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Why do you have to keep making new threads about the conspiracy theories players are peddling9:46 pm Tue Jul 28 EDT

Because nephews still get shocked when they find out their favorite shooty hoops player isn’t a Rhodes Scholar 2

Are the Raptors the most overrated team in the league 9:53 pm Tue Jul 28 EDT

They’re the classic good regular season team with a limited playoff ceiling due to having no real superstar. Reminds me of the 2013 Nuggets The fact that you have to go back to before the defensive rule changes to find the last team to win a ring witho 1

Whats the official list of NBA players being absolute clowns with COVID conspiracies 11:20 pm Tue Jul 28 EDT

Celebrity worship culture has people caring way too much about what these dudes say -1

In Canada and the USA it is considered workplace discrimination to not hire someone based on age Is the NBA exempt from these laws 3:29 pm Wed Jul 29 EDT

So called “progressive” Adam Silver won’t make the teams hire women, the elderly or disabled persons smh 1

Kawhi goddamn Leonard11:34 am Thu Jul 30 EDT

“I am a Stan of this player and it makes me mad when people don’t kiss his ass more” 15

MPJ posts support of Jonathan Isaac s choice to stand rather than kneel for the national anthem9:38 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

The r/politics crowd gonna call Isaac and MPJ “low information voters” now 1

Just curious but are there any NBA players who support Trump 10:41 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

What’s the source on that? 2