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Andrew Wiggins finishes the game with 0 points 0-12 1 rebound and 1 assist in 28 minutes 10:20 pm Sat Nov 27 EDT 7 ups @ 0.65 Removed

Ben Simmons posts a career high 42 points on 14 26 shooting with 9 rebounds and 12 assists11:27 pm Mon Feb 15 EDT 27 ups @ 0.89 Removed

Nikola Jokic finishes the game with 2 free throw attempts the 6th time hes attempted 2 or less free throws in the past 11 games 11:13 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT 22 ups @ 0.82 Removed


Unpopular Opinion Kyrie Steph and Jalen Rose are not crazy 8:57 pm Wed Dec 15 EDTRemoved

Gtfo 3

Are the Raptors the most overwhelming playoff team for how well they play in the regular season 7:41 pm Sat Apr 17 EDTRemoved

What 27

Perspective of Warriors vs Rockets fans on the foul situation9:42 pm Mon May 3 EDTRemoved

Can we stop talking about this shit constantly 5

Its bad design that the Playoffs are played with different rules from the Regular Season9:50 pm Mon May 3 EDTRemoved


When is one of these playoff games going to overtime 9:59 pm Mon May 3 EDTRemoved

When both teams tie at the end of regulation 39

Why is Kevin Durant consistently ranked above Kawhi Leonard in the all-time ranking9:39 pm Sun May 9 EDTRemoved

Because he deserves to be 5

What do you think of a playoff structure where the team that goes up 2 wins they advance No minimum games per series maximum 9 games 10:37 pm Thu May 13 EDTRemoved

Dumb af 10

How to fix the draft lottery forever10:28 pm Thu May 13 EDTRemoved

Why would players be motivated to play hard and potentially risk injury so their team can get better players that can replace them? 2

Would the Sixers trade Ben Simmons for Devin Booker straight up 8:36 pm Fri Aug 13 EDTRemoved

The suns wouldnt 3

Would you rather have Eric Gordon or CJ McCollum on your team 11:03 pm Tue Aug 24 EDTRemoved

Bruh 14

Rank These Duos for the Next Five Years11:26 pm Fri Oct 1 EDTRemoved

Doncic/Porzingis bc Doncic 6

Does anyone here think steph didnt deserve the 2015 fmvp Why didnt the media give it to him if it was so obvious 11:22 pm Mon Oct 4 EDTRemoved

Steph absolutely shouldve won. How Iggy won it for his defense on a guy who got FMVP votes on the losing team is baffling 2

Lets look in the future 2023 FA - Luka Doncic landing spots 1:22 am Fri Dec 10 EDTRemoved

Bruh hes staying in Dallas 4

Celtics not winning anything with Jayson Tatum as there 1st option8:17 pm Wed Dec 29 EDTRemoved

Dude shut up 4

How many more fouls will refs call on Miami 1:22 pm Fri Dec 31 EDTRemoved

"thats why I and millions of people dont watch the nba anymore" Okay bro 6

Was Draymond a good role player or a superstar type player 2:59 pm Fri Dec 31 EDTRemoved

Certainly not a superstar 4

Where is nba4live xyz3:06 pm Fri Dec 31 EDTRemoved

Crackstreams been down for me? 1

The team that gets Harden is going to be so good 12:57 am Sun Jan 2 EDTRemoved

Fax, especially since theyre going to have to give up depth 1

No other top 10 player besides Steph has had 2 bad games in a row to start off the season1:07 am Sun Jan 2 EDTRemoved

This sub truly is so reactionary 2

No other top 10 player besides Steph has had 2 bad games in a row to start off the season1:07 am Sun Jan 2 EDTRemoved

He absolutely makes his teammates better 1

No other top 10 player besides Steph has had 2 bad games in a row to start off the season1:07 am Sun Jan 2 EDTRemoved

Klay and Draymond were superstars in 2015? Stars sure, not superstars 4

What is the difference between up faking to get a defender in the air then jumping into him for a foul vs what Trae Young does 10:41 pm Mon Jan 4 EDTRemoved

People do complain about that though 4

While Steph has been good recently I still have him behind Trae and Kyrie for this season12:59 am Tue Jan 5 EDTRemoved

Theyve beat better teams because they have better teams, tf 3

Despite falling to 1-6 Pascal Siakam looked like his old self again tonight 32 points on 11-21 shooting 9 rebounds 3 assists and only 1 turnover11:30 pm Wed Jan 6 EDTRemoved

Honestly, the fact that he played well and they still lost pretty handily is concerning 7

Steph Curry scored 13 points on 5-17 shooting and 1-6 from 3 He also added on 4 rebounds and 5 assists in a 7 point loss to the LA Clippers12:33 am Thu Jan 7 EDTRemoved

Here we go 3

Why dont more teams play their stars for the entire fourth quarter 9:39 pm Mon Jan 18 EDTRemoved

This thing called fatigue exists 14

Post-Game Thread The Los Angeles Clippers 10-5 decisively defeat the turnover-laden Sacramento Kings 5-10 for the second time in under a week 115-9612:12 am Thu Jan 21 EDTRemoved

Anyone know what exactly it is that Luke Walton does? 1

Kyrie Irving in 3 quarters against the Kings 37 points on 70 percent shooting 80 percent from 311:55 pm Mon Feb 15 EDTRemoved

Just wait for the game to finish 1

James Harden Tonight 37 11 7 on 13 25 shooting 4 9 from three and 7 11 from the line10:32 pm Sun Feb 21 EDTRemoved

And a game winning flop 16

Michael Carter-Williams has averaged 19 points 7 rebounds 6 assists 1 5 steals and 0 5 blocks over his last two gams10:43 pm Wed Mar 3 EDTRemoved

Incredible sample size 13

Will KD surpass LeBron 10:11 pm Sat Mar 13 EDTRemoved

Nah 3

Clip Request Anthony Edwards throwing the ball up and out of bounds while down 310:40 pm Sat Mar 13 EDTRemoved

Guys be nice, OP is blind 3