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White perimeter defenders 2:05 am Mon Sep 27 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

Who do you think is the best perimeter defender out of these three THT Caruso or KCP 3:57 am Sat Jan 30 EDT 0 ups @ 0.14 Deleted

Favorite NBA copypastas 2:26 pm Sat Jan 30 EDT 3 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Have any of you ever met an nba player Any interesting funny stories of doing so 2:59 am Thu Feb 18 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

How true is the narrative that opposing players nowadays are too friendly with each other 1:02 am Wed Mar 3 EDT 0 ups @ Deleted

How would a Miami Heat team with Kawhi on it do vs the Nets 6:42 am Thu Apr 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Deleted


Kawhi raptors vs the warriors1:23 am Sun Aug 29 EDTDeleted

Klay and KD were not responsible for Kawhi’s injury. Zaza and maybe even Kerr were responsible. There wasn’t any karma about it 1

The clippers are very likely to win game 7 Why are people acting like the Nuggets have it in the bag just because they forced a game 7 10:09 am Mon Sep 20 EDTDeleted

1) The momentum is clearly on their side 2) The Nuggets just came back from a 3-1 deficit so it’s already in their track record 3) Doc has given up two 3-1 leads before as a head coach 1

Bill Russell Racism Is Not a Historical Footnote10:12 am Mon Sep 20 EDTDeleted

Fucking BASED. He was a black player for Boston in the 60s, he definitely knows what he’s talking about 6

The Nuggets overcoming adversity and winning the Finals would be the feel good story 2020 needs7:16 am Tue Sep 21 EDTDeleted

I’m a little worried about “foul play” from the referees if the nuggets make it to the wcf. The NBA cares mostly about ratings, and the Nuggets being in the finals instead of LeBron and the Lakers wouldn’t help ratings. The 2002 wcf for example is 0

Whats the argument against steph being top 10 all time 12:35 pm Tue Sep 21 EDTDeleted

Oh shit it’s FlightReacts!! What’s up man 1

Duncan Robinson 13 5 PPG averaged more points during the regular season than Kyle Kuzma 12 8 PPG 9:09 am Sat Sep 25 EDTDeleted

I could be wrong but it seems like he’s slowly improving on defense. He could possibly by a really good 3andD guy in the future, that way he won’t be one dimensional anymore 3

Everyone knows that Paul Pierce got stabbed 11 times Almost no one knows that it happened in a g y club 3:38 pm Sat Oct 2 EDTDeleted

His sexuality is none of our business 2

You think LeBron will win this years Finals 12:12 am Sun Oct 3 EDTDeleted

I don’t see him going 3-7 but I could be wrong. If it’s the Heat than he needs to take over the series tho, AD might struggle a little against Bam 1

Is Jamal Muarry top 5 all time 8:35 am Sun Oct 3 EDTDeleted

This is bait and I just took it 4

Not only did Kawhi and the Clippers give the Thunder 6 picks but they helped them to the right path instead of running it back with George and Westbrook 5:24 am Tue Oct 5 EDTDeleted

It seemed like the clippers were too arrogant, like they had already won the title. It kinda reminds me of the 2011 heat. Either Kawhi or PG need to start turning into a leader, they seem way too quiet 3

Not only did Kawhi and the Clippers give the Thunder 6 picks but they helped them to the right path instead of running it back with George and Westbrook 5:24 am Tue Oct 5 EDTDeleted

It was mostly Shawn Marion who guarded Lebron and they had Tyson Chandler guarding the rim. Lebron’s performance was inexcusable but he wasn’t shut down by a short white dude 1

Should Miami get a bench player to try and fight a Lakers star 10:47 pm Fri Oct 8 EDTDeleted

People have tried this before and I don’t ever remember it working. He just doesn’t give a fuck 1

GOAT debate Again4:14 am Tue Jan 5 EDTDeleted

Damn we actually have a wise basketball sage here lol this is awesome we could ask him anything 9

Is it me or is Skip Bayless getting more senseless as LeBrons slowly reaching the end of his career and reaching the GOAT title 6:35 am Wed Jan 6 EDTDeleted

Skip is a paid personality. His job isn’t really to commentate but more to play a role in a debate. He’s supposed to be the Lebron hater and Shannon is supposed to be the Lebron stan(although Shannon is probably sincere). I’m convinced that with Ski 1

Westbrook is the modern day Allen Iverson12:29 am Sat Jan 9 EDTDeleted

The question now: at this point who is better? 1

Cleveland fans would you rather have the Browns win a SB or three Cavs titles 12:47 am Mon Jan 11 EDTDeleted

I always wanted the Cavs of last decade to be like the 90s Bulls but it just wasn’t meant to be 5

Need help please6:03 am Fri Jan 15 EDTDeleted

There’s point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. With that being said, basketball has become a lot more positionless nowadays because of switching and spacing. Now it’s basically a point guard, three wing players, and a c 0

Need help please6:03 am Fri Jan 15 EDTDeleted

The point brings the ball up the court, the wings basically run around and try to get open, the center sets screens for his teammates and calls out opposing screens on defense. The center also protects the rim on defense and is usually your biggest post p 1

James Harden on IG We do all of this talking about uplifting the next African American athlete male and some of these ex NBA players use National TV or their own social media to do the opposite I see it I just stay to myself The real never lose 4:16 am Sun Jan 17 EDTDeleted

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Shaq and Chuck here, but they’re just doing their job, which is critiquing him about basketball. Besides, he had a black coach and black teammates who he let down. Was Demarcus Cousins wrong when he said he felt di 2

NBA DRUG CULTURE10:42 am Sun Jan 17 EDTDeleted

Nice try commissioner 15

NBA DRUG CULTURE10:42 am Sun Jan 17 EDTDeleted

And now you’re snitching on him 11

Lebron is a better shooter than curry 4:35 pm Fri Jan 22 EDTDeleted

When you shoot more of them...your percentage goes down. When you shoot less of them...your percentage goes up 1

Embiid has 80 points on 34 shots in the last two games3:50 am Sat Jan 23 EDTDeleted

Seems like he took Shaq’s criticism to heart 2

In his first quarter back from injury Russell Westbrook records -12 plus minus in 6 minutes 7:40 pm Fri Jan 29 EDTDeleted

Russell Washedbrick 2

We should require testosterone limits in order to reduce the rising levels of tension we are seeing in the nba8:31 pm Fri Jan 29 EDTDeleted

Go watch some old 80s games if you think it’s bad right now 1

Which players this season deserves to be in discussion for an All-Defensive selection 5:57 am Mon Feb 1 EDTDeleted

I think Lebron is on there somewhere 0

Can LeBron ever stop with the self praise 9:22 am Mon Feb 1 EDTDeleted

Calling yourself the goat is not new. Muhammad Ali and Jerry Rice both did it. Guys like MJ or Kobe were just as if not more arrogant 9

Can LeBron ever stop with the self praise 9:22 am Mon Feb 1 EDTDeleted

Can I get some specific examples of him talking shit about teammates to the media? Not that I don’t believe you but I’ve heard before and never seen it 2

Can LeBron ever stop with the self praise 9:22 am Mon Feb 1 EDTDeleted

Brady said in an interview that being called the GOAT makes him cringe 5

A genuine question to non-laker fans as a lakers fan2:47 am Thu Feb 4 EDTDeleted

Damn those twitter copypastas really got to you didn’t they 2

Every top 10 player is a fraud10:21 am Thu Feb 4 EDTDeleted

Where’s cyborg?! 2

It s still early ish into the season What surprising trend do you see continuing and which one do you see changing 3:54 am Fri Feb 5 EDTDeleted

And some people really say rebounding isn’t important anymore 3

Michael Jordan and Lamelo Ball are more similar than you think4:26 am Wed Feb 10 EDTDeleted

You only listed 2 similarities. I’m sure MJ has a couple similarities with a ton of players 3

Does LeBron hate Dillon Brooks 1:03 pm Sat Feb 13 EDTDeleted

I wish Lebron talked trash more so we could get more stories. “Don’t gap me” and whatever he said to Steph in the finals are the only examples we have 2

Who s the better player5:05 pm Wed Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Robinson,Duncan, Dr J, R Kelly, Steph 0

How do you feel about David Duke as a basketball player 11:10 pm Mon Feb 22 EDTDeleted

He really needs to change his name. I had to double check after I read this post 3

Despite not being the Wizards primary ball handler Russell Westbrook currently leads the league in turnovers1:31 am Thu Mar 4 EDTDeleted

The Brett Favre of the nba 1

Who matches up best with the Nets 3:00 am Thu Mar 4 EDTDeleted

This. They could possibly be their 07 Warriors 2

If you wanted to win rn which one of these 3 players would you have on your currently constructed team 6:45 pm Thu Mar 4 EDTDeleted

Can’t imagine how you felt during the Shaq years lol 1

Trade Talk Lauri Markkanen to the Golden State Warriors1:41 am Wed Mar 10 EDTDeleted

When is the trade deadline? I’m kinda tired of trade talk -1

Lebron KD vs Magic Bird10:07 am Thu Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Magic and Bird do not benefit at all from a 2v2 halfcourt game. They’re both getting torched on defense here, their strength was team defense 3

Lebron KD vs Magic Bird10:07 am Thu Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Magic is also a turnstile here 2

Was there ever any truth to the rumors about delonte west and Gloria James Lebrons mom way back then 1:54 am Tue Mar 16 EDTDeleted

It’s none of our business. That’s between Lebron, Delonte, and Gloria either way 2

Is there a specific reason why this sub is making fun of my man Tyler Herro all the time 12:25 am Fri Mar 26 EDTDeleted

It’s not that he’s bad, he’s a good player, it’s just that he’s very overrated 0

This generation is basically LeBron amp Durant building superteams3:04 am Sun Mar 28 EDTDeleted

Ya but Lebron was trying to get Kawhi on the team 1

Question Why is the league not raising awareness of Asian hate crimes like they did BLM 10:53 pm Wed Mar 31 EDTDeleted

Because you can count the number of Asian nba players on one hand -1

When was the last time you weren t sure who would come out in the west 10:52 am Fri Apr 2 EDTDeleted

Most of us had the Lakers as favorites tho that really wasn’t a big surprise 2