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Stephen Curry with 36 Points on 11 21 Shooting 7 12 from 3 and 1 2 from the Line in a W over the Timberwolves12:41 am Tue Jan 26 EDT 7 ups @ 0.82 Deleted

James Wiseman in the 1st Half 11 Points 10 Rebounds on 5 11 FG against Milwaukee11:17 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT 20 ups @ 0.95 Removed


What is the best player that the Timberwolves could get back for pick number 1 11:31 pm Fri Sep 24 EDTRemoved

I think just going ahead and using that pick to draft Anthony Edwards is the best option for Minnesota. 2

Jamal Murray is the first player in NBA History to drop 50 points without a free throw attempt9:38 pm Fri Feb 19 EDTRemoved

Thanks for the correction. 1

Warriors are currently down 60 against Toronto9:03 pm Fri Apr 2 EDTRemoved

You thought r/nba was reactionary? r/warriors are something else. 3

Steph has lead this horrible Warriors roster to 22 wins this year 9:20 pm Fri Apr 2 EDTRemoved

He’s been playing well but not well enough for a $30M+ player. 8

Was the Warriors dynasty fake 11:55 am Sat Apr 3 EDTRemoved

Yeah this has to be up there with that “the Warriors were underrated” post I saw a while ago talking about LeBron’s playoff record against non-GSW teams. 2

Was the Warriors dynasty fake 11:55 am Sat Apr 3 EDTRemoved

Sure, a team that blew a 20 point lead in a single half just because their best player was missing would’ve beaten a team that nearly swept through the entire playoffs. Is that really your best argument? The Spurs gave the Warriors a better fight than 1

Was the Warriors dynasty fake 11:55 am Sat Apr 3 EDTRemoved

r/nba: The Warriors were op, they ruined the league. Also r/nba: The Warriors were lucky. 2

James Wiseman with a double-double in the f rst half 11 points and 10 rebounds vs Bucks11:20 pm Tue Apr 6 EDTRemoved

As OP of that thread, idk. The source was the same as this one. But I don’t mind the deletion, I’m just glad Wiseman is doing well. 1