich “Jason Richardson” multiple times 2

All-Star Weekend NEEDS a 1 on 1 tournament9:35 pm Thu Aug 26 EDT

Sounds better than Zoom HORSE 1

When did CJ McCollum get so average 10:45 pm Thu Aug 26 EDT

The dudes fuckin back is broke 5

Which players highlights any era are worth checking out on YouTube when you re bored 10:58 pm Thu Aug 26 EDT

Dr. J for sure 1

Which players highlights any era are worth checking out on YouTube when you re bored 10:58 pm Thu Aug 26 EDT

Jason Williams 1

2020 Luka with the 2013 Heat in their primes vs the 2017 Warriors who wins in a 7 game series 8:12 pm Sun Aug 29 EDT

Is it possible to have too many scorers? Honest question 2

What team would most benefit from signing Giannis 9:54 pm Sun Aug 29 EDT

Define “would most benefit.” Does it mean which team would improve their win total the most? Or would contend more easily for a title? Regardless, it’s a dumb question because every single team would benefit insurmountably if they signed a back to b 1

Trade Joel Embiid to Sacramento Kings for Buddy Hield Marvin Bagley Harry Giles and 1st round protected10:00 pm Sun Aug 29 EDT

I’m still waiting on Harry Giles, he was supposed to be the next big thing. However, I would never trade any star for him 1

What team up of players would you want to see current or former would you want to see and why 11:15 am Mon Aug 30 EDT

Maybe a little random, but a Joe Ingles/Tim Duncan teamup would have the most fun trash talk. 1

NBA Players that had more than 1 50 point game in a playoff run12:20 pm Mon Aug 30 EDT

My votes for Prez 1

Steph amp Shaq or MJ amp LeBron 1:22 pm Mon Aug 30 EDT

I’ll take the GOAT and the runner up? Obviously? Over literally any other option 1

Are Lakers the most impressive team so far in the playoffs 12:05 am Tue Aug 31 EDT

No, sorry. A 1 seed beating an 8 seed isn’t as impressive as some teams who seem to be exceeding expectations, like Utah or Dallas 2

Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo Named 2019-20 NBA Defensive Player of the Year6:42 pm Tue Aug 31 EDT

This is a real “two in the pink, one in the stink” situation 1

Will New Orleans take this trade Lonzo and jrue for Gary Harris will Barton bol bol and picks 11:56 am Wed Sep 1 EDT

Ball for Bol Bol 1

Why does the media think Nate McMillan was a good coach 12:23 pm Wed Sep 1 EDT

I mean, he certainly wasn’t a horrible coach? Just antiquated. Give him a few years as an assistant under a more innovative coach and I think he’d be worth another chance as a head coach in the league. But maybe I’m naive because he just seems like 4

Social justice messages each NBA player is wearing on his jersey3:45 pm Thu Sep 2 EDT

They should let the players say anything they want. No more censoring 3

Is Giannis just tall Bam Odebayo 2:54 am Tue Sep 7 EDT

Ode to Odebayo 0

Bucks9:11 pm Wed Sep 8 EDT

Bye 2

Kenny suggested that Giannis and the Bucks take on Dame and the Blazers mentality and that is exactly what happened Dame went out of the game with an injury and unable to finish the series and now we may see the same with Giannis Great Idea Kenny 4:58 pm Sun Sep 12 EDT

You’re not funny 0

Elfrid Payton10:51 pm Tue Sep 14 EDT

I’d like to see him on a contender. The dudes a talented playmaker, he could earn solid minutes on the tail end of a playoff rotation 3

If warriors get akumpo it s over for the league 1:34 pm Wed Sep 15 EDT

How can you possibly have a word like Prolapsed in your username, but you don’t know what a capital letter is, nor do you even attempt to spell Antetokounmpo correctly? 1

Udonis Haslem is the only remaining member of the 2012 ECF rematch between the Heat and Celtics2:25 pm Sun Sep 19 EDT

"I was nominated for an Emmy in the same way that Juwan Howard has an NBA championship" 2

Bam Adebayo was shafted for MIP9:30 pm Tue Sep 21 EDT

I’ll gladly get shafted by Bam after that block 2

Miami Heat win Game 1 against the Boston Celtics 117-1149:33 pm Tue Sep 21 EDT

Who would have guessed that Jae Crowder would be the most vital trade deadline acquisition of the year? 1

From a pure passing standpoint who was the better center Jokic or Shaq 11:00 pm Tue Sep 21 EDT

Jokic already has over 2/3 the amount of regular season assists that Shaq had in his entire career 1

Duncan Robinson likely to become the first and only player ever in history to have played in a Division III a Division I and a NBA championship10:29 pm Thu Sep 23 EDT

Don’t you dare fucking jinx it bro 1

Have the stars today become less flashy than the stars of the 2000s 9:33 pm Fri Oct 1 EDT

Jamal Murray just made one of the most spectacular layups in history dude 1

There s a conspiracy for the heat to keep winning so they can keep playing those jimmy butler michelob ultra ads 10:10 pm Fri Oct 1 EDT

Mobelob 3

The Shaq Finals Streak Goes On 10:19 pm Sun Oct 3 EDT

I totally forgot about that Shaq Celtics run 1

A year ago Sam Presti asked Riley you can have Westbrook but I need Bam Herro or Justice in part of the deal Riley No deal Bye 10:31 pm Sun Oct 3 EDT

Ill take Iggy and Jae over Russ all day 4

When taking into account all of the advantages resources they had this decade the Celtics are by far the biggest failures of the past 10 years 10:17 pm Sun Oct 3 EDT

Celtics are one of the best run franchises in all sports. They have one of the most insane starting fives in the league. Brad Stevens is one of the best coaches in the league. Ainge knows his shit. 8

With Miami going to the Finals let s revisit the thread of r nba reacting to Butler choosing Miami over Philly10:22 pm Sun Oct 3 EDT

The Sixers sub is actually pretty chill right now. I didn’t know that was possible for fans of any sport in Philly, but respect. 32

The new splash brothers 2:02 pm Tue Oct 5 EDT

Sorry boss, not happening. While Herro and Duncan may both end up being very good, nobody will come close to the impact and volume of Klay and Steph anytime soon. 3

Is it against the rules for LeBron to say that he will sign with whichever team drafts Bronny James 8:28 pm Sun Oct 10 EDT

I fricken hope he does it. Some franchise will give everything for the top pick. Even if Lebron is washed and Bronny is a bust, it’ll put butts in the seats and games on prime time 2

Has a team with a short starting star guard ever won the NBA championship 6:42 pm Mon Oct 11 EDT

Tony Parker 5

The Laker Will Three Peat to end Lebron James s career 7:11 pm Mon Oct 11 EDT

If he gets to 6 FMVPs, which I really don’t see happening, I might consider him the GOAT. What will it be, 12 finals appearances? 1

The Laker Will Three Peat to end Lebron James s career 7:11 pm Mon Oct 11 EDT

I never said he wouldn’t be the GOAT. However, Jordan’s finals win percentage blows this imaginary Lebron’s percentage out of the water, and that can’t be forgotten. 1

Duncan beat Shaq Kobe twice Hakeem beat Penny Shaq and Stockton Malone and Dirk beat OKC Big 3 and Miami Big 3 en route to titles Why cant Lebron ring without a super team 6:34 pm Mon Oct 11 EDT

Have you ever heard of Manu and Tony Parker? Yeah, they were never superstars but they’re definitely hall of famers 12

If Muggsy Bogues was 65 he wouldve been the Goat 6:57 pm Mon Oct 11 EDT

I second this 1

Not watching NBA because of Politics 8:52 pm Wed Oct 13 EDT

I feel like this is much more of an NFL thing. At least around me. People are straight up blackballing the NFL 2

Not watching NBA because of Politics 8:52 pm Wed Oct 13 EDT

Every single person I know is conservative, and a huge number of them aren’t watching football because of reasons like kneeling. 1

If the Lakers finish the finals on Friday their postseason tagline should be All 4-1 and 1-4 all 9:25 pm Wed Oct 13 EDT

Okay that’s pretty good. Nerdy, but good 1

Is Rajon Rondo the best player in the world right now 9:50 pm Thu Oct 14 EDT

Wtf is a Rajon anyway? It sounds like some hipster ass condiment 2

Ask me a nba related question and then edit it to make my answer look dumb11:16 pm Thu Oct 14 EDT

Best body part of any NBA player? 1

Markieff Morris put up a 0-0-1 stat line tonight with 4 fouls and 3 turnovers in 23 minutes12:00 am Sat Oct 16 EDT

It was a big rebound at least 2

Jimmy Butler is Jon Snow2:51 pm Sat Oct 16 EDT

Jimmy is probably the most Jordan-esque player in the league. However, that’s mainly a similar amount of insanity 0

AD could potentially be Suspended for Game 6 if NBA deems the Crowder play a Flagrant 2 would be able to play if it s a Flagrant 1 2:59 pm Sat Oct 16 EDT

I’ll bet on AD getting eaten by a gator at before I bet on him getting suspended 3

Duncan Robinson committed one of the weirdest flops in NBA history during the 3rd quarter tonight9:19 pm Sun Oct 17 EDT

Such a good flop that the towel boys came and cleaned up an imaginary sweat mess afterwards 1

What matchup do you see in the finals next season 9:51 pm Sun Oct 17 EDT

Definitely a rematch. The Heat are only going to improve 1

Khabib vs Lebron MMA fight who wins Streetfight 12:29 pm Sun Oct 31 EDT

It should be Khabib easy, however Lebron weight ALOT more than him, and weight alone makes a big difference 0

Could Minnesota trade for P J Washington 5:39 pm Mon Nov 1 EDT

So it’s basically PJ for the 17th pick? No, not worth it 4

Is Tyler Herro Kendrick Nunn enough to get Bradley Beal 9:19 pm Tue Nov 2 EDT

If he demands a trade and gives Miami as a destination, then maybe but probably not. He has no leverage to go where he wants because he just signed and he still seems locked in to Washington. 4

Which NBA players do you think are Trump supporters Hurry up and answer before this gets removed 8:25 pm Fri Nov 5 EDT

This just seems like a random list of white NBA players... 5

Which NBA players do you think are Trump supporters Hurry up and answer before this gets removed 8:25 pm Fri Nov 5 EDT


Has anyone in this group been in a relationship with an NBA player 9:00 pm Fri Nov 5 EDT

I saw Steve Blake at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday 0

Serious Would you rather have Luka Doncic or Lamelo Ball 4:53 pm Sat Nov 6 EDT

You should be asking instead “who is the best player you’d take after LaMelo Ball” 1

Japanese lettering10:12 pm Tue Nov 9 EDT

グーグルするだけ 2

Every Lakers trade on here9:02 pm Thu Nov 11 EDT

Every franchises fans are like this to a certain extent 4

How well would this starting 5 do 8:25 am Sat Nov 13 EDT

You’d be asking too much out of Giannis offensively. He’d probably have a serious injury at some point 1

Which fanbase has the most toxic annoying fans 4:11 pm Mon Nov 15 EDT

Philly fans of any sport are among the worst. There are countless examples of them doing senseless things 1

Which fanbase has the most toxic annoying fans 4:11 pm Mon Nov 15 EDT

To be fair, your senseless acts are usually pretty awesome 3

Create a roster of your favorite 2000s players4:26 pm Mon Nov 15 EDT

Jason Williams x 5 1

I actually think if James went to the Nets he would make them worse 5:39 pm Sun Nov 21 EDT

Shut up 14

If James Harden was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies would he pull an Iggy and sit out 2:23 pm Tue Nov 23 EDT

There are worse possible big threes than James, Ja and JJJ 1

The Fickleness of Being a Die-Hard Fan ft Avery Bradley8:26 pm Sat Nov 27 EDT

Who hurt you? 18

Lakers low key might be building a package for a 3rd star 8:20 pm Sun Nov 28 EDT

Lakers already got the easiest path to a title. 0

The Lakers are repeating arent they 8:33 pm Sun Nov 28 EDT

Dude I hope so, that would be wild 6

Hawks fans hating Luka9:46 pm Tue Dec 7 EDT

Every fan base has salty fucks and morons. You can’t single out Hawks fans like this 5

Just realized something1:26 pm Wed Dec 8 EDT

Every team could use him, but not for 30 mil a year. 1

Would the NBA allow Lebron James to take steroids if he wanted to 3:26 pm Mon Dec 13 EDT

LeBron could eat Momma Silvers ass if he wanted to 5

Is this trade bad Harden to the bulls for Thad young Coby white Lauri Wendell Carter also future first round picks 9:10 pm Tue Dec 14 EDT

Throw in Lavine and keep Lauri or Carter. Maybe try to keep Coby too. I don’t see why you’d want to have Lavine and Harden 3

How much would you pay to watch Michael Jordan play against LeBron James on live television 10:39 pm Tue Dec 14 EDT

Nothing. There’s no excitement in 1 on 1. 5 Prime Lebrons vs 5 Prime Jordan’s? Well I’d definitely pirate it 1

Has the window closed for the Celtics for the time being 9:00 pm Fri Dec 17 EDT

The window is never closed when you have Tatum, the dudes still young as hell and is already the real deal 1

Tyler Herro s Ceiling Player Comparison 2:46 pm Sat Dec 18 EDT

Some of the nasty layups he somehow hits remind me of Manu, but it’s still a reach 1

KD and Russ postgame hug 8:47 pm Sun Dec 19 EDT

The NBA is a big brotherhood. There seem to be very few stars that don’t like eachother 10

Would this team be the favourites against the Lakers9:13 pm Sun Dec 19 EDT

They probably wouldnt sweep but they should win relatively easily 2

Non Nets 76ers James Harden Trade Ideas2:05 pm Mon Dec 20 EDT

Kawhi and Harden would be a crazy good duo, figuratively 2

A list of player comparisons to kitchen appliances8:44 pm Tue Dec 21 EDT

God dammit, this is great 1

MacMahon James Harden on the purpose of his trips to Atlanta and Vegas while the Rockets opened training camp I was just training What was he training for The NBA season 2:15 pm Wed Dec 22 EDT

To be fair, he’s still a fucking amazing basketball player. 1

Would this team win a championship 6:54 pm Wed Dec 22 EDT

Fuck yes it is? There’s zero three point shooting but that defense is terrifying 1

7 players drafted in the 1st Round of the 2016 NBA Draft are currently not in the NBA3:09 pm Wed Dec 29 EDT

I’d like to see what Bender can do on a team with a solid developmental program 1

Discussions Some shortened player names1:50 pm Thu Dec 30 EDT

Mark Morris and Marc Morris 1

Short Rant Why don t teams wear their main colors anymore 9:57 pm Fri Dec 31 EDT

This is dumb but did anybody else keep thinking the Pelicans were the Wizards? 2

Best Free agents for each team all time8:09 pm Mon Jan 3 EDT

Christian Wood for the Rockets already? Not Mutombo, Jeremy Lin, or even Dwight? 2

Best Free agents for each team all time8:09 pm Mon Jan 3 EDT

He actually put up pretty good numbers for them 1

My Weird Roy Hibbert Dream 2:18 pm Tue Jan 4 EDT

I feel like whenever someone who has never watched an NBA game imagines what a player looks like, it’s probably Roy Hibbert 11

My Weird Roy Hibbert Dream 2:18 pm Tue Jan 4 EDT

I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I was just making a random statement 1

Udonis Haslem has played 81 regular season games since 2015-16 12:28 am Thu Jan 6 EDT

Name a scarier dude in the league. He could fuck my wife if he wanted to 1

Im sorry Jazz fans10:54 pm Thu Dec 31 EDT

They sound about as exciting as Jazz from Utah 9

Im sorry Jazz fans10:54 pm Thu Dec 31 EDT

How can someone have energy without caffeine, sounds wonderful 1

Can someone explain to me again the reasoning behind the Dlo for Wiggins trade 1:38 am Sat Jan 2 EDT

D-Lo wanted out. And the pick the Warriors got in the trade is beyond valuable 4

Julius Randle is averaging 21 2 points 10 5 rebounds and 7 2 assists on 50 50 77 this season More ppg than Devin Booker 20 5 more rpg than Anthony Davis 8 8 more apg than Luka Doncic 6 4 4:27 pm Sun Jan 3 EDT

Black David Lee 3

Who is the best player to have a face tattoo Both currently and in history 4:52 pm Sun Jan 3 EDT

Get a tattoo of u/CumLovingSlut69 and you’ll win all the championships 3

What do they do with the bats7:58 pm Mon Jan 4 EDT

Is this really more than a one time thing? That’s awesome 1

Is harden playing tonight 5:18 pm Wed Jan 13 EDT

Dude makes so much, he could probably get a private jet with strippers 2

Point Harden could win the nets a championship7:04 pm Sat Jan 16 EDT

So could SG Harden. And Power Forward Harden. And maybe even Player/Coach Harden 1

Why is it that baseball stats are described in thousandths but basketball stats are in hundredths 8:48 pm Fri Jan 22 EDT

Baseball fans are nerds, while the only dudes on here with a college education are the ones who played d-3 ball for two seasons 2

Bam Adebayo with a 41-5-9 stat line in close loss to the Nets10:50 pm Sat Jan 23 EDT

Shoutout to whoever called a 40 point game on this sub a few hours ago 1

Would you consider this team better then the Lakers 2:02 am Mon Jan 25 EDT

They really have no answer for AD. 0

Austin Rivers with perfect first half 25 points 10 10 FG off the bench in first half vs the Utah Jazz9:59 pm Tue Jan 26 EDT


who is the worst player that could become mvp if you gave him the mamba mentality 10:29 pm Thu Jan 28 EDT

If Bam was a more aggressive scorer he could be All NBA 2

Serious What s with all the Kuzma disrespect 2:04 am Fri Jan 29 EDT

Dude looks like Macaulay Culkin 1

What would you say about the trio of Harden-Durant-Irving What are their shortcomings and strengths 3:42 pm Fri Jan 29 EDT

Okay we get it 1

Which players are most outperforming their contract outside of superstars and Christian Wood 5:04 pm Wed Feb 3 EDT


Which players are most outperforming their contract outside of superstars and Christian Wood 5:04 pm Wed Feb 3 EDT

Smomovan Mitchell 3

The Atlanta Hawks have 37 points at halftime8:34 pm Thu Feb 4 EDT

04 Pistons without the defense? So like? 0

LeBron scores 800th 25 point game tonight12:38 am Fri Feb 5 EDT


Are players allowed to wear wigs on the court 2:47 am Fri Feb 5 EDT

Just go Boozer mode and call it good 1

Is Natalie Sago the worst ref in NBA history 8:44 pm Fri Feb 5 EDT

In history? I doubt anybody reffing today is in the top 10 worst of all time. Back in Wilts day the refs were Sunday school teachers and switchboard operators 2

To the person who asked for an nba rivalry3:16 am Sun Feb 7 EDT

The Hornets aren’t making the finals this decade, there’s my vision 2

How many ex-Shaq teammates do we have left 1:37 pm Tue Feb 9 EDT

Jeff Green is a safe bet? There’s also Rondo and Avery Bradley from the Celtics, Lebron and Danny Green from the Cavs, Goran, Jared Dudley and somehow Robin Lopez from the Suns, UD and possibly Michael Beasley from the heat, and honorable mentions Steve 11

If you are KOBE 6:12 pm Tue Feb 9 EDT

Ask him 5

Who is the dude jumping around which LeBron and Ray Allen shot 12:37 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

He was my favorite player for a few seasons 1

Do you think James Harden regrets going to the Nets 8:55 pm Thu Feb 11 EDT

He might miss Candy and Buttercup, but other than that he’s happy 1

I just want to know as an opposing fan how does it feel when your team is demoralized by the Jazz this year 12:06 am Sat Feb 13 EDT

Let’s see what happens tomorrow, bud 1

Whats the most realistic top 10 players list currently 4:29 pm Sun Feb 14 EDT

I got Kawhi above Steph. Harden considerably lower, simply based on his new role. And Embiid above AD, probably above Giannis even. -3

Whats the most realistic top 10 players list currently 4:29 pm Sun Feb 14 EDT

And Kevin Love put up monster numbers for the Wolves. Similar with Chris Bosh. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he’s thriving in his role, but I’d still bump him down 2-4 spots. 0

My Top 300 Players 02 15 2021 5:04 pm Mon Feb 15 EDT

Adderall is a a beautiful thing 18

Rozier for Drummond 6:42 pm Mon Feb 15 EDT

Scary Sexland 3

Why are Carmelo Anthony fans so pressed about the nickname Melo and LaMelo Ball 6:49 pm Mon Feb 15 EDT

Is Mike James MJ? Can Cameron Payne be CP3? Is Chris Kaman Meth Curry? Come up with a new nickname 5

Top 5 NBA Rookies Buzzfeed 8:21 pm Mon Feb 15 EDT

“Which NBA rookie are you?” 10

Funny but weird post I remember from 2008 saved on my laptop about the NBAs ugliest players2:37 am Thu Feb 18 EDT

I got downvoted earlier today for calling Alexey Shved super ugly. In his defense, it was just a bad picture one year in 2K, but 2K is also the only reason anybody knows him soooo 1

Post Game Thread The Miami Heat 13-17 defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 22-9 96 - 9411:01 pm Sat Feb 20 EDT

Kuz really earned my respect this season. Dudes really stepping up for the team 1

How do you feel about David Duke as a basketball player 11:10 pm Mon Feb 22 EDT

Jesus Christ 3

How do you feel about David Duke as a basketball player 11:10 pm Mon Feb 22 EDT

Dude Blackkklansman is a great ass movie 6

Post Game Thread The Miami Heat 16-17 defeat the Utah Jazz 26-7 124-116 in a thriller10:30 pm Fri Feb 26 EDT

I’m so wet 2

comparing larry and luka is hatred11:25 pm Fri Mar 5 EDT

To be fair, the comparison is far more than “I can name a white all time great.” Many players this generation compare greatly to Bird, I’ll say Moreso than Jordan, Kobe, and Magic. Harden, Luka, and some more of these unicorns are more like Bird tha 1

Who would you rather have Jayson Tatum or Donovan Mitchell amp Bam Adebayo10:47 pm Sat Mar 6 EDT

Cause baby twoooooo is better than one 2

What happened to Kenneth Faried 3:11 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

Ohhhhh dude you fell for it 2

Need help for school Who are the most overpaid players in the NBA 3:04 am Tue Mar 9 EDT

Is Luol Deng off the books yet? 4 years, 72 million was INSANE 5

Legit Reason only Lebron is allowed to build Super Teams7:14 pm Tue Mar 9 EDT

Lebron builds Super Teams. KD joined an already established one. Hence why he isn’t getting as much shit for the current Nets team 0

Is there a realistic chance that Steph Curry leaves the Warriors 12:07 am Fri Mar 12 EDT

I mean, why not? If he wants to go have some fun at the end of his career and go home or go play with some new teammates in a new city, let him do it? He’s already given so much to the Warriors, he has nothing else left to prove there. 1

How many games have you watched this year 4:15 pm Sat Mar 13 EDT

Only like 3 or 4, sadly. My wifi hasn’t been good enough for pirating. I mean, um, partying, who watches games alone? 1

How many 6 month old babies does Zion Williamson eat per month 6:27 pm Sat Mar 13 EDT

He could eat a 23 year old if he wanted to 13

How many 6 month old babies does Zion Williamson eat per month 6:27 pm Sat Mar 13 EDT

I hope Meyers Leonard isn’t hungry 2

Why doesnt MPJ get hate like Kyrie 1:58 am Sun Mar 14 EDT

I wanna say he gets his fair amount of hate. 1

Tonight s Triple Double from Lebron James helps him equalize Wilt Chamberlain for Triple Doubles when in 30 s at 61 1:16 am Tue Mar 16 EDT

For some reason I always imagined Wilt not playing for a super long time? Probably cause he’s 7th on the all time scoring list, on top of his insane scoring seasons 1

On a scale of 1-10 how easy is it to pick up basketball 1:38 am Tue Mar 16 EDT

I made high school varsity and I was GARBAGEEEE. Like 5’8, no athleticism, I probably scored 10 points all season. 3

Is Rudy Gobert overpaid 9:23 pm Tue Mar 16 EDT

Jazz gotta do what they gotta do, and whatever that is seems to be working 2

OC I found the guy who sniped Meyers Leonard and Its A Twitch Streamer and Theres a Video10:39 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

Now find the dude who gave Dion the gummies? 1

Do refs deal with mental health issues 11:23 pm Fri Mar 19 EDT

Who in their right mind would want to be a dentist? Like “mommy, when I grow up, I wanna stick my nose into open dirty mouths all day everyday” 1

Analyzing the Hawks Win Streak6:10 pm Sat Mar 20 EDT

A streak in the regular season is always impressive. The NBA is weird, you can have the Cavs demolish the Lakers one night, just to have them lose to the Timberwolves the next night 5

Today is a very very sad day for me8:45 pm Sat Mar 20 EDT

Yessssss I love me some new pasta 2

Opinion Defensive Rebounds is a incredibly overrated and should be divided into Defensive contested rebound and uncontested rebound and offensive rebound5:17 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

no 2

Why did Oladipo want to leave the Pacers again5:14 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

He wanted to accept a 11 mil a year contract from Miami where he can be a third or fourth option. At least I hope 8

Would you rather have lonzo ball or westbrook My friend says lonzo is already better than westbrook But I don t see it at all What do I think1:01 am Mon Mar 22 EDT

What do you think heroincigarettes76er? 3

Sylvander The Miami Heat believe Kyle Lowry Jimmy Butler amp Bam Adebayo are up for the challenge against any Big 3 league-wide 3:59 pm Tue Mar 23 EDT

Brown, Tatum, and Paul Pierces dirty trousers. 4

Who is the best Stretch Six 1:55 pm Wed Mar 24 EDT

It’s obviously Bol Bol 1

Who is more likely to be traded today Lowry or Oladipo 1:44 pm Thu Mar 25 EDT

Houston would be stupid to keep Oladipo. Trade him to the highest bidder, even if it’s a lowball offer 3

Is Miami the big winner today They got Oladipo for nothing and are getting Aldridge4:18 pm Thu Mar 25 EDT

The Bulls acquired the biggest prize of the deadline: Hope 3

Softest whiniest team subreddit in the league Serious 2:00 am Thu Apr 1 EDT

I’m a big fan of the Raptors and how they manage their franchise and their talent, but their fans can be really bad at times 1

In Pascal Siakams first 20 games of last season he was putting up 25 9 4 on 47 38 81 splits with eight 30 point games do you think he is still capable of being that player 6:37 pm Fri Apr 2 EDT

He’s gonna win MIP this year /s -1

The GOP combines for 81 points tonight9:08 pm Fri Apr 2 EDT

“The GOP is proud to announce a 300% increase in African American citizens”-Republicans Edit: Breaking news, the increase is only 200%, as one of them is an OG 2

How good is Marc Gasol with Javale McGees body 12:50 am Sat Apr 3 EDT

How good is 40 year old Vince Carter with Donovan Mitchell’s athleticism? 1

Heres how Wade shouldve reacted to Lebrons decision 10:35 pm Sat Apr 3 EDT

Hey. Eat my ass. 5

What s a good trade for Karl-Anthony Towns 10:42 pm Sat Apr 3 EDT

Honestly? Wiseman, their pick, and the Warriors pick, ironically probably throwing in Wiggins for money reasons -5

What s a good trade for Karl-Anthony Towns 10:42 pm Sat Apr 3 EDT

Two very high picks in what looks like it’ll be a historically good draft and a possible future star? Who can offer anything better? Other than maybe the Thunder packaging 25 picks 2

What s a good trade for Karl-Anthony Towns 10:42 pm Sat Apr 3 EDT

Do better, show me how it’s done 2

Using NBA Footage on Youtube 10:49 pm Sun Apr 4 EDT

“Our Father, who art in Heaven, without the written, approved consent of Major League Baseball.” 1

Schroder vs FVV10:32 pm Sun Apr 4 EDT

I’m taking FVV all day. Dude impacts the game in more ways that Dennis 13

Steph Curry would be great on the Lakers 1:13 am Wed Apr 7 EDT

If I could have any two stars from history as teammates, Steph and LeBron would be near the top of the list 2

Does Lebron playing against TikTokers and Twitch streamers diminish his accomplishments 2:34 am Wed Apr 7 EDT

We’re gonna be saying this about Luka in 15 years 3

NBA fans tier rankings12:10 am Sun Apr 11 EDT

What makes Miami fans bad? Is it cause were delusional when it comes to free agents, trades, and Tyler Herro, cause I’ll admit that. Edit: we see you editing bro, watch yourself 1

The NBA should have never went away from the traditional uniform system 1:46 am Sun Apr 11 EDT

Who cares? The jerseys, even the bad ones, are fun. Regardless of what they’re wearing, the game is still the same. Why not add a little flair? 1

Why do fans clown a player so much for getting posterized Shouldnt it be more disgraceful for being too scared to contest a dunk 3:50 pm Sun Apr 11 EDT

[How I was introduced to Kyle Korver](https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=osYOlvEQ&id=C2FD0A7558FB2401DEE5005164E532E491A699BD&thid=OIP.osYOlvEQYmfYIs1n7NrF-wHaLF&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fth.bing.com%2Fth%2Fid%2FRa2c60e96f1 1

Why did the Heat trade Mo Harkless who s now starting for the Kings for Bjelica who was getting DNP s for the Kings and now still is for the Heat 12:23 am Mon Apr 12 EDT

Less is Mo 14

Why didn t ESPN lower the mic turn it off when Murray went down with the injury 2:04 am Tue Apr 13 EDT

Anybody got a video of this audio?? 1

Ramadan Mubarak NBA fans1:59 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

Not a Muslim, but I hope you have a blessed month. Except, well, I hope your favorite team lets you down if it means my team prospers 3

You have to play NBA minutes yet can magically heal any injury How many minutes do you have to play a game until you re not worth it 2:26 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

Can I heal my generic injury? I.E. my short, fat, unathletic ass 1

68 Rodney Hood is currently the shortest player on the floor for the Raptos8:14 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT


Jayson Tatum might be a Satanist or at least part of whatever cult Jay-Z and LeBron are in8:23 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a NSFW tag on here? 8

Jayson Tatum might be a Satanist or at least part of whatever cult Jay-Z and LeBron are in8:23 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

Those shoes look like a laser tag arena 1

How many teams this year could you see winning the title 7:09 pm Thu Apr 15 EDT

I see 1 team winning the title, call me crazy 1

How many teams this year could you see winning the title 7:09 pm Thu Apr 15 EDT

Isn’t it your naptime, nephew? 1

Isaiah Stewart in a win against OKC Thunder 15 points 22 rebounds 2 blocks 7 12 FG9:47 pm Fri Apr 16 EDT

For a second I thought Isaiah Austin was back in the league 1

Julius Randle leads the league in minutes played more than 150 minutes than 2nd place Nikola Jokic3:26 pm Sun Apr 18 EDT

Thibodeau Thibodoes what Thibodeau Thibodos 1

Serious Has Jimmy Butler Given Up on the Heat 10:11 pm Fri Apr 23 EDT

Bring in the Third Stringers 8

I want to personably apologise to that hardcore Jokic fan that was banned from this subreddit around four years ago He was right 12:58 am Fri May 14 EDT

We don’t apologize, and that’s just the way it is 2