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2020 Doesnt Mean Shit2:26 am Fri Oct 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.07 Removed


Why are the Jazz fans booing Hayward 9:46 pm Fri Nov 13 EDTRemoved

They arent playing in Boston... 0

Who was the best shoot blocking force in NBA history but he also had to know how to play 6:08 pm Mon Nov 16 EDTRemoved

Watching AK47 block shots was do much fun. For a few years there his defense was the only bright spot on those early 00s Jazz teams. 2

The Utah Jazz And Orlando Magic Have Combined For 28 Points On 10 36 27 Shooting And 16 Turnovers In The First Quarter5:40 pm Sat Dec 19 EDTRemoved

What great ambassadors. 9

Favors for Brogdon trade ideas3:52 pm Wed Jan 22 EDTRemoved

I like Brogdon, but Favors is pretty important to Utah. And there injury problems with our PGs arent permanent or long term. 3

Does being an allstar mean anything 5:39 pm Fri Feb 7 EDTRemoved

It would have meant a $1 million bonus for Gobert. Thats something. -3

If Gobert was an all star who would he have replaced 10:43 pm Fri Feb 7 EDTRemoved

Klay 14

I m a Boston Celtics fan of 25 years and I have to say I am embarrassed by how most of you act There is 0 criticism of this team were mediocre year in and year out but if you criticize players you are shunned If our players aren t the problem th10:07 am Wed Feb 12 EDTRemoved

Its definitely underachieving for the expectations coming into the season. LeBron left, Haywood is healthy and the East a weak conference. Celtics should be better than 4th. 18

Jazz have a better future then basically every team11:49 pm Wed Mar 4 EDTRemoved

... Just because they have the cap space for a big name FA doesnt mean they can find one that will sign with them. 1

Calm NBA head coaches 10:07 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTRemoved

Jerry Sloan was [the epitome of calm](https://youtu.be/adSBne0RGXs). The guy never lost [his cool.](https://youtu.be/QQoBv5Fsfp4) 1

What is up with Utah fans and racism 1:27 am Tue Mar 17 EDTRemoved

This coming from a [Celtics fan](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/alexreimer/2017/01/05/celtics-fans-cheering-gordon-hayward-revitalizes-insulting-boston-is-racist-takes/amp/)is pretty rich. Boston Celtics fans are notorious racists. Go 1

Why is tony brothers still a ref 2:17 am Sun Mar 22 EDTRemoved

Someone needs a boss to evaluate these posts. 1

this is the playoffs right 11:35 pm Mon Apr 27 EDTRemoved

Waaaa!!!!! 0

What s the argument against the hard cap 11:34 pm Thu May 28 EDTRemoved

I dont think the players Union is a fan of the hard cap. 2

Adam Silver is a racist bigot who does not care if black basketball players lose billions due to his China mistake1:26 am Sat Oct 17 EDTRemoved

Does this bot do any other tricks? 1

Will LeBron discuss the crisis in Catalonia 7:36 pm Tue Oct 20 EDTRemoved

Does he have any endorsements from Spanish businesses? 3

The NBA doesn t need China12:06 am Thu Oct 22 EDTRemoved

"Lawrence, what would you do if you had a million dollars?"... 2

Post Game Thread The Utah Jazz HAUNT the LA Clippers 110-96 behind a breakout 29-point performance by Mike Conley11:36 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTRemoved

Mountain Mike has arrived! 3

Jazz fans on Facebook react to Jordan Clarkson s tattoos7:23 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTRemoved

How is having an opinion on tattoos racist? 3

Can we come up with a nickname for Ja 10:03 pm Fri Jan 17 EDTRemoved

Dont tell Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant. 3

If Gordon Hayward was a free agent right now what would you pay him 10:08 pm Sat Jan 18 EDTRemoved

Its crazy how things worked out for Utah. In hindsight, regardless of his injury, I think they dodged a huge salary cap budget. Bogdonovic is better with the Jazz than Haywerd was, IMO. 2