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Im not watching another NBA game until something is done about these refs9:18 pm Sat Dec 28 EDT

lol 1

Someone needs to compile all footage of how cocky Curry was tonight2:53 am Fri Jan 4 EDT

Is that you former cavs fan/current lakers fan/harden fan 1

Kyle Lowry versus Ben Simmons12:15 am Tue Jan 8 EDT

Lowry can shoot and pass Simmons can only pass 23

Kyle Lowry versus Ben Simmons12:15 am Tue Jan 8 EDT

What makes you say that?, statistically Lowry is a better passer, court vision dont get you rings playaaaaaa 14

Why was Green called a flagrant 9:37 pm Sun Jan 13 EDT

Home advantage 0

Ben Simmons or Scottie Pippen11:59 pm Sun Jan 20 EDT

Pippen 4

Pelicans conspiracy5:28 am Sun Feb 3 EDT

Its insane but my brother was like "fuck it, trade bron because AD is young", but thats not an option haha, if the pelicans got lonzo they could try trade him aswell, I dont know! 1

How many of you actually play basketball And at what level 8:59 am Wed Feb 27 EDT

I beat my brother In a game of one on one and now I want a ring 1

I told y all LeBron was king2:52 am Thu Feb 28 EDT

Maybe you should check the box score for other games more often because theres players that perform at this level daily, lebron is no longer the best . 2

Lakers are done 6:30 am Fri Mar 15 EDT

Nephewwwwwwww 1