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OC GOAT 4:41 pm Wed Oct 28 EDT

what? fuck off 1

Rockets suck10:57 pm Wed Oct 28 EDT

> cp3 didnt even show up Technically true. 1

Which NBA player s do you like shitting on for fun 5:09 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT

Harden and cp3 Cant hate on shump after he dropped 26 on our heads last weekend LOL game of his life 0

Can we all agree to start calling Deandre Ayton Andre Ayton9:08 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT

I was told Noel was an average backup center earlier today. Then just now I was told that hes the perfect big for the modern NBA and could start on a lot of teams. Now Im being told hes bottom of the barrel. None of these by Thunder fans. Which one is 5

Dantoni needs to be fired8:53 pm Tue Nov 3 EDT

lets just get rid of coaches in general and let the players do their thing 1

Which one is better Rockets without Harden or Rockets without Cp39:37 pm Tue Nov 3 EDT

> by the Blazers man everyone sleeps on the blazers lol 7

Should the rockets tank for a top 3 or 5 pick this season 10:27 pm Tue Nov 3 EDT

delete this nephew 5

Am I the only one who thinks the Lakers can challenge GSW this year 2:13 pm Wed Nov 4 EDT

> KD is more polished but Ingram can hang. Got it. 12

I want to make it to the NBA6:06 pm Sat Nov 7 EDT

1% chance 1

TOO MANY DAMN FOULS 10:49 pm Sat Nov 7 EDT

teams are going to the line on average less than 3 times more per game. thats like one and change extra shooting fouls 5

TOO MANY DAMN FOULS 10:49 pm Sat Nov 7 EDT

its like when youre watching a game and the other team is shooting LIGHTS OUT FROM FUCKING THREE WHAT THE FUCK THEY CANT FUCKING MISS?! and then you look at the stats and they were like 15 for 44 (happened to me the other day heh) 3

TOO MANY DAMN FOULS 10:49 pm Sat Nov 7 EDT

Yeah, thats how averages work. 1

TOO MANY DAMN FOULS 10:49 pm Sat Nov 7 EDT

Hahahah. No worries. I actually tried to look into the standard deviation to see if there was more variance from the average between this year and last, but I couldnt figure out how to do it on basketball-reference and went to bed instead 0

New fan to the NBA here what do I need to know 3:40 pm Mon Nov 9 EDT

Not picking the Bucks does seem silly if your from WI, you have one of the coolest young superstars in the league and a quite promising team. Nobody is beating the Warriors this year anyway. Oh and pro-tip, NBA 2K is a fun game and actually really helpf 1

How do Houston fans like Melo9:13 pm Thu Nov 12 EDT

hes looking a lot better this year but now is not a great time to ask this question because hes 0/5 and not really doing anything cool 2

Is it legal climbing the ads signs to make the inbound play 6:20 pm Sat Nov 14 EDT

What do you think? 2

The last time the Rockets made less than 90 points in two consecutive games it was 5 algo 11:04 pm Sat Nov 14 EDT


Looking back its kind of disappointing LeBron chose marketing opportunities over winning11:24 pm Sat Nov 14 EDT

he wants to do his thing, he won 3 algo 12

Rockets on track for 2nd seed and WCF 8:40 pm Sun Nov 15 EDT

they havent won a game in algo soo 2

Steph Curry 90s style design2:50 pm Mon Nov 16 EDT

nice work dude. I bought your Doncic one. Any chance of getting a Thunder player?? :D 4

I can t stand NBA TV TNT Players Only 10:56 pm Mon Nov 16 EDT

Yeah they suck but the casual fan probably likes it so it aint going anywhere 1

Melo is his legacy reduced to his TMNT cameo 7:25 pm Thu Nov 19 EDT

is your legacy reduced to this one stupid fucking post? 2

Where does the teammate hand-tap between free-throws come from 9:15 pm Thu Nov 19 EDT

You called it a fucking hand tap hahaha what are you an alien or something? 4

Rockets use DEFENSE to beat up the Dubs10:26 pm Thu Nov 19 EDT

Shame when a team has to rely on only three all stars. thats really rough. In spite of their hardship, nice win rocketsbros. 16

Why does Jeremy Lin have so many stand on this sub 4:17 pm Fri Nov 20 EDT

Algo 1

Should Golden State trade Draymond Green after the incident with Kevin Durant 11:03 am Sat Nov 21 EDT

Are you smoking crack? 9

Why don t NBA games get played during the day time 8:42 pm Sat Nov 21 EDT

youre trolling right? 4

Keep sleeping on 6:58 pm Sun Nov 22 EDT

Ah the old the team is better without westbrook mantra 8

Keep sleeping on 6:58 pm Sun Nov 22 EDT

Nobody is sleeping on us mate 0

another warriors loss arent you guys so happy 10:22 pm Sun Nov 22 EDT

this aint it chief 1

Is Michael Porter Jr alive 10:30 am Mon Nov 30 EDT

Source on him saying that? Everything I knew was that he wasnt going to play all year. (that would be why it doesnt get any attention, because nothing has changed since then) But yeah really rooting for him to come back at full strength 5

Who s the best looking guy on your team 3:47 pm Mon Nov 30 EDT

hm thats tough. probably Paul George or Jerami Grant 3

You have 18 to win the NBA title 9:27 am Tue Dec 1 EDT

And Im just running these dudes for 48 minutes a game? Can I get a free Tom Thibodeau from the coaching bracket? 7

Gun to your head whos better RIGHT NOW Jason Tatum or Luka Doncic 8:08 pm Wed Dec 2 EDT

Id rather have doncic, anyway 7

Why doesnt Capela shoot 3s 9:05 pm Wed Dec 2 EDT

why didnt shaq shoot 3s he was fucking huge i dont understand 2

The Spurs should consider firing Popovich1:21 pm Sat Dec 5 EDT

> Shooting the 3 is a skill Shooting the 4 would also be a skill 2

We need to stop freaking out about the Warriors when they are not 100 currently11:41 pm Sat Dec 5 EDT

Dude you know the cant win with x Allstars thing is just a joke/meme right. Obviously the healthy warriors are far and away the best team in the league, nobody is arguing that. 2

New basketball fan - who should I support 10:28 am Sun Dec 6 EDT

Random number generator 1-30, pick a team based on order left to right at the top of the sub. Reroll warriors lakers Celtics. You wont no balls 3

Demakis Trae Young has the worst dRPM in the NBA by far -4 29 vs -3 18 for LouWill he is bricking his low quality 3PA Hawks passed on two future hall of famers for a decent but not great prospect Getting the 13th pick in a bad draft doesnt do much11:29 am Tue Dec 8 EDT

Excellent move. Got us Schroder. Thanks hawksbros 1

Ariza to OKC who says no 1:19 pm Tue Dec 8 EDT

im good 1

Early in the game Nets fans chanted Not an All-Star Not an All-Star towards Paul George He proceeded to drop 47-15-4 and the Game Winner 10:52 pm Wed Dec 9 EDT

Its bc the game was like half thunder fans but not gonna lie we were pretty damn quiet during the third and first half of the fourth lol 4

Early in the game Nets fans chanted Not an All-Star Not an All-Star towards Paul George He proceeded to drop 47-15-4 and the Game Winner 10:52 pm Wed Dec 9 EDT

There was this drunk dude a few seats over from me SCREAMING shit talk at the Thunder bench for literally the entire third and fourth quarter. Im talking incessant heckling. It was so obnoxious. Im not gonna lie, it felt fucking amazing when we dropped 2

What would happen if Lebron had to attend jury duty on June 1st of 20162:34 pm Thu Dec 10 EDT

delete this nephew 3

Im a Suns fan convince me why I should root for your team this season 11:09 pm Thu Dec 10 EDT

best bromance in the league, and all around really cool squad. who needs shooting? 1

Who is the best player in the league that you wouldn t want on your team 11:13 am Wed Dec 16 EDT

KD Nah, if KD came back Id probably be down. Just dumpstering everyone sounds pretty fun. Id say some strong athletic non shooter whos currently taking a lot of shots, we dont really need any more of those. Maybe Jae Crowder or something like that, I -1

Too many Jerseys 9:21 pm Wed Dec 16 EDT

I like seeing new jerseys, its fun 1

Opinion Warriors are gonna lose this year and might have it bad for a year or so coming 8:20 pm Thu Dec 17 EDT

too long for a new copy pasta but good try and yeah not reading 1

What trades players do you want your team to go for1:51 pm Fri Dec 18 EDT

I dont know, Im happy with our squad. I just want to see how Roberson comes back. Id be okay moving Abrines and Patterson for the right piece, but I dont want to do like those 2 for KCP or something like that. 1

What trades players do you want your team to go for1:51 pm Fri Dec 18 EDT

and well just say fuck you to the luxury tax salary cap rules! 1

Jordan is overrated9:25 am Fri Jan 1 EDT

Delete this nephew 4

Harden 17 points at the end of the 1st quarter7:37 pm Sat Jan 2 EDT

yeah probably 1

Am I absolutely crazy to say that James Harden is better than Steph Curry If not why 8:33 pm Mon Jan 6 EDT

maybe cuz steph has 3 rings and harden has 0? 7

Most likeable unlikeable fanbases on r nba 1:42 am Sun Jan 12 EDT

Rockets were fucking terrible for like two years but theyve chilled the fuck out since so def now lakers are the worst 8

Nikola Vucevic after the first quarter is on pace for 28 points 16 assists and 44 rebounds4:04 pm Sun Jan 12 EDT

> that would be quite the game if you ask me you dont say 3

Hypothetical prediction for the next season6:39 pm Sat Jan 18 EDT

rockets if james keeps playing out of his gourd 2

Dame Calls out Westbrook on IG Warfare 9:28 am Wed Jan 29 EDT

ours was also the second game of a b2b just saying ;) but it was a sick game on all counts, lots of fun to watch. you guys couldnt shoot but blasted us on the rebounds, we both had our issues and our highlights! 1

Why dont people want ad to go to the Lakers Celtics so we can have some competition for the warriors 11:12 am Mon Feb 3 EDT

this 2

We need to talk about Brandon Ingram s hair 8:50 pm Sat Feb 8 EDT

Brandon Ingram looks like a stoned alien. 4

Were about to get smacked in the mouth with some trade news7:44 am Mon Feb 10 EDT

Do you mean at 530? 1

Time for the Lakers to move on from AD and send a light offer for Marc Gasol 5:16 pm Mon Feb 10 EDT

this aint it 1

Can we ALL agree that OKC is better than the rockets 11:20 pm Sat Feb 15 EDT

we have also been missing a key starter for over a year. injuries suck :( 6

Why is Russell Westbrook so bad9:28 am Sun Feb 16 EDT

> But for him it’s “he plays so hard, does all this other stuff you can’t measure”. I mean you can definitely measure 11.2 APG. Its over 20% more than #2 (Kyle Lowry) 2

A Reminder if the Lakers Miss the Playoffs This Season 10:15 pm Tue Feb 18 EDT

yes it does rocketsbro, yes it does 3

NBA bet help- Harden MVP7:44 pm Tue Mar 3 EDT

Let it ride, you won’t no balls 3

Does Harden deserve the MVP over Paul George 1:10 pm Sat Mar 7 EDT

What does last 3 playoff series have anything to do with who wins regular season mvp? Like why did you even mention that lol 7

Does Harden deserve the MVP over Paul George 1:10 pm Sat Mar 7 EDT

lol 1

Post-All-Star break Paul George is shooting like Pre-All-Star break Westbrook with split 352 FG 254 3P 2:24 am Sat Mar 14 EDT

As a thunder fan, I find the lakers signing Lebron and then not getting any other talent or doing anything cool hilarious, so I definitely feel you 2

Stephsexuals were out last night 12:57 pm Thu Mar 19 EDT

Delete this nephew 3

I dont think the Lakers will make the playoffs this year11:31 am Sun Mar 22 EDT

shouldve tagged this OC so you got the proper credit 1

What are the teams that could beat the Suns with a 3 or 4 man lineup 6:59 pm Mon Mar 23 EDT

Delete this nephew 3

My friend thinks that KD is not a top 10 player I think he is top 4 at worst 8:59 pm Mon Apr 13 EDT

did you really need us to validate how stupid that is? 1

4 team trade idea3:20 pm Thu Apr 16 EDT

Fuck off 1

4 team trade idea3:20 pm Thu Apr 16 EDT

Also lol at trading Lonzo for the warriors 2019 pick to help the lakers rebuild. Are you smoking crack? 1


the fuck is tergidy 7


you mean tegridy? 6

Does R NBA hate the Rockets No highlights on the front page and only the stickied thread mentions the game at all 1:18 am Mon Apr 20 EDT

They definitely do, but also last night was Saturday and tonight was Sunday so they aren’t really comparable in that respect IMO. 1

Here before Harden gets two quick fouls and shoots badly aka r NBA GOLD10:43 pm Mon Apr 27 EDT

huh? 1

The Onion Dedicated Russell Westbrook Stays Late After Practice To Miss 100 Extra Shots8:41 pm Tue Apr 28 EDT

15% from 3 in game 1 and 19% in game 3 could *kind of* be construed as "OKC losing" as opposed to "the blazers winning" 3

Westbrook has 12 points on 15 shots at halftime 11:43 pm Tue Apr 28 EDT

We missed like 4 layups in a row :( not just Russ either 3

Draymond overrides Steve Kerr while doing intense shooting regimen but everyone forgets this10:13 am Fri May 1 EDT

‘He needs to stay in his lane and ACCEPT that he’s a bad shooter. Fuck this guy for trying to better himself!’ 5

Just got out of a Thai prison is George Hill the best point guard in the East 10:37 pm Fri May 8 EDT

This gets an upvote from me 1

What would take Oklahoma City Thunders to sign Kevin Durant this summer 4:34 pm Fri May 15 EDT

Thunders! 1

Name a fanbase flair that makes you absolutely lose it when you see them ranting talking trash on r nba 6:00 pm Tue May 19 EDT

This is the real answer. Or with the ‘NBA’ flair, might be even lamer 3

How many games do the pelicans win if they trade AD 11:30 am Thu May 21 EDT

41 50/50 chance to win each game, you either win or you lose. Times 82 = 41. 4

The Pelicans should change their name to the Pels 6:55 pm Fri May 22 EDT

naw [also](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SQa48DcX1E) 2

A little ironic the Warriors 3 homegrown stars are showing out12:25 am Sun May 24 EDT

I feel like 70% of people don’t actually know what ‘ironic’ means 1

Serious I think I m a dual Lakers-Warriors fan now 11:17 am Sun May 24 EDT

Imagine thinking that making your username ‘eatmyshittyasshole’ and making this type of post is funny. Or even like actually taking the time out of your life to contemplate and do that. Ain’t even mad, I’m impressed. 1

Why do Raptors have so many bandwagon fans 5:07 pm Sun Jun 14 EDT

delete this nephew 9

Opinion Raptors negative karma from cheering KDs injury will lose them the finals11:45 pm Mon Jun 15 EDT

no 1

Do you believe that Russell Westbrook is the best greatest player in Oklahoma City Thunders history 12:44 pm Tue Jun 16 EDT

well this guy called Kevin Durant played there so no 3

Kawhi is going to the Lakers and heres why 12:51 pm Tue Jun 23 EDT

but muh internet points! 1

OC Why Zion Williamson is a lock to succeed at the NBA level2:52 pm Fri Jun 26 EDT

Tacko Fall is also a pretty cool name. 1

Serious question why would anybody be a Clippers fan 8:18 pm Tue Jun 30 EDT

My mom was a clippers fan, I never got too into basketball until she died 1

Kawhi leak according to my brother s friend s roomate s coworker Book it 10:26 pm Tue Jul 7 EDT

are we going to hear this at 5:45? 7

Headline Sat morning Zion dominates and or Barrett impresses 9:22 am Fri Jul 10 EDT

How do I watch without nbastreams 1

Rant Watching summer league games on WatchESPN makes me realize how much I took r nbastreams for granted10:41 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

Eh I’m watching on espn too and it’s the same shit for me. Do still miss being able to easily grab a game on my PC though (had to bug my parents for their cable info, and also I’m outta luck for tnt games and the like) 3

Dame brought the Northwests reckoning upon OKC Clay Bennet can suck one6:06 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

TL DR for that brick wall of text please 2

Is Zion Williamson already a bust 2:05 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

Yes in 11 minutes of play he is a bust, certified 1

Now that OKC wont have a good squad anymore2:26 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

lmao the salt is sooo real. keep going, im nearly there 2

The Knicks will win more games than the Nets next year7:34 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

Lmao 1

Ben Simmons Trade Value 10:51 pm Sun Jul 12 EDT

why does it matter? hes not getting traded 7

ESPN Commentator The 3-point line should be moved back because Houston shot more than 50 of their field goal attempts from 3 last season Agree or disagree 7:14 pm Thu Jul 16 EDT

Did they win? 1

Houston is is no way even a WCF contender9:19 pm Thu Jul 16 EDT

this did not age well 1

would bet good money okc is moving the team soon 10:16 pm Thu Jul 16 EDT

I know youre just saying this to get a rise out of OKC fans so Ill just say - I dont give a fuck. Ive never been to Oklahoma in my life. Move my ass to Kalamazoo, just keep hitting me with those sweet sweet draft picks and Im all for that shit. Lets fuc 7

wait so why did the thunder just trade 2 top 15 players again 10:25 pm Thu Jul 16 EDT

cuz Paul George requested a trade. Duh. Celtics dont have shit we have EIGHT first picks. Lol @ you comparing the two. > With PG and Westbrook both lol 6

Would CP3 to the Hornets for MKG and Batum be enough to get the Hornets with a new core of CP3 Rozier Washington into playoffs in historically weak Eastern Conference 5:34 pm Sat Jul 18 EDT

as long as we dont *give* any picks Im pretty much fine with whatever... 3

Unpopular Opinion The Knicks are better than the Nets in 2020 with Durant out if you compare them position by position 9:08 pm Sun Jul 19 EDT

Lolknicks 1

What is your teams biggest weakness and do you think it can be fixed this season 6:06 pm Wed Jul 22 EDT

Problem: the team is slightly too good to fully tank Solution: load manage CP3, trade danilo/Adams 1

The Pelicans FO dont really deserve this bout of luck after how trashy they acted with all their purposeful leaks with the AD situation9:39 pm Mon Oct 12 EDT

Delete this nephew 2

Who are you d too big men in the game today 8:19 pm Tue Nov 3 EDT

you ok? 2

Serious Would Harden be considered a top 10 player in the league if he shot 65 from the free throw line this season 8:45 pm Fri Nov 6 EDT

what does that have to do with anything 1

nugget and thunder fans trying to kick us while were down12:04 am Sat Jan 4 EDT

Delete this nephew 3

What s Rondo and Kuzmas trade value now 10:13 pm Sat Jan 11 EDT

Has one good game: > Now that Rondo and Kuzma are proven elite scorers 1

Trea Young is the next Devin Booker The star that should be a 2 or 3 on a championship team but their organization misevaluates them due to gross incompetence A Conversation 7:56 pm Mon Jan 13 EDT

Whos trea? 2

Do Lakers do this Trade 12:54 am Sat Feb 1 EDT

Delete this nephew 10

What happened to Collin Sextons face 10:01 pm Wed Feb 5 EDT

[this picture is more blatant](https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2020/02/02040559/USATSI_13986933.jpg) 5

Grizzlies Heat Thunder trade machine inside - come and discuss12:02 am Thu Feb 6 EDT

Ew 2

Milwaukee rolling with Eric Bledsoe instead of upgrading8:38 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

lol bruh your a knicks fan talking shit about FO decisions? Damn homie 4

23 Years ago a 19-year-old Kobe Bryant faced off against a 35-year-old Michael Jordan They combined for 69 points Last night a 19-year-old Zion Williamson faced off against a 35-year-old LeBron They combined for 69 points 4:48 pm Wed Feb 26 EDT

the prophecy has been foretold 4

Serious Which team should I advise my friend to start supporting 5:29 pm Sat Feb 29 EDT

Get a 20 sided dice, roll it - 1-10 youre a West Conference team fan, 11-20 Eastern Conference. Roll the dice again, 1-15 is your team (alphabetical order), reroll 16-20. For example, if you roll a 5 (Western Conference) and then a 2, youre a Denver Nug 1

They Should pump Crowd Noise in during the Closed off Games3:10 pm Wed Mar 11 EDT

Nah 2