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Do Nike store people even watch NBA when they decide what NBA jerseys to stock up 9:45 am Tue Nov 19 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Do Nike store people even watch NBA when they decide what NBA jerseys to stock up 9:45 am Tue Nov 19 EDTRemoved

Oh ya I dont think Ive seen any pacer stuff here lol 1

Durant s teammates have made it clear privately they aren t on board for another Please-Stay-KD tour And Durant has said he doesn t want to be recruited But the decision to suspend Green publicly seems to be a signal from management they do care 3:21 am Wed Nov 20 EDTRemoved

Honestly even though Ive been rooting for GSW for the past 5 years, I just cant seem to accept KD as truly one of the core guys. Hes just a mercenary, someone that GSW needed to ensure victory over the Lebron James led Cavs. I hated that he had won f 1

Whats wrong with KD An analysis10:22 pm Sun Nov 24 EDTRemoved

He’s a soft ass bitch. He’s mentally weak af. 1

Its time that we start recognizing steph curry as the best player in the game right now1:31 am Mon Nov 25 EDTRemoved

Pretty sure you read one of my comments before lol almost thought I was reading my own comment 1

Is Zion the most athletic powerful NBA prospect ever 8:06 pm Tue Nov 26 EDTRemoved

Undersized (short) PF with insane athleticism? Sounds like a max 10 year career lol.. in a couple of years y’all will start saying how he will lose his game due to declining athleticism (refer to posts regarding Blake griffin) -4

Stop thinking that being a Kobe fan makes you cool7:12 pm Sun Dec 1 EDTRemoved

Go to bed early nephew, you have to wake up for school tomorrow. If you care able whether something makes you cool or not, then you’re probably still in grade school 0

You have 18 to win the NBA title 9:27 am Tue Dec 3 EDTRemoved

Magic Jordan Larry bird Robert horry Kendrick Jason Kidd 1

How many NBA players do you think are envious of Lebron 8:11 pm Tue Dec 3 EDTRemoved

KD for sure. Guy is obsessed, want to be “no 1” so badly. He’s sick and tired of always being no 2. Also reason why he needs to leave GSW, cuz he’s a beta that wants to be seen as the alpha 1

Should the Rockets sign Carmelo Anthony 10:01 pm Tue Dec 3 EDTRemoved

Honestly I think it’d be a great pick, I think Melo can provide the spacing necessary. He’s an all time superstar at getting buckets .. 2

SB Nation You can t have a hot woman in the NBA says one veteran NBA coach Guys will be trying to fuck her every day 1:20 am Fri Dec 6 EDTRemoved

PG13 did the naughty with one of Doc’s daughters ? 1

Bigger gap Curry and durant or durant and klay 7:44 pm Thu Dec 12 EDTRemoved

Who seriously ranks Tatum above Klay ? And Conley is questionable aka I don’t think so. Klay s role Is different from those guys in that Klay is not the primary ball handler nor is he the team’s first option. But Klay is best and what he does, and it 1

The ironic thing about people critizing Curry for believing the Moon landing didnt happen11:53 pm Tue Dec 17 EDTRemoved

It’s not ironic at all. Religious people obviously live their life based on faith, so why would they believe in science ? If they believed in science then they wouldn’t be religious. Therefore it makes perfect sense. For Curry, maybe in his religion m 0

The ironic thing about people critizing Curry for believing the Moon landing didnt happen11:53 pm Tue Dec 17 EDTRemoved

Only a small section of them, and they don’t believe in all that science has confirmed since many things in science contradict the bible directly. Also those people probably are t the hardcore religious type, but Steph seems to be the really hardcore ty 1

The ironic thing about people critizing Curry for believing the Moon landing didnt happen11:53 pm Tue Dec 17 EDTRemoved

They can co-exist, but the person would need to have compromises on both sides. 1

What would James Harden have to do to turn his reputation around 12:15 pm Fri Dec 20 EDTRemoved

stop flopping. 9

Who are the rapper equivalents for NBA players in your eyes 2:55 pm Tue Dec 24 EDTRemoved

Fixed it for you. Eminem = MJ. GOAT -11

Warriors Announcers10:47 pm Wed Dec 25 EDTRemoved

Don’t see nothing wrong with that statement.. 15

In response to liking a white player reddit users are now hating on white players specifically 10:42 am Fri Dec 27 EDTRemoved

Never seen anybody say anything about race until this thread.. you trying to spew something up ? -2

Is Harden the best player in the NBA 11:17 pm Thu Jan 2 EDTRemoved

This “5ppg” player also happens to be one of their Finals MVP .. while rox fans think a player who has never even made it to the finals would allow them to beat the champs.. lol gtfo -2

Who would you want to write the next Book of Basketball And what else would you want them to include 10:31 pm Sat Jan 4 EDTRemoved

SAS.. or JVG 3

Bench player with ball in hand12:32 am Thu Jan 3 EDTRemoved

People do this all the time at rec league and street pick up.. pisses me off 3

Warrior fans now claiming Steph is not getting enough touches do you agree with this 1:33 am Fri Jan 4 EDTRemoved

Well it’s obvious, there’s that snek diva that has a fragile ego.. he needs to be the man, with the most touches. I honestly think if he didn’t freaking pull up from 3 (and brick his shot) late in the 4q (I think there was around 1 min left ) when t 1

Kobe vs Harden 1 on 1 - Who you got 1:32 am Fri Jan 4 EDTRemoved

Are we playing with blind refs or we talking real street 1v1 with no bs foul calls? With the current ref rules, I don’t think Kobe can be anywhere within 1 meter from Harden without getting called for a foul... one mean look and it’ll be a technica 1

Lets be real Derrick Rose is not an All-Star starter candidate 10:54 pm Sat Jan 5 EDTRemoved

U just mad ur team (bulls) gave up on D Rose too soon. Man is a real baller 1

Ingram travelled11:47 pm Mon Jan 7 EDTRemoved

Sorry to disappoint u OP, but I’m not back on his bandwagon. Still think he’s not as good as advertised 2

Will an NBA player ever die during a game 11:00 pm Wed Jan 16 EDTRemoved

Not just by disease, but it could realistically happen if somebody had a bad fall and broke their neck or smth like that. 1

If the Thunder offered to give Russell Westbrook for free to any playoff team they d all say no 1:59 am Tue Jan 22 EDTRemoved

Really ? Would the Lakers really do better with Westbrook ? Then you’ll be stuck with Lebron and Westbrook and no room left for any other guys. 2

In a perfect world where every NBA team is healthy and at full strength which team could realistically compete with the Warriors in a 7 game series 2:19 am Thu Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Houston and Wizards #shitstupidfanssayeveryyear 1

Is Steph Curry a better player than Lebron right now 10:17 pm Sat Jan 26 EDTRemoved

He’s been better than Bron for like 5 years now. The rings prove it. Haters hate, bron Stans ride -6

Is Steph Curry a better player than Lebron right now 10:17 pm Sat Jan 26 EDTRemoved

Lol free rings? How are the rings free for Curry when he’s the center piece of the team? You can say that for other players but definitely not Curry 0

Is Steph Curry a better player than Lebron right now 10:17 pm Sat Jan 26 EDTRemoved

Lmao. Check your facts. He already beat Lebron without KD 1

Is Steph Curry a better player than Lebron right now 10:17 pm Sat Jan 26 EDTRemoved

So when Lebron wins, it’s because he’s good and Curry sucks. When he loses, it’s because Lebron didn’t have so and so teammates. Alright then. 1

Potential Lakers lineup feb 8 Rondo Hart LeBron Melo AD10:17 am Mon Jan 28 EDTRemoved

How about rondo Stephenson Lebron Melo and AD? Think hart might be gone too.. he doesn’t fit the vet line up anyway 1

Wouldnt it be smarter for the Lakers NOT to trade for AD 10:41 am Mon Jan 28 EDTRemoved

Lol a lot can change in half a year. Just ask boogie. He was gonna be offered a max 2xx mil deal but boom went his Achilles and now he makin 5mil 1

Can we make something about this 12:34 am Tue Jan 29 EDTRemoved

Thing is nobody outside of maybe spurs fans care. I for one do not want some body to participate in the ALL STARs weekend if they r a nobody . Much rather see the Curry’s, dirk, Buddy, and maybe splash in ingles or somebody who are actually well known 1

What does embiid do better than Anthony Davis on the court What does Davis do better than embiid 12:40 am Wed Jan 30 EDTRemoved

Embiid win games even if he doesn’t put up the crazy empty stats that AD can. 1

Who would you rather have on your team current Giannis or current LeBron 10:33 pm Sat Mar 9 EDTRemoved

Definitely Giannis. Giannis is an MVP caliber player who hasn’t hit his prime yet. Current Lebron is on the decline. We don’t even need to mention the toxic locker room stuff. 2

How did the rockets lose to a team without their best player 1:07 am Thu Mar 14 EDTRemoved

Because their best player was playing? The cancer guy is the one who was sitting. -1

Lakers are done 6:30 am Fri Mar 15 EDTRemoved

Lmao. You’re such a jetty boy. 4

Fun Fact Seasons shooting above 47 in a Lakers uniform LeBron James 1x in 1 season Kobe Bryant 0x in 20 seasons1:11 pm Sat Mar 16 EDTRemoved

What’s with millennials and their fixation on “efficiency”? For Kobe, he was about making tough shots and winning games. Different era anyway, you can’t really compare. Before it was all about having a superstar making tough fade-away mid range sh 1

Kevin Durant single handedly ruined the championship window of every player in the league for years no one since Jordan has done that Why doesnt he get more respect 8:57 pm Wed Mar 20 EDTRemoved

Nephew hour ? Come on man, that’s like saying Scottie Pippen is the reason for closing the championship window of many players.. you gotta understand KD is the Scottie to Curry’s Jordan. Curry has won, and also knocked KD out .. not the other way aro 1

Lebron James is the GOAT12:02 pm Tue Mar 26 EDTRemoved

Why do you feel the need to post this? Like.. what warrants this kind of discussion? Did Lebron do something crazy today? Can you Lebron Stans give it a rest 2

How do Mitchell and Ness jerseys fit 2:38 am Mon Apr 8 EDTRemoved

M&N are much bigger and baggier.. I got a large iverson and I look ridiculous in it... I usually wear large swing man or authentic 2

Donovan Mitchell tonight 19pts on 7 18 shooting 0 assists 5 turnovers12:04 am Mon Apr 15 EDTRemoved

He was never efficient to begin with. He’s overrated just because he challenged Ben Simmons for roty last year -1