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lakers nation time to show up 3:05 pm Tue Oct 12 EDT 0 ups @ 0.06 Removed

This Season is killing our players12:12 am Mon Feb 22 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Removed


Kevin Durant s blatant disrespect of Kobe s memory this year was shameful12:47 pm Tue Dec 21 EDTRemoved

time to take your meds bruh 1

Kirschner Trae Young on Steve Nashs thats not basketball comment I learned a lot about drawing fouls from him If he says it s not basketball he must ve been saying it about himself because he s done it a couple of times throughout his career a11:51 am Wed Jan 20 EDTRemoved

مخيبك يا صنعتي عند غيري 1

Can LeBron ever stop with the self praise 9:22 am Mon Feb 1 EDTRemoved

rent free 3