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Ben Simmons will try to make this about mental health Dont let this distract you 11:56 pm Sun Jun 20 EDT 0 ups @ 0.12 Removed

Dont let Ben Simmons play the mental health card3:38 pm Mon Jun 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.12 Removed

Why isnt Colin Sexton involved with the US Team 11:10 pm Fri Jul 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

Giannis is still the second best player in the East after KD12:31 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.14 Deleted


Which teams fanbase would have the biggest meltdown if their team gets bounced in the 1st round 7:05 pm Thu Apr 29 EDTDeleted

Lakers or Nets. The hot takes would be spicy. 5

Nba season is over for the Lakers3:45 am Mon May 3 EDTDeleted

LeBron will activate playoff mode. 1

Kawhi Leonard is plotting to force the Clippers to move to San Diego and there s nothing we can do about it 11:52 pm Tue May 18 EDTDeleted

That...would sound great. LA is and always will be, Lakers territory. The San Diego Clippers rolls off well too. 1

Serious LeBron should seriously just go to the Warriors if the Lakers get bounced early this year 4:59 pm Mon May 24 EDTDeleted

LOL. That would be hilarious. Imagine if LeBron wins Finals MVP with the Warriors. I mean Warriors fans were already jealous/insecure/tried to downplay KD. Imagine what they would do with LeBron. 4

Reasons Why Jeremy Lin should be in the Hall of Fame2:43 pm Tue Jun 1 EDTDeleted

Lin is one of the most hated players here on r/nba apparently. Every Jeremy Lin post, a bunch of salt comes out. 2

what s kemba amp a 1st getting2:43 pm Thu Jun 3 EDTDeleted

Because they were always LA bound and would have left after a year. 10

Why was Trae Young called an empty stats player for putting up big numbers on a losing team last year but when Luka does the same thing hes praised 3:25 pm Fri Jun 11 EDTDeleted

Luka will always be better than Trae. The Hawks themselves would take Luka in a re-draft. Come on bro. Its easy to see the difference. Luka is a transcendent top 3 player. Trae is a nice top 15 player. 7

Lamelo Ball winning ROTY proves awards are based on absolutely nothing but hype4:20 pm Wed Jun 16 EDTDeleted

Stupid response, because you didnt factor in assists. And Id rather have the rookie make the playoffs and not play well, versus miss it entirely. 3

For the sake of Cade Cunningham s career Adam Silver should ban perennially bad teams from drafting him 5:44 pm Fri Jun 25 EDTDeleted

Draft picks should only go to big markets. Parity baby. 2

Can we talk a little bit about James Jones 12:54 pm Thu Jul 1 EDTDeleted

Yep. He doesnt deserve the ring as a player. Hes just a cheerleader type guy as GM too. Ryan McDonough built the team mostly. -6

Can we talk a little bit about James Jones 12:54 pm Thu Jul 1 EDTDeleted

Ryan McDonough built the team and got Booker. James Jones is just a beneficiary. -13

Can we talk a little bit about James Jones 12:54 pm Thu Jul 1 EDTDeleted

Im sure its all him. James Jones is riding coattails just like how he rided LeBrons coattails. -6

Chris Paul should be ashamed2:02 pm Mon Jul 19 EDTDeleted

As opposed to the guy, Nash, who also has no rings? You people are insane with recency bias and player evaluation. 1

ProCity Hoops Derrick Rose on Jimmy s infamous Timberwolves practice W Scored one time in that practice they were all writing about Yes one basket Right hand up to god What s so exciting about that 7:36 pm Tue Jul 20 EDTDeleted

Rose still salty that Jimmy took over in Chicago. 1