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LeBron has 27-7-79:18 pm Mon Nov 2 EDT 4 ups @ 0.83 Removed

Help KD 9s10:29 pm Thu Dec 31 EDT 1 ups @ 0.67 Removed

20 years ago Sandhi Ortiz-Del Valle sued the NBA charging she was blocked from becoming a referee because shes a woman the jury agreed9:03 pm Fri Mar 13 EDT 4 ups @ 0.83 Removed

DeMarCus Cousins 2 steals shy from a 5x52:08 am Sat Mar 14 EDT 13 ups @ 0.84 Removed

Devin Booker 59 points - No other Suns player in double-digit scoring11:51 pm Mon Mar 30 EDT 2 ups @ 0.67 Removed

If Rockets beat the Warriors11:41 pm Tue Apr 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Warriors were undefeated when Draymond Green put up a triple-double11:55 pm Sat May 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Blackouts on LP8:11 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Can we acknowledge the fact that there might NOT be a spitter at all and paul is just making all of it up 2:47 am Sun Oct 25 EDTRemoved

They seriously shouldve collected the DNA sample off CP3s cheek and tested it to come to a 100 conclusion 1

If Ingram is on the market now which team should go after him 4:11 pm Sun Oct 25 EDTRemoved

cringe shitpost 1

Zach Lavine with 30 33 and 34 to start the season10:53 pm Mon Oct 26 EDTRemoved

why did your comment get removed? 1

Why are we letting the Spurs off the hook for abusing Kawhi 7:59 pm Thu Oct 29 EDTRemoved

Didnt they get rid of Parker for Kawhi? 1

kyrie looking pretty hot8:18 pm Thu Oct 29 EDTRemoved

Yeah lowkey, him n PG in the same tier 7

How would you compare Victor Oladipo with Eric Gordon 2:26 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTRemoved

shooting and scoring are the most important things and Gordon is on the same level, or better than Oladipo in that, but everything else Oladipo is better at 3

Shoutout PG13 choosing being the second best player on a dysfunctional OKC team vs being the second best player on the Lakers 3:25 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTRemoved

Well looking at is as pure basketball choice, LeBron couldve gone to 5-6 other teams to contend for pure basketball 7

Why are there no nationally televised games for the next 5 days 3:52 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTRemoved

did they raise the prices? I thought I was paying around ~$15 a month but I didnt check this year as it renewed automatically 1

Curry Kd have combined for 151 points in the last two games shooting 55 84 Westbrook PG on the other hand have combined for 13 points over the last two games and are 20 1481:06 pm Sat Oct 31 EDTRemoved

Take this well deserved downvote 15

OKC fans would you choose Ty Lue over Billy Donovan 11:29 am Sun Nov 1 EDTRemoved

Lues probably better but its not really an upgrade so no. 1

How come Kobe can make fts with a torn Achilles but lebron can t with a functioning one 1:40 am Tue Oct 27 EDTRemoved

whats it about? 4

How many players could win the championship if they were on a team with 9 clones of themselves 8:04 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTRemoved

Kobe for sure 2

These NBA scores are jokes and the stats to go with them are meaningless11:08 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTRemoved

Game was entertaining then and its entertaining now, just way different styles and paces. And stats are definitely getting inflated now with all emphasis on offense and barely any on defense. 1

Cranjis McBasketball on Twitter Luke Walton amp his staff grade out as the 2nd worst current coaching staff in the NBA at optimizing the roster s talent per our The BBall Index database 12:11 am Tue Nov 3 EDTRemoved

Its provocative 2

Lebron needs to go back East ASAP12:42 am Tue Nov 3 EDTRemoved

well with Kawhi on the Raptors.. I think they would beat the Cavs team from last year. 8

Since LeBron James joined the Lakers this sub has entirely devolved into a less funny version of the Lakers team sub3:08 am Tue Nov 3 EDTRemoved

lol damn i got second hand embarrassment from reading that 3

D Rose Still Sucks11:17 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTRemoved

Stfu 8

Paul George is 0-10 from three8:13 pm Thu Nov 5 EDTRemoved

inb4 the whos better Jimmy or PG, or PG or Hayward threads lol 1

Why didn t lebron shake hands1:39 am Mon Nov 9 EDTRemoved

Well this clearly isnt your C Team in middle school.. This is a grown mans league 2

What will dominate the league in 20 years 11:11 pm Tue Nov 10 EDTRemoved

4s 2

Fuck Jeff Van Gundy12:04 am Sat Nov 14 EDTRemoved


Mods are ashamed of the celtics12:27 am Sat Nov 14 EDTRemoved

It happened yesterday too.. petty af. Whys no one held accountable since it looks like Celtics are the only team safeguarded here.. 3

Mods are ashamed of the celtics12:27 am Sat Nov 14 EDTRemoved

Damn.. They dont understand what discretion means? Some rules can be bent, especially since Ball is Life/ basketball is connected to our every day lives. Checked out that post.. Made me sad :( and I checked his post history and his last post was 8months a 2

The real reason Hayward got injured2:06 pm Sun Nov 15 EDTRemoved

What in the voodoo 1

The Lakers core is not special2:21 pm Sun Nov 15 EDTRemoved

lol 1

The Lakers core is not special2:21 pm Sun Nov 15 EDTRemoved

hows fox overrated? Small sample size but what hes doing is pretty darn good for a 2nd year pro 2

Morey said reports Anthony has been informed he will be released are inaccurate 5:18 pm Sun Nov 15 EDTRemoved

bro wtf LOL 11

Now at the quarter mark of the season who are the All-NBA players 11:02 pm Mon Nov 16 EDTRemoved

forreal.. I see him top 4-5 in the MVP race as well on random IG accounts, Lowry should be ahead atm 1

If you had to bend over and take it from behind from 1 player who would it be 9:35 pm Thu Nov 19 EDTRemoved

lolll 1

If you had to bend over and take it from behind from 1 player who would it be 9:35 pm Thu Nov 19 EDTRemoved

lol bruhhh 1

How does NBA payroll work 9:55 pm Mon Nov 23 EDTRemoved

half of it gone to taxes.. :| 2

Mitchell Robinson has fouled out in 9 minutes9:30 pm Fri Nov 27 EDTRemoved

Oh I just filter those out.. Those people clearly have no idea what theyre talking about criticizing rookies or young guys 1

What s wrong with the Jazz 11:04 pm Fri Nov 27 EDTRemoved


Why is fake news about Dwight Howard being allowed on our front page 10:37 am Sun Nov 29 EDTRemoved

It should be removed ASAP. It started from here and its spread to every social media platform. No one deserves to deal with fake shit like that cause someones a clear clout chaser 10

Why is fake news about Dwight Howard being allowed on our front page 10:37 am Sun Nov 29 EDTRemoved

they acknowledged it early last night and it still didnt get removed, which is kind of pathetic considering how easily little things get removed 11

How good can Taurean Prince be 3:39 pm Sun Nov 29 EDTRemoved

hes a rich mans Jae Crowder 4

Does this Gallinari suspension affect the Clippers hot start 1:06 am Wed Dec 2 EDTRemoved

fake news or provide sources.. 1

Markelle Fultz Chandler Muscala Shamet TJ 2 first round picks for James Harden Salaries Match Who says no 3:03 pm Thu Dec 3 EDTRemoved

I couldnt have said it anymore politer lol 2

Markelle Fultz Chandler Muscala Shamet TJ 2 first round picks for James Harden Salaries Match Who says no 3:03 pm Thu Dec 3 EDTRemoved

Delete. No one reading this garbage 3

Which game should I watch right now 11:13 pm Thu Dec 3 EDTRemoved

lakers blowing the Oladipo-less pacers out right now 1

Choose a somewhat realistic starting 5 of your favorite players who are not on your favorite team 4:23 pm Fri Dec 4 EDTRemoved

why did this get deleted? 1

Wendell Carter Jr has scored 15 points in the first 4 30 of the 3rd quarter and 15 of the Bulls 17 in that quarter8:35 pm Fri Dec 4 EDTRemoved

FML I chose to start RHJ over him on my fantasy team :( 2

Best tag lines for tanking 12:34 am Mon Dec 7 EDTRemoved

saw a few good ones on here but cant remember any except for Do Blow for Bol Bol lol ​ 1

Who has had the biggest positive impact on their teams this year Markelle Fultz or Isaiah Thomas 1:30 pm Mon Dec 7 EDTRemoved

IT - hes been very vocal from the sidelines according to Jamal. Fultz seems very quiet 1

I feel like the Knicks are going to start stockpiling assets to make an attempt at getting John Wall3:39 pm Tue Dec 8 EDTRemoved

maybe he meant the Team Magic >> 1

Can Duke beat the worst NBA team 11:12 pm Thu Dec 10 EDTRemoved

Duke might go up big in the 1st but Suns win at the end 1

Which team truly deserves their bad luck 4:17 pm Sat Dec 12 EDTRemoved

But thats also punishing the players then, who most likely had nothing to do with it 1

Most points rebounds and assists scored by a rookie this season 1:24 pm Sun Dec 13 EDTRemoved

Nba dot com - stats totals and set it to rookies 1

DeMar DeRozan past 2 series vs non LeBron Teams 5:23 pm Tue Dec 15 EDTRemoved

after the top 11-12, no ones easily better than DeRozan right now.. Sure they have more potential but skill wise DeMar is up there.. 2

Where do you think KD will end up in All Time Rankings when his career is finished1:22 pm Wed Dec 16 EDTRemoved

Top 10-15 2

What s everyone s second favorite team 9:04 pm Wed Dec 16 EDTRemoved

Thunder/Blazers 3

Whats up with Westbrooks free throw shooting 2:01 pm Thu Dec 17 EDTRemoved

You dont think this questions been asked a million times already? you can easily find it on reddit or Google. 1

Who are some players who arent super good but are still incredibly fun to watch 2:00 pm Fri Dec 18 EDTRemoved

JaVales hook shots are beautiful 2

The Kings break the Mavs 11 game home win streak as Fox amp Buddy each go off for 28 points9:26 pm Sun Dec 20 EDTRemoved

was just about to say same thing lol ​ ​ 3

Why is it that Russell Westbrook isnt even in the conversation for MVP this year 1:53 am Thu Dec 24 EDTRemoved

that is mostly cause Golden State struggled without Curry and OKC didnt struggle cause they have a starting caliber backup PG and PG13 is having a career-year, and their defense 1

If the NBA put on a Christmas Pageant which players would play significant Christmas characters such as Santa Rudolph Baby Jesus Frosty the Snowman etc 9:55 pm Thu Dec 24 EDTRemoved

DeAndre Jordan - Cindy Lou (their hair) 1

What does Donovan Mitchell do well 11:37 pm Sat Dec 26 EDTRemoved

good shot creator - his shots not falling but players do have these ice cold stretches.., good defender, had some nice rebounds tonight for a guy his size, active in passing lanes... 1

The lakers do not deserve Anthony Davis 3:44 pm Sun Dec 27 EDTRemoved

As fun as LeBron-AD would be.. The whole roster/depth would be gutted and for what? A first/second round exit.. Plus AD isnt the most durable player despite playing ~70 games last 2 years 6

Where do you find video of the NBA in real time to post it on the social networks 4:18 pm Sun Dec 27 EDTRemoved

If you want it immediately, you would have to download some sort of screen recording app, otherwise the Team will usually upload a nice play right after. Or just search on Twitter you may be able to find what youre looking for if you sort by Video and hit 8

Lonzo Ball vs James Harden7:15 pm Thu Dec 31 EDTRemoved

BBallIQ ZO? Na unless you consider it high bbiq to pass up on a wide open layup 1

Help KD 9s10:29 pm Thu Dec 31 EDTRemoved

Thanm you sir 1

Help KD 9s10:29 pm Thu Dec 31 EDTRemoved

I was afraid of that wow fml 1

Why didn t Thomas Robinson ever pan out 11:52 pm Sat Jan 2 EDTRemoved

he was an absolute beast in NBA 2K14 with the Blazers 3

Would you rather have Westbrook or Donchic 11:11 pm Wed Jan 8 EDTRemoved

Westbrook and its not that close rn 2

Unpopular Opinion People should stop being all up in arms about the fan vote 2:58 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTRemoved

some people have no idea how the all-star process works after the little changes lol 1

Is Russel Westbrook a criminal 4:18 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTRemoved

a Smooth Criminal 1

Westbrook is not a top 20 player this season 3:58 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTRemoved

And AD is not a top 5 player either then. LeBron, KD, Curry, Harden, Kawhi, and Giannis are all more impactful to winning. People gave Cousins shit for putting up empty numbers but how is ADs situation any different? He actually has a 10x better team than 2

Who is the most handsome player in the NBA 2:34 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTRemoved

John Collins, and the short shorts are a nice touch as well 0

Top 20 Players in NBA So Far This Season6:16 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTRemoved

did the account get deleted too? Damn was the list that bad LOL 1

Why pg so deep in his bag this season 12:22 am Sat Jan 11 EDTRemoved

before his injury I thought he had top 5 potential.. Now hes finally showing his peak ability consistently on both sides. He been the best player on the court in more games than not this year 1

Anyone have streamable of last few minutes of Bulls and Pacers 10:48 am Sat Jan 11 EDTRemoved

if only I knew how to screen record with HQ 1

I dont think Moses Malone should get a statue4:37 pm Sun Jan 19 EDTRemoved

well you have absolutely 0 say in it but go on 1

Ranking Every Team s Backcourt 6:54 pm Tue Jan 21 EDTRemoved

Westbrook / Ferg > Walker / Lamb 1

How would Wilt do in todays NBA 1:59 am Thu Jan 23 EDTRemoved

hed be a superstar. Knowing and somewhat seeing how athletic he was back then.. can you imagine with all the resources available now, hed be at the top for sure. 1


Luka with more votes than everyone but LeBron n Giannis :O 5

The Refs could give out a Technical Foul without actually giving the player a T 11:49 pm Fri Jan 24 EDTRemoved

A little confused on the following, so what if the first Tech is from hanging on the rim, and then lets say the player gets another T for talking back to the ref, is that an ejection? 1

Why is Draymond allowed to continue playing in Warriors-Clippers after two Ts 11:56 pm Fri Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Theres levels to the Tech fouls 1

MIP Curse 2:04 pm Thu Jan 30 EDTRemoved

wtf man lol 4

Can yall stfu and use the AD trade mega-thread for your bad suggestions 4:43 pm Tue Feb 4 EDTRemoved

I see where youre coming from and agree with you but its best to just downvote and move on 7

Is it time to summon the trade god 10:38 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTRemoved

dont forget the DeMar and Kawhi traded happened around/after midnight (PST) :p 2

Which current teams could you add LeBron James to in order to win a chip 10:55 pm Wed Feb 12 EDTRemoved

Nuggets, Thunder, Rockets, Sixers, Celtics, Raptors, Pacers, Bucks 2

Anthony Davis asked for a trade Not demanded Big difference 10:04 pm Fri Feb 14 EDTRemoved

but why wouldnt AD want leverage in that situation.. how else is he supposed to get leverage? He couldve not said anything and left in free agency, which would be even worse for NOLA. And teams will tell players they are signing them to a long term deal 1

FiveThirtyEight updated latest projection Thunder is projected to have a better odd of making it to the Final over Denver Nuggets4:39 pm Sat Feb 15 EDTRemoved

Well record doesnt necessarily mean the teams better, and the 60 win Hawks come in mind. 1

Serious Which NBA player has the smelliest farts 4:39 pm Sat Feb 15 EDTRemoved

Shaqs got to be on the Mt.Rushmore of this 1

Serious Which NBA player has the smelliest farts 4:39 pm Sat Feb 15 EDTRemoved

also username checks out lol 1

Scenario you are an nba player and you have the opportunity to sign one of the following 5 contracts2:45 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

New York easily.. the $40 mil difference between the Cavs/Knicks contract can possibly be made up with endorsements, even then the living situation would be better in NY with the 110M 1

As a long time Westbrick hater I have to finally admit hes figured it out 11:43 pm Mon Feb 17 EDTRemoved

Grow up 0

Top 5 point guards1:27 am Wed Feb 19 EDTRemoved

And this is why Lakers fan get a bad rep lol 3

When did 3-6 mafia become a nicname for LeBron 8:29 pm Wed Feb 19 EDTRemoved

Obviously after his 6th finals loss 3

Top 5 Similarities between James Harden and Adolf Hitler OC 3:26 pm Thu Feb 20 EDTRemoved

that last point :o 2

Definitive top 104:15 pm Sun Feb 23 EDTRemoved

Grow up 2

Goaltending should be legal7:10 pm Wed Feb 26 EDTRemoved

you could make a layup worth 10 pts, a jumpshot 20pts, and a 3pt 50 points.. so the end score would still look ok 7

What s the worst post comment you ve seen on this sub 5:03 pm Tue Mar 3 EDTRemoved

only team thats Suns bad are the Cavs 1

Lebron The L-Train James Tonight 27 8 6 on 9-19 shooting and 1-6 from 3 - of -13 in 42 minutes 1:55 am Tue Mar 10 EDTRemoved

so close yet so far away from getting 27/7/7 for the first time 10

After Lebron producing 2chainz new album He should consider making1:33 pm Tue Mar 10 EDTRemoved

We lookin for the bud 2

Whos the better defender Harden or Westbrook 12:48 am Sat Mar 14 EDTRemoved

In the post is Harden for sure 1

Who would you rather build a team around Steph Curry or Magic Johnson 3:18 pm Sun Mar 15 EDTRemoved

well in that era the 3s werent necessary.. I doubt someone as talented as Magic wouldnt improve their game in this era with his 3pt shooting. Plus he made 325 3s in that era compared to 0 by Simmons... 1

Why is everyone pretending this is a racial issue6:07 pm Tue Mar 17 EDTRemoved

cause his wife said it to /s 1

Who s had a higher peak Messi or Ronaldo or Lebron or MJ 7:40 pm Tue Mar 17 EDTRemoved

can you explain it in basketball terms? I dont know much about fuutball, or whats the next best goals scored? 6

Who s had a higher peak Messi or Ronaldo or Lebron or MJ 7:40 pm Tue Mar 17 EDTRemoved

Goldberg when he had a 173 match win streak at one point.. 3

Where can I buy the pink T-Wolves jerseys Or the Miami Vice ones 3:02 pm Sat Mar 28 EDTRemoved

/r/nbajerseyexchange 2

Prime Joe Johnson vs Prime Carmelo Anthony - Whos the best ISO scorer 10:34 pm Sat Mar 28 EDTRemoved

you can just ask whos the better scorer cause both did most their damage on ISO, and the answer is the 1st ballot HOF MeLo #st4ym3l0 3

Devin Booker 59 points - No other Suns player in double-digit scoring11:51 pm Mon Mar 30 EDTRemoved

Every year he says theyll make playoffs/win more games but the team fails to deliver, I know its not his fault but it must suck to not live up to that 1

Devin Booker 59 points - No other Suns player in double-digit scoring11:51 pm Mon Mar 30 EDTRemoved

True but the West gets better/tougher each year while the Suns tanking hasnt resulted in too many good pieces besides Book/Ayton 1

f i r e song for NBA 1:56 am Sat Apr 4 EDTRemoved

shouldve added some Tupac 2

f i r e song for NBA 1:56 am Sat Apr 4 EDTRemoved

lol 1

Who s the best player in the nba now 10:55 pm Sun Apr 12 EDTRemoved

KD Curry or Harden 1

Tobias Harris or Aaron Gordon 3:34 pm Tue Apr 14 EDTRemoved

Tobi because you get Bobi with him as a package deal 1

Is Kyle Lowry a top 5 point guard in the league 10:43 pm Tue Apr 21 EDTRemoved

bruh you did this on purpose LOL 0

If Rockets beat the Warriors11:41 pm Tue Apr 21 EDTRemoved

True true forgot to factor that in but Id imagine they only beat the one of the GOAT teams with a super high level performance by Harden 1

If Michael Porter Jr was healthy Would he make any impact 11:34 pm Thu Apr 23 EDTRemoved

"forehead" lmao 2

The Bucks-Pistons series is a good example of why the league should do playoff reform5:12 pm Fri Apr 24 EDTRemoved

if Blake played they wouldve lost by a lot less tho 3

Which point guard would you rather have right now Derrick White or Russell Westbrook4:32 pm Fri Apr 24 EDTRemoved

Derrick the White Walker White 2

The Brooklyn Nets have scored 31 points in the first HALF of an elimination playoff game 9:10 pm Tue Apr 28 EDTRemoved

they almost had game 4 as well.. that was close until the last few possessions 1

the refs in OKC-Blazers game11:14 pm Tue Apr 28 EDTRemoved

yeah refs definitely seem to be favouring one side this game 8

Honestly the fact that Lillard even had the strength to throw the ball that far is nuts considering the stepback7:21 pm Wed Apr 29 EDTRemoved

It was a side step 12

Honestly the fact that Lillard even had the strength to throw the ball that far is nuts considering the stepback7:21 pm Wed Apr 29 EDTRemoved

thats some lazy statting 3

Should the Lakers try to trade for Lillard if the Blazers lose in the second round 7:16 pm Wed Apr 29 EDTRemoved

Yes, next question 2

How much money would a Kobe Lebron Wade type player make if they played their final season in China 1:13 pm Thu Apr 30 EDTRemoved

Maximum money the team could offer and then some 1

If James Harden beats this Warriors team and beats the Bucks in the Finals would this make him the second greatest SG ever 6:54 pm Thu Apr 30 EDTRemoved

Hes not passing Kobe as theres no likely chance he wins even 2 rings as the main guy 9

Has Kevin Durant taken the throne as best player in the league over lebron 3:35 pm Sat May 2 EDTRemoved

Yes hes been the best player in the world for a minute now. 1

Most aesthetically pleasing game 12:22 pm Mon May 4 EDTRemoved

Melo used to 3

Who wins Game 3 tonight Houston or Golden State 10:45 am Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

We might see a new Goggled up James Harden.. Rockets by 20 with Harden dropped 55 1

Does this current warriors team remind anyone of the 2014 heat 11:58 pm Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

LOL youre joking right? Curry is not declining like Wade did in 2014, at least not yet 9

Can we appreciate the difference in what a triple double means for Westbrook vs Jokic 10:05 pm Sun May 10 EDTRemoved

Nice try satan but Thunder have a very high win % when Westbrook secures a triple-double, not sure about the playoffs but definitely in the regular season. 1

The Rockets are the only team with a winning record against the Warriors with KD1:22 am Tue May 12 EDTRemoved

Thats crazy. Wonder if this same high powered Rockets team exists if KD doesnt go to the Warriors. 1

Stephs wife Ayesha Curry is currently the number 1 trending topic worldwide 2:51 pm Tue May 12 EDTRemoved

What were her comments? I dont have headphones atm 10

Stephs wife Ayesha Curry is currently the number 1 trending topic worldwide 2:51 pm Tue May 12 EDTRemoved

youre wild lol 1

Stephs wife Ayesha Curry is currently the number 1 trending topic worldwide 2:51 pm Tue May 12 EDTRemoved

thanks! thats hilarious LOL wtf are people mad for 3

OC Detailed analysis of why Joel Embiid has so many sporadic illnesses lately 6:11 pm Tue May 12 EDTRemoved

This was a good SP lol 1

Game Tying Go Ahead Shots in the Playoffs Last 10 Seconds 4th OT 2:22 pm Wed May 13 EDTRemoved

This doesnt mean Kobe is any less clutch. He could easily have hit clutch shots with 10-30 seconds left, which can still be the game winner(s).. which is just as clutch as these #s 2

Warriors vs Rockets whos legacy has the most at stake these next two games 2:41 pm Fri May 15 EDTRemoved

If CP absolutely balls out, it would help his legacy a lot, even more if Harden struggles and he carries (not likely to happen though lol ) 0

Even without KD Vegas gives the Warriors 120 odds to win the title The Bucks are are at 200 Next best odds Raptors at 700 10:38 am Sat May 16 EDTRemoved

Stay off the WEEEDUH 5

Dame is 1 9 at the half4:43 pm Sun May 17 EDTRemoved

CJ carrying the team like Klay was carrying in game 6.. This only means Dame will make up in the second half 11

Request Jokic attempting to trip Leonard as he ran down the court4:46 pm Sun May 17 EDTRemoved

then next possession, I noticed Plumlee was on the ground and he tried to get Jokic to help him up but Jokic just walked by lol he seems pissed off or something 4

If Zion signs with Klutch do you think Pelicans ownership would waiver on their refusal to send AD to the Lakers 1:05 pm Fri May 22 EDTRemoved

Jayz Roc Nation? Curious which players he has -1

yall begged for it and got Portland v GW now we gonna see a sweep and are being robbed of an actual interesting series of OKC v GS2:52 pm Fri May 22 EDTRemoved

we were asking for it... we were DYING FOR IT 1

I still Remember some okc fans saying Paul George is better than Kawhi Leonard11:59 pm Sun May 24 EDTRemoved

PG has had some success being the go-to guy, 2 ECF and going head to toe with LeBron n an all-time Heat squad. I would be fine with either guy as my #1 1

All Toronto needs to do to stop Giannis is keep him out of the middle of the paint 11:56 pm Sun May 24 EDTRemoved

and all the Blazers have to do to stop Curry is to not let him touch the ball 1

Is it safe to say Kawhi Leonard has surpassed Lebron James 12:02 am Mon May 25 EDTRemoved

if LeBron had this Raptors team, hed be doing just as good if not better 10

Discussion What exactly is the argument for Kawhi over Steph 4:04 pm Sat May 30 EDTRemoved

1) KD 2a) Curry 2b) Kawhi -2

Was the Lowry push incident staged 3:23 pm Thu Jun 11 EDTRemoved

this might help with not using the owner term? Idk 1

Kyle Lowry is getting carried by Kawhi12:31 am Sat Jun 13 EDTRemoved

hes the second best player on this potential championship team 1

Serious Scenario KD plays the next three games and the Warriors come back and win it all Assuming that Steph Curry averages his normal 25 PPG how many points would Kevin Durant have to average over the next 3 games to steal Finals MVP 5:46 pm Sun Jun 14 EDTRemoved

hes been killing it if you look at his ppg and TS% though 2

The guilt on the face of Bob Myers11:16 am Tue Jun 16 EDTRemoved

he seemed genuinely disgusted in himself for basically "letting" this happen. It was a dice roll and shouldnt have happened. KDs heallth > Championship/"the old school tough mentality" players should display to show their love for the game, like fuck o 3

Repost since Ive been un-banned maybe I wrote to Maxi complaining I couldnt find Dino buddy nuggets to eat while watching the games and a wonderful person in their nutrition department actually took the time to respond2:00 pm Wed Jun 17 EDTRemoved

same.. but where are the mods? most of these are the same users posting the same stuff over n over again 1

How were Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman allowed to wrestle in WCW when still under contract for the NBA 5:44 pm Wed Jun 17 EDTRemoved

this still couldve happened [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1VO3DGz4YY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1VO3DGz4YY) 1

Who Will Break The AD Trade News First 7:14 pm Wed Jun 17 EDTRemoved

Hopefully AD on IG 2

Stop comparing Kawhi to Jordan 2:44 pm Sat Jun 20 EDTRemoved

Cringe post 4

Hottest NBA woman analyst Beadle Querim or Nichols 1:05 pm Mon Jun 22 EDTRemoved

why is Ramona not an option? 3

r nba starts a new r nbastreams3:04 pm Mon Jun 22 EDTRemoved

ballinHQ 1

NBAStreams just got banned 3:44 pm Mon Jun 22 EDTRemoved

time for Hulu sports.. anyone know if its worth it and is it better than League Pass? 1

The philosophical meaning of board man gets paid3:34 pm Wed Jun 24 EDTRemoved

damn lol 2

Zion Williamson will be the second heaviest player in the NBA league behind Boban Marjanovic of the Los Angeles Clippers Boban currently weighs 290lbs at 73 Zion is 285lbs at 67 5:35 pm Fri Jun 26 EDTRemoved

I can still see Lowry trying to draw a charge 5

What the heck do the Warriors do now 2:28 pm Mon Jun 29 EDTRemoved

cant see Steph doing that all season long without breaking down at some point.. Harden is an iron-man -1

Top 25 player list healthy 6:12 pm Mon Jun 29 EDTRemoved

Pretty solid list, I would move a few players a few spots but nothing drastic 1

Its 2019 and Draymond Greens Twitter bio says Owner of Performance Inspired Nutrition Owner is an unacceptable and racist word to use 11:34 am Tue Jun 30 EDTRemoved

Adam Silver said the league has been referring to owners as governors for years.. If I recall correctly Green only said it more recently. Overall a nonissue to change the term, definitely nothing to obsess about when there are far worse things happening i 3

Why do we even care about this9:58 am Sun Jul 5 EDTRemoved


What are your top 3 seeds in the west if Kawhi stays a Raptor 1:42 am Mon Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Jazz, Nuggets, Lakers, OKC, Blazers, Rockets all in the mix for sure 1

Guys Im in a meeting with my boss at work and having trouble following Kawhi watch what should I do 1:09 pm Fri Jul 10 EDTRemoved

Live your best life 1

How long could Kawhi Leonard wait to make his decision 1:46 pm Fri Jul 10 EDTRemoved

Shaq made his decision to join Lakers on July 18 2

Russell Westbrook would be the greatest backup point guard of all time1:39 am Mon Jul 13 EDTRemoved

who the hells gonna pay someone 40+M to be a backup LOL 1

Spurs traded Bertans and changed Carrols contract to 3 21 so they could have space for MMorris Rich Paul strikes again5:06 pm Tue Jul 14 EDTRemoved

isnt Rich Pauls best interest in his client, to get them the most $.. Plus its not the first time this has happened but Rich Paul gets dragged more than any other agent 8

Is James Harden game winner over Klay and draymond the greatest buzzer beater ever3:19 am Wed Jul 15 EDTRemoved

easy! or Currys game winner vs OKC.. 1

Is Kobe better than Joe Johnson 12:00 am Mon Jul 20 EDTRemoved

you still have time to delete this 7

People are already forgetting about Stephen Curry3:36 pm Sat Aug 1 EDTRemoved

Weve always seen Curry play with Klay, whos the perfect backcourt mate.. This will be interesting cause Curry will have to play more defense. Klay used to guard the best guard on the opposing team, and now Curry will need to expend more energy on that end 1

If KG doesnt get injured in 2009 who wins the Finals 8:44 pm Tue Aug 4 EDTRemoved

everything got deleted so fast lol what was it? 1

At the age of 21 Lebron went through his very first playoff run He averaged 31 ppg 8 rebounds and 6 assists a game 4:51 pm Wed Aug 5 EDTRemoved

lmao thats fucked up 3

The hypocrisy around players leaving in the middle of their contract is astounding 4:28 pm Mon Aug 10 EDTRemoved

its not just unfair, its plain stupid. Would you rather the Superstar leave the team and get nothing in return, like when KD left the Thunder or a Superstar demands a trade and your team gets some assets back in return 1

16 year old Brooklyn rapper Redd Shotta exposes Kevin Durant s messages in DM s on instagram threatens KD and his mom4:13 pm Sat Sep 5 EDTRemoved

dude seems to be obsessed with KD. Maybe KD should get a restraining order or something lol 8

10 APG is equivalent to 30 2 PPG and 11 31 APG is equivalent to 32 95 PPG 3:42 pm Fri Sep 11 EDTRemoved

well the username checks out then lol 0

List of possible LGBT NBA players Past amp Present 3:03 pm Sat Sep 19 EDTRemoved

Jason Collins 1

Donald Trump just called Warriors head coach Steve Kerr a little boy for not calling out China4:56 pm Wed Oct 14 EDTRemoved

i thought this was a perfect analogy haha 7

Russell Westbrook tonight vs the Spurs 14 points 5-13 FG 4 rebounds 4 assists 8 turnovers minus-26 in 29 minutes 10:09 pm Wed Oct 21 EDTRemoved

saw russ driving plenty to the basket, and take a few mid range shots as well 1

Tony Snell currently has 24 points- he s 9 9 from the field including 6 6 from 39:15 pm Wed Nov 11 EDTRemoved

he just had a nasty block on Knox too, at the 3 pt line 5

Stop with the is Luka a top 10 player 2:06 pm Sun Nov 15 EDTRemoved

definitely based off of 9 games? lol 1

Luka at age 20 vs LeBron at age 20 4:27 pm Wed Nov 25 EDTRemoved

ok and ? Lukas playing a like a superstar we get it 2

How does Harden s 2019 compare to Kobe s 2006 10:34 pm Fri Dec 18 EDTRemoved

rules are same but style is not.. way more 3s attempted, more spacing 1

Why do the fans do these to players It s the most infuriating thing ever4:11 pm Sun Dec 20 EDTRemoved

top 20 impact wise isnt a stretch though 1

The Rockets only win against a contending team this year has been against the Clippers without PG4:06 pm Tue Dec 22 EDTRemoved

they are missing their 2nd best shooter/ key rotation player in EG, and a spark off the bench in Gerald Green. They do need to do something about defense and not running PJ into the ground 0

Do these great Mav performances hurt Luka s argument for being top 3 in the MVP race 4:55 pm Sun Dec 27 EDTRemoved

its been pretty solid when Harden sits and Russ is the ball handler/play maker.. so far -1

Do these great Mav performances hurt Luka s argument for being top 3 in the MVP race 4:55 pm Sun Dec 27 EDTRemoved

true but Russ is most effective with shooters around him since hes really good at penetrating and breaking down defenses and then finding the open man. He was a top 10 player in okc without having much spacing 1

Why is Kobe Bryant not included in the conversation of the NBA GOAT4:57 pm Sun Dec 27 EDTRemoved

he kinda was when he was playing at a high level, now its considered unreasonable to have him in the conversation 1

Will the Jazz max Rudy Gobert 2:25 pm Sat Jan 4 EDTRemoved

hes eligible for like a 250M super max..wonder if he will sign on somewhat of a discount 2

Would you consider Jay Morant an all star 2:33 pm Sun Jan 12 EDTRemoved

DLo has no chance of making it with the Warriors horrible record 1

Would you consider Jay Morant an all star 2:33 pm Sun Jan 12 EDTRemoved

it is extremely hard for rookies but if Grizz win some more games and get to .500.. coaches might pick him cause no one expected Griz to be anywhere near the 8th seed. His chances arent that high but theres somewhat of a case that could be made based on w 1

Is The Thunder And Grizzlies Being In The Playoffs Actually Impressive No8:26 pm Mon Jan 13 EDTRemoved

Griz is impressive for sure, they were expected to be bottom feeders 1

On January 11 Isaiah Hartenstein had 17 15 5blks on 8 9 shooting in 26 mins In four games since he has played a total of 5 minutes 8:54 pm Mon Jan 20 EDTRemoved

or then takes a late time out and yells at officials lol 2

You wake up one morning and you are Kendrick Perkins What do you do for an entire day 4:49 pm Sat Jan 25 EDTRemoved

this and get myself hired by ESPN or whoever hes currently working for with an immunity clause 3

Rename Season MVP award to Kobe Bryant 3:08 pm Wed Jan 29 EDTRemoved

well they made the FMVP to honour Bill Russell who won 0 FMVP 1

Clip Request Richard Jefferson saying he s shooting like he has the coronavirus 9:27 pm Wed Jan 29 EDTRemoved

its provocative 1

Rank these ten players in their primes Kobe Curry Lebron KD Kawhi Giannis Harden CP3 Wade Russ4:40 pm Thu Jan 30 EDTRemoved

Kobe KD LeBron Curry Wade Kawhi Harden CP3 Russ Giannis 4

Booker going to Demand a trade 7:30 pm Thu Jan 30 EDTRemoved

yes officer, this one right here 3

Turned one of Kobe s most iconic dunks into the logo11:20 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTRemoved

looks pretty nice 0

O G Anunoby is essentially a low volume Kawhi 6:53 pm Tue Feb 11 EDTRemoved

soon as I dropped him he started to go off, same thing happened with Millsap lol 1

Why dont they just have real-time fan voting for the dunk contest 12:49 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

they did fan voting in 2014 I believe, not sure why they changed it back. Or they just need proper judges, like former dunk contest winners /participants only. Still really glad they didnt have DJ Khaled there. 0

March 2 1962 Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points the most ever by an NBA player in a single game during his teams 169-147 win over the New York Knicks in Hershey Pennsylvania Wilt shot 36 63 and finished with 25 rebound2:27 am Mon Mar 2 EDTRemoved

BuT hE tOoK 63 sHoTs 2

Is Kawhi Leonard on pace to be better than Lebron 3:00 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTRemoved

there are certain parts of Kawhis game that are better than LeBrons - even peak for peak, but career-wise he needs more accolades and elite seasons to be even considered 3

Twitter User Ugly Anna I already got invited to the bubble Yea the season definitely ending early 11:52 pm Sun Jul 12 EDTRemoved

Trezz 1

Who s the better overall player Nichola Jokic or Anthony Davis Vote by using your comment 12:00 am Tue Jul 28 EDTRemoved

AD 5