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The Clippers should be title favorites10:03 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

im a clips fan and also say, No. We have a lot to prove. Seeing is believing, we should never be hypothetical favourites. 1

Lou Williams entered the game in the 3rd quarter when the Hawks were down 21 points 1:27 am Thu Jun 17 EDT

sweet lou will 1

When did LeBron officially become the GOAT 12:10 am Tue Jun 29 EDT

Jordan is still recognised more as the goat, Jordan is mythical the way they talk about him. Maybe 5-10 years once lebron retires he will be glorified. Its gonna be hard to overtake jumpman tho 1

Giannis has finished his first finals series averaging 33 5 13 5 on 62 7 TS 62 FG 12:03 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Goat shit 11

Giannis Antetokounmpo joins Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon as the only players with MVP DPOY and FMVP12:14 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Giannis is so fucking likeable on the court and off. 1 of the goat final runs you will ever see. 2