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I don t think Harden will choke playoffs this year But I do think Westbrook will be the reason why they will get bounced in the 1st or 2nd Round 2:11 am Sat Nov 27 EDT

Player who has taken dumb shots and commited a ton of turnovers his entire career will continue to take dumb shots and commit a ton of turnovers. Bold prediction right here. 5

LeBron isnt as good as he once was so how would him winning a title tittles make him a better player 10:10 pm Sat Dec 4 EDT

Career value. LeBrons only hope at this point is to have a longer prime than Jordan since at his peak Jordan was just way more dominant relative to the rest of the league. 0

Russell Westbrook is taking 5 3 Threes per game and is shooting 22 9 on them12:03 am Wed Dec 8 EDT

Over under 24 3pt% for this season? 1

LeBron consecutive games with 10 points streak is in danger tonight11:07 pm Sun Jan 2 EDT

He cares about that record. He will do everything he can to get it. 1

Which player do you think is the biggest thot guy who gets around with lots of women ie Instagram models 2:20 am Thu Jan 7 EDT

Klay before he settled down had a reputation. 1

Who do you rate higher Luka Doncic or Kawhi Leonard 1:45 am Wed Jan 13 EDT

Overall better player: Kawhi Playing better this regular season: Luka For the next 10 years: Luka 2

TS has to be the dumbest stat when you talk about a players shooting stat in a months period10:42 pm Tue Feb 2 EDT

We still doing this in 2020? 8

Why tf is Kyle 0 point Lowry in the all star game over D Rose7:21 pm Thu Feb 4 EDT

Rose doesnt even belong in the conversation for snubs. 1

Awful Defensive players do not deserve to be allstars 12:18 am Fri Feb 5 EDT

We have to retroactively take away the all star selections of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, late career Kobe, second stint Cleveland LeBron and so many more. 1

Russ finishes with 39 6 4 in a close loss vs the Jazz9:22 pm Sun Feb 14 EDT

I guess Russs stats are empty now because it came in a loss. 4

Why is the Toyota center so empty Rockets vs Celtics not enough 10:21 pm Tue Feb 16 EDT

Fans not even fairweather enough to show up for a perennial contender these past few years. 0

NBA fan yells Super Nintendo while Jeremy Lin shoots free throw1:58 pm Wed Mar 17 EDT

More like yelling pablo escobar when the player is argentinian. 0

The Warriors are 8-1 in the finals with Kevin Durant2:56 am Sat Apr 17 EDT

How is comparing warriors with steph and KD and warriors with just steph a good comparison? No one out here saying Kevin Durant is a net negative. Curry has the dumbest haters who like these bad faith arguments a lot. 2+1=3. 3>2 doesnt mean 1>2. G 0

Steve Kerr on Curry playing without Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson Steph in many ways has depended on those guys Sort of as a giant security blanket 2:00 am Thu Apr 22 EDT

Ah. Youre back on your daily grind. 5

In the 2016-17 all-star game Russell Westbrook put up 41 5 7 1 on 62 54 100 77 TS in 19 mins but didnt end up winning MVP 10:28 am Tue Jun 1 EDT

Nothing wrong with giving a useless award to the player that plays for the city. 3

Will a certain player still be faking his injury when nba returns in July 1:17 am Wed Jun 2 EDT

Yea that guy that came out in a cast after the playoffs? Or that guy that took forever to recover from a groin injury even though his team said he was healthy? -2

Is Steph really better than Klay 8:51 am Mon Jul 26 EDT

So many people humoring an obvious troll. People are too kind. 2

Who s a better player right now Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook 12:42 am Tue Aug 3 EDT

Rockets took away a big part of Hardens game (p&r lob) to accomodate westbrook. -1

Who s a better player right now Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook 12:42 am Tue Aug 3 EDT

Huh? Capela was pretty good last season. Or Harden missed shots because teams can now load up on him since he has no big man to hit for easy dunks. Instead of Capela in the dunker spot making the opposing bigs hesitate to collapse on Harden, Rockets now 0

How do you guys deal with so many commercials 5:12 pm Tue Aug 10 EDT

Capitalism. 1

Where do you rank the Knicks young core and how much potential do they have 11:35 am Sat Aug 14 EDT

Its so bad. Mitchell Robinson has the potential to be the 3rd best player on a contender if everything pans out. RJ Barretts game got occasional all-star on a mediocre/shit team written all over it. Kevin Knox and DSJ have no use on a contending team be 3

A 5 year old white kid was murdered by a black man and not a single word from professional athletes that are claiming to use their platform to fight racism 6:45 pm Sat Aug 21 EDT

Is the black man facing justice? 1

Settle a debate 2020 Dame or 2019 Steph 7:48 pm Wed Aug 25 EDT

LeBron getting swept with 2 all stars next to him. 0

Denver won but Utah had a better shot against the Clippers11:00 pm Tue Sep 7 EDT

Fuck off. This isnt okc vs rockets. 1

Prime Scott Foster in his baggy with that call 11:22 pm Wed Sep 8 EDT

Correct call tho 2

Whos the next superstar that people are going to turn on 10:07 pm Fri Sep 10 EDT

Curry haters are not very smart. You have to be lenient to people with room temperature IQ. 1

Whos the next superstar that people are going to turn on 10:07 pm Fri Sep 10 EDT

LOL half this post is you posting your trash take on Steph Curry and yet you want to complain about others trash takes. 2

Was Westbrook ever Bestbrook 1:18 am Mon Sep 13 EDT

Game 1 Bestbrook: 24/6/9 on 24 shots and 5 turnovers Malcolm Brogdon in 2020 playoffs: 21.5/10/4.3 on 2.5 turnovers and 55.6 TS% Have our standards for Westbrook fallen so low? Brogdon is a good player and all but hes **at best** the 3rd guy on a conte 4

Goran Dragic drops 29-7-4 on 11-19 shooting as Heat pull off gutsy win vs Celtics9:31 pm Tue Sep 21 EDT

Yet another PG better than westbrook. 15

Other people saw PatBev go needlessly hard for Murray at the end there right Dude couldve hurt Murray just like Russ 11:50 pm Tue Sep 21 EDT

its on brand. 1

Like Josh Smith this is also the last season where the following players will receive their salary from their former team3:23 am Wed Sep 22 EDT

When was Varejao on portland? 1

If the Lakers win the title what do you think the odds are AD gets finals MVP 11:03 pm Fri Sep 24 EDT

0. Anyone that doesnt vote LeBron for Finals MVP can forget getting any interviews with him in the future. 1

Why doesnt kevin love get more respect His gravity helped lebron dominate4:23 pm Sun Oct 10 EDT

Ahh. I see the agenda. 2

Follow up Question re Steph sitting out games8:23 pm Thu Oct 14 EDT

Youre obsessed. 2

Do you at all see the Lakers blowing a 3-1 lead 11:56 pm Fri Oct 15 EDT

Sure. For the memes. 1

Russell Westbrook this season 135 points 135 shot attempts 44 9 true shooting Thats 11 7 percentage points below the league-average mark 11:10 pm Fri Jan 8 EDT

Stats lie. We should rely on the eye test of Westbrook fans to judge Westbrook. Thats the most unbiased way. 2

Is Wiggins forreal 12:51 am Tue Jan 26 EDT

Hes a solid starter. Like 4th best player on a serious contender type. 1

What the fuck LeBron 9:27 pm Wed Jan 27 EDT

Taking out MVP competition. nothing to see here. -2

Does anyone here feel that the mods delete posts that speak about Stephen Curry in a bad light but when it s Doncic or Westbrook the mods allow the 50 daily threads bashing them 1:35 pm Fri Feb 12 EDT

Ones team is 6-16. The others is 14-12 and in the playoff picture. I guess in the alternate reality that curry haters live in those two teams are equally "bad" and the two players have an equal impact on winning. 0

Does anyone here feel that the mods delete posts that speak about Stephen Curry in a bad light but when it s Doncic or Westbrook the mods allow the 50 daily threads bashing them 1:35 pm Fri Feb 12 EDT

The most persecuted people in the world 1. Straight white males 2. Gamers 3. Westbrook fans 4. Snape fans 5. Conservatives 0

Rob Parker Steph Klay and Draymond can thank Durant for 2 of their rings and Kyrie Love injuries for the other 11:36 pm Sat Feb 13 EDT

Didnt you just post this? Somebody has a sad life. 2

NBA Cares As we celebrate LunarNewYear a time to connect with family amp friends we must also recognize the disturbing rise in anti-Asian discrimination this past year amp remember JLin7s powerful words Try to put yourself in someone else 12:47 am Mon Feb 22 EDT

Classic. All the asians and asian americans have any control over what the Chinese government does. 1