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Is psychological warfare allowed12:43 am Fri Feb 5 EDT

I may be wrong here, but I dont believe hiring hitmen is entirely legal 2

The James Harden appreciation thread 12:27 am Sun Feb 7 EDT

He is well liked by Rockets fans 2

Lets be Real About Marv Albert4:32 pm Fri Feb 26 EDT

I dont know much about his sexual assault stuff other than the fact that bite marks were used as evidence which is ridiculous. Ive never really liked or hated him as an announcer. 1

Do you guys really think that any Raptors fans care that you are now rooting for the Warriors 9:19 am Tue Jun 15 EDT

Its gonna take a lot more than that to make me root for the Warriors 1

If Raptors win Ill buy a Jeremy Lin Raptors jersey 9:31 am Tue Jun 15 EDT

As Jeremy Lin Im gonna hold you accountable for this 2

Let s calm down about the raptors fans9:57 am Tue Jun 15 EDT

Telling reddit to calm down is like telling a dog to stop humping your leg. Its not listening and the behavior will continue until it gets it out of its system. 2

Toronto deserves the hate its getting 10:05 am Tue Jun 15 EDT

Toronto fans are also making threads apologizing and calling out those who cheered. Ive seen at least 3 such threads this morning. Like always, theres a diversity of opinion and action among fan bases and locations and we should avoid sweeping generalizat 2

Several examples of fans cheering injuries 10:12 am Tue Jun 15 EDT

Breaking news: sports fans are often petty and overly rude 3

We shouldnt be excited about New Orleans future 7:34 am Mon Jun 21 EDT

Youre listing the negatives and potential negatives of their roster, but positives are there as well. Jrue, Lonzo and Ingram form a really good perimeter defense. Throw in Zion and I imagine theyll be at least above average defensively right away. They al 5

Hey Pelicans Please do the entire league a favor4:17 pm Mon Jun 21 EDT

Hey were part of the rest of the league too 1

If you were Kawhi what would you choose 4:25 pm Mon Jun 21 EDT

I dont know about perfect weather year-round. July and August suck. 1

Why I don t think the AD - Lebron matchup will work for AD and why Rich Paul screwed over his client 6:59 am Tue Jun 22 EDT

Again with this Bosh narrative sigh. In his first 3 years in Miami (losing to Dallas and back to back titles) his 3pt attempts per game were .3, .6 and 1. To say he sat in the corner shooting 3s is just ridiculous. 1

Am I the only who doesn t think Steph will have a great regular season next year 8:19 am Wed Jun 23 EDT

Without KD of Klay to share the load I could see him shooting 12 or so 3s a game and easily averaging 30+. Hell have a monster year. 17

Am I the only who doesn t think Steph will have a great regular season next year 8:19 am Wed Jun 23 EDT

Well hes not gonna make all 12 2

The NBA literally doesn t bat an eye at seemingly normalized PED usage but loses their mind when Tyreke Evans smokes a little crack8:16 am Mon Jul 5 EDT

I dont really care if guys take steroids. I want to watch the best product, and if it takes steroids to give me guys like Bonds, Lebron, the NFL etc Im all for it. 2

Lakers fans who are begging for Kawhi10:46 am Thu Jul 8 EDT

Wtf is this lmao. Ya, wed rather not have an obvious title favorite team. You convinced me. 1

What statline would absolutely shock you 12:30 am Tue Dec 28 EDT

230/48/31 I fucking doubt it 2

Cant BELIEVE the Nets lost 11:36 pm Sun Jan 2 EDT

I for one enjoy casual hype threads. Good on you op, nets are gonna be just fine 1

Seeing Steph Curry without 5-6 HOFs on this team has changed my opinion of him1:21 am Sat Jan 2 EDT

Jesus, give the guy some time to get his rhythm back at least. I doubt he finishes the season shooting 32% from 3 1

Can someone explain to me again the reasoning behind the Dlo for Wiggins trade 1:38 am Sat Jan 2 EDT

And yet he still failed to use cacophony even though it was right there in front of him. For shame 2

Kyrie Irving spotted on Zoom event tonight with Cynthia Nixon and progressive justice reform District Attorney candidate12:00 am Wed Jan 13 EDT

Whos the anti-Semite? 1

Is James harden the new charles barkley 12:12 am Wed Jan 13 EDT

If we get a great broadcasting career out of it when his playing days are done then Im fine with it. The real question is who will be his Kenny? 1

Nets fans who used to shit on Harden and KD Have you changed your opinions of them since they joined the team 8:25 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT

Probably and thats normal. Look at me all hot and bothered thinking about Jared Dudley, a man whos name I would have gladly besmirched a decade or so ago 1

Kevin Durant hair 8:38 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT

That son of a bitch 3

With this win today the Nets with James Harden have more wins against healthy teams with 500 records than the Lakers 10:05 pm Mon Jan 18 EDT

It speaks feet, yards at most 1

How can Giannis deal with the wall 9:58 pm Thu Jan 21 EDT

Of course he can be great without a title. Barkley, Baylor, Malone etc 1

Scott Foster The NBAs cheat code to get LeBron to the finals 1:33 am Fri May 28 EDT

If the last 25 years are any indication then yes 1

Nikola Jokic is having a historic series so far1:39 am Fri May 28 EDT

Whats the status on Murray anyway? Will he play if they advance? -1

Nikola Jokic is having a historic series so far1:39 am Fri May 28 EDT

Didnt know, god damn. He was such a monster in the playoffs last year too. What a bummer 1

John Stockton had a career assist percentage of 50 2 Only 5 players have ever had a single season with an assist percentage that high 10:18 pm Sun Jun 13 EDT

He averaged 15+ ppg 6 times while playing good defense. He wouldnt be quite the Wilt of assists that he is, but bench player is quite the reach 3

Anti Suns Crusade11:58 pm Wed Jul 14 EDT

lmao soft 3

Giannis proves why MJ is the goat1:09 am Thu Jul 22 EDT

Lol, that was a quick flair transition from Suns to Australia 0

Could any of Iversons peers have taken that 01 sizers team to the finals 4:24 am Fri Jul 23 EDT

Stackhouses big year was 01 not 00, and their TS that year were nearly identical at 51.8 for AI and 52.1 for Stack 1

Would a starting 5 of a Laker Nets superteam beat the rest of the league 8:36 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

Luka Curry Kawhi Giannis Jokic Not saying theyd win but god damn I want to watch this game 10

Would a starting 5 of a Laker Nets superteam beat the rest of the league 8:36 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

I want to see it in a meaningful game though 2

How much factor will age be for the Lakers this season 8:41 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

Its the propensity for injuries that come with age that will be the factor. If healthy, they should win 60+ games. 11

How much factor will age be for the Lakers this season 8:41 pm Tue Aug 3 EDT

On paper anyway but youre probably right 1

The last time the Kings won the NBA Finals was 1951 The Sacramento Kings have a record of 2528-3103 since 1950-51 11:59 pm Tue Aug 17 EDT

This seems unnecessary 7


Pop and Duncan would still have 99 though, so 2 rings. 5