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What are you favorite and least favorite court designs 7:45 pm Wed Dec 30 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Ugliest players in the league 10:12 pm Wed Dec 30 EDT 0 ups @ 0.32 Removed

Is Charlotte asleep or something8:34 pm Sun Feb 23 EDT 9 ups @ 0.91 Removed

I was on full Raptors bandwagon12:47 am Tue Jun 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.20 Removed

Whats the best Jeremy Lin jersey to own 12:28 am Mon Aug 3 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

TIL the Lakers are sponsored by Wish an online bargain retailer and not Make-A-Wish Foundation 9:15 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT 4 ups @ 0.83 Removed

Rudy Gobert DPOY 7:47 pm Tue Mar 17 EDT 0 ups @ 0.29 Removed

Does Harden make the Rockets worse 10:13 pm Sun Sep 6 EDT 0 ups @ 0.08 Removed

How does pj tucker get a rebound in the paint over LeBron and ad 10:53 pm Sun Sep 6 EDT 14 ups @ 0.72 Removed

What are the most ask your magic 8 ball questions youve recently seen in new 12:40 am Thu Sep 10 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

How do I apply for the rockets coaching position 3:12 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT 0 ups @ 0.20 Removed

serious why was the clippers performance so poor in the last quarter 8:35 pm Wed Sep 16 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Trade idea Pg to the Rockets 9:08 pm Wed Sep 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.47 Removed

What does your team really need to do this off season and what do you think your front office with ultimately end up doing 11:03 pm Mon Sep 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

How would you rank these players 8:52 pm Tue Sep 22 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Is there an nba sub with only hypotheticals 9:02 pm Mon Sep 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Is Manu Ginobli basically a big Dragic 11:24 pm Fri Oct 2 EDT 2 ups @ 0.57 Removed

Timberwolves Butler practice footage8:27 am Tue Oct 6 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted


Would the Pelicans trade Davis for Lebron 1:59 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTDeleted

Attempting to have stupid "what if" conversations with strangers online. Only works in real life, with your friends and even then its sometimes annoying. 2

Klay Thompson was amazing but lets appreciate the Warriors unselfishness9:47 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTDeleted

Dont all teams do this when someones hot? Thought it would be like general nba gameplan 101 0

How would the first fictional team fare against the healthy Warriors 10:21 pm Mon Dec 7 EDTDeleted

Why not shaq over yao 1

Is this the All NBA Good looking team 11:33 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

Oubre is so hot. Those eyes. Mmmmm. 2

Are deaf players allowed to play in the NBA 11:05 pm Wed Jan 8 EDTDeleted

Ingrams body is elastic and he can reshape any portion of his body at will. 2

Fans are crazy4:02 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTDeleted

Lonzo ball on there. How. How do even Lakers fans vote for him after how hes performed. 0

Which team wins with everyone in their prime A or B 10:12 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTDeleted

C 1

DeMar DeRozan notches his FIRST EVER Career Triple-Double10:14 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTDeleted

Wwe vs nba? 2

Harden goes to the locker room after he suffers an elbow to the hit11:01 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTDeleted

Hell be back, unless they just want to rest him. No way concussion. Just shook. Good to check anyways tho. 1

Anyone watching rockets at warriors game12:45 am Fri Jan 10 EDTDeleted

Golden state warriors 2

Post Game Thread The Boston Celtics 23-15 exterminate the v Dallas Mavericks 18-20 114 - 9310:21 pm Fri Jan 10 EDTDeleted

Booed Powell for the dunk lmao instead of giving the ball to dirk. 3

CMV Referees are the only profession in the world that are not held accountable for their mistakes12:34 am Tue Jan 28 EDTDeleted

Weathermen? 4

Anthony Hamilton8:23 pm Sun Feb 23 EDTDeleted

low bar 1

Is Charlotte asleep or something8:34 pm Sun Feb 23 EDTDeleted

Michael Buffer (born November 2, 1944) is an American ring announcer for boxing and professional wrestling matches. He is known for his trademarked catchphrase, "Lets get ready to rumble!" and for pioneering a distinct announcing style in which he rolls c 1

Was Prime Ben Wallace a glorified role player during 2000s 12:00 am Thu May 7 EDTDeleted

Qhats the point of the nba flairs. How can you be such a big fan of the nba and not to a team 2

Should Philly let Tobias walk and spend the 30M on some quality role players 11:33 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

Hes like a store brand all star 3

Just turned on the TV hoping to watch a great game only to watch another Dell and Sonya Curry 5 minute interview I need me some TNT9:42 pm Thu May 21 EDTDeleted

ESPN is like goodmorning America 2

O Canada8:59 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

O canadaaaa. 8

Toronto fans are classless piece of shit10:43 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

What is wrong with you 1

Nick Nurse is a fucking Moron for calling time out11:43 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

What was the point of that timeout? 3

103-97 Timeout11:34 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTDeleted

Yes. I didnt understand the point of that. Can someone fill me into what his strategy was meant to be ( 5

Are these the top 5 point guards in the league right now 1:18 am Thu Jun 18 EDTDeleted

Woosh 0

If the Warriors lose tonight they lose in the worst way possible7:50 pm Thu Jun 18 EDTDeleted

if Raptors win tonight, theyre essentially evicting the warriors 1

DeMarcus Cousins is the biggest loser out of all of this 12:20 am Fri Jun 19 EDTDeleted

This is the thing Im most happy about this series. Im really sad klay and kd got injured but Im happy tag along cousins didnt get a ring 2

Does Kawhi get hate 7:51 pm Mon Jul 6 EDTDeleted

no. kd got hate because he joined a superteam chasing a ring after failing with kc 1

Which of these big 3s are better 9:26 pm Mon Jul 6 EDTDeleted

what about bron, bosh, wade? 2

Who is your favorite female media personality who are covering NBA 6:08 pm Tue Jul 7 EDTDeleted

sas 6

1994 duck sized Hakeems or one 2000 pound Shaq 8:35 pm Tue Jul 7 EDTDeleted

what is going on 5

Current NBA Tier List10:39 am Fri Jul 10 EDTDeleted

You dont think mavs are in playoff contention? 4

If When Russell Westbrook gets traded to the Miami Heat will the headline be Russell EASTbrook 2:16 pm Tue Jul 14 EDTDeleted

Hes not going to the heat 1

Andre Drummond ends his first game with 32 23 2 with 4 Blocks and 3 Steals9:36 pm Wed Oct 28 EDTDeleted

All downhill from here 1

is AD better than Lebron 9:02 pm Sun Nov 1 EDTDeleted

Yes and no 0

Post Game Thread Los Angeles Lakers 6-1 maintain the lead in the West by defeating Chicago Bulls 2-6 by a score of 118 -112 with a 30 point triple double from LeBron James10:22 pm Tue Nov 10 EDTDeleted

Lakers are the best team to watch as neutral tbh. So fun and likeable. Should be everyones second favorite team other than lakers fans. 9

Are headers allowed in basketball 11:04 pm Mon Dec 28 EDTDeleted

It always boggled my mind (no pun intended) how soccer players hit balls with their head that were kicked by men with the strongest thigh muscles in the world. Shit hurts. 1

Why do some NBA fans have strong negative feelings towards other NBA teams 11:22 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

Tribalism 1

The Lakers finish tonights game against the Pistons with 20 blocks Davis 8 McGee 6 and Howard 5 combine for 19 blocks 12:34 am Mon Jan 6 EDTDeleted

Is that good or bad defense? Good defense because blocks or bad defense for allowing those shots to happen? -49

Sekou Doumbouya is younger than every player currently in the College Basketball Big 1011:43 pm Tue Jan 7 EDTDeleted

I wonder if he will end up being the upraded model or will the original be better 1

the stripes the on jerseys are horrible10:21 pm Thu Jan 9 EDTDeleted

Its a thing black line. You barely even noice it. How does this bother you so much 5

How is Zion supposed to get rhythm playing in 3 minute spurts 10:31 pm Wed Jan 22 EDTDeleted

Its like back seat drivers but worse 4

All-Star starter Pascal Siakam in the first quarter vs the Spurs 25 2 2 on 9 12 shooting 5 7 3PT 4:39 pm Sun Jan 26 EDTDeleted

MIP of ever 2

OC Optimal body shapes BMI for NBA players - thoughts 8:32 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

59 260 51% 5

Andre Drummond at halftime 16 pts 8 rebs 4 ast9:13 pm Mon Feb 3 EDTDeleted

Not enough people care about drummond to hate him 4

Would you rather have Ja Morant or Zion Williamson 10:08 pm Wed Feb 12 EDTDeleted

Injuries though 1

The 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Champion is Derrick Jones Jr of the Miami Heat10:33 pm Sat Feb 15 EDTDeleted

Again 1

Everybody hated on this new All-Star format including myself but this has turned it into a fantastic game10:57 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTDeleted

Particularly kawhi. Looks possessed out there 1

Request recommend Lakers game to watch12:40 am Thu Feb 20 EDTDeleted

Deeeetrrrooiitttt 1

The Houston Rockets just made 14 more 3s in the 1st half than the Golden State Warriors 11:40 pm Thu Feb 20 EDTDeleted

Built to beat the warriors 0

Lets be real here does anyone think Lakers are better than healthy Clippers team 9:01 pm Thu Mar 5 EDTDeleted

They are playing flawlessly so this half 7

Is NCAA worth watching 6:01 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Way more fun than nba imo. 4

I hate you COVID-1911:07 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

And cut your nails if you play pick up games. Please. 1

The Phoenix Suns are the last undefeated team left in the bubble11:37 pm Fri Aug 7 EDTDeleted

Fear the Sun 1

Tobias Harris so far in this series 3 games - 14 PPG on 33 0 739:22 pm Fri Aug 21 EDTDeleted

Opposite of the process 2

How are the on-court logos projected on the broadcasts 9:24 pm Fri Aug 21 EDTDeleted

Wait those arent real? 2

2020 Luka with the 2013 Heat in their primes vs the 2017 Warriors who wins in a 7 game series 8:12 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTDeleted

Why you guys obsessed with hypotheticals Day dreaming kills the dream. 9

Raptors with NBA record 100 bench points 9:11 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTDeleted

Raptors bench deeper than kfcs bottomless bucket 13

What team would most benefit from signing Giannis 9:54 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTDeleted

He goin to the Mavs Theyre in the just need one more piece phase. destination spot for a star free agent right now. 4

The Tragedy of Donovan Mitchell1:38 pm Wed Sep 2 EDTDeleted

Dear diary 4

Is this an acceptable trade 10:41 pm Wed Sep 2 EDTDeleted

Why would denver give up jokic? 1

Kawhi dark horse current best player 10:15 pm Thu Sep 3 EDTDeleted


Rockets in 6 6:13 pm Sat Sep 5 EDTDeleted

Playoff a.d. vs playoff Giannis, who would you rather have on your team? 2

Why do so many basketball players have chicken legs 7:49 pm Mon Sep 7 EDTDeleted

Is the tyson chandler one photoshopped? 9

Eric Paschall vs Pascal Siakam which are you taking 11:11 pm Mon Sep 7 EDTDeleted

Crayola Pastel 3

Paul George Playoff P with 32 4 4 and lockdown defense on Murray helps lead LAC to a big Game 3 win over Denver11:46 pm Mon Sep 7 EDTDeleted

Denver is going to have a very hard time ending the fourth quarter for the rest of this series 1

Boston Sports Tonight12:39 am Tue Sep 8 EDTDeleted

The what now? 3

Do opponents ever try to trash talk Leonard to get under his skin 7:26 pm Tue Sep 8 EDTDeleted

I feel like its the same as trash talking duncan 11

If the Raptors win game 7 vs the Celtics it may the biggest playoff series comeback of all time 11:02 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTDeleted

How is 2016 not bigger lol is this a joke post 1

If Kawhi stayed how many rings could the Raptors have won 11:31 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTDeleted

Jesus christ buy a magic 8 ball 12

Where division would be the easiest to thrive with score in 11:54 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTDeleted

What does it mean???? 3

If Boston plays the Clippers in the Finals the BEAT LA chant is going to feel strange12:28 am Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

Thats why they should move to Seattle. 4

If Boston plays the Clippers in the Finals the BEAT LA chant is going to feel strange12:28 am Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

They can name it Washington Basketball Team 4

If Boston plays the Clippers in the Finals the BEAT LA chant is going to feel strange12:28 am Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

Dont be silly 0

Isnt it still safe to say there is no number 1 guy right now 12:24 am Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

Always has been 14

Time to blow it up 8:48 pm Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

Yes. Theyre very one trick pony. Glass cannon 6

Time to blow it up 8:48 pm Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

The bucks posts are reactionary. The rockets are obviously not working after many years. 1

I realize that the Nuggets hit huge shots at the end of the 3rd to cut down the lead but what did the Nuggets do defensively to get stops 10:03 pm Fri Sep 11 EDTDeleted

Also clips seem to have backed off because of the 16 point lead which gave the nuggets an opportunity to gain momentum. Moral of the story, never let off the gas in the playoffs? 6

Would anyone be interested in re-watching The Last Dance together 10:23 pm Fri Sep 11 EDTDeleted

Im not sure I understand the purpose of this? 3

Since a Lakers vs Clippers WCF series is basically a lock which team do you think is going to win 12:09 am Sun Sep 13 EDTDeleted

Nuggets 75

Rank the most untradeable supermax contract John Wall Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook12:29 am Sun Sep 13 EDTDeleted

Can I copy this for my homework 2

If LeBron wins a title this year its his most impressive playoff run3:08 pm Sun Sep 13 EDTDeleted

Noooo 3

If Nugget win Game 7 the Nuggets will be the first team in NBA history to come back 3-1 twice in the same playoffs3:57 pm Sun Sep 13 EDTDeleted

I dont think kawhis reputation will be affected by this loss much. Jokics rep will go up no matter win or loss 14

Today was the first day without basketball since the bubble started1:12 am Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

Today sucked 3

Jimmy Butler had the most important buckets in both the 4th quarter and OT Whats more impressive is that they both came when the heat were down and wouldve most probably lost if they didnt go in 9:44 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

Bigdickenergy 11

The Miami Heat have so many guys that can make clutch plays9:57 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

Celtics only Tatum and Brown 2

Serious It s time to send the Clippers to Seattle11:29 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

They exist to lose 1

Clippers sub has gone private11:31 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

/u/ClampCity2020 lol come to Seattle 48

Kawhi and Toronto both lost game 7 in the second round 1:18 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

Tastes sweet. 1

Kawhi isnt as good as Steph or LeBron and this series is proof1:34 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

Big gap between lebron and the rest too 4

Congrats to the Nuggets from a Clippers fan2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

See this guys taking it like a champ. 7

How would you rank the Top 10 players of the last decade 8:30 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

Lebron >>>>>>>> everyone else. Dont matter. 0

How do the Nuggets match up against the Lakers 10:15 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

I think jokic will have a tougher time with lakers bigs 9

Are the Nuggets the most popular team in the history of this subreddit 10:21 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

Oh God please dont be annoying nuggets bandwagoners 12

ELI5 What were are the Clippers chemistry problems 10:23 am Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

They barely played together 1

Brad Stevens is a smart basketball coach but he has no grit factor9:47 pm Thu Sep 17 EDTDeleted

And you can notice that heat dont come straight out of the gate with zone. Gives you guys no time to adjust to different playstyles. 3

The Heat are the dogs the media marketed the clippers as10:00 pm Thu Sep 17 EDTDeleted

Whats with kawhis love affair with pg. Doesnt he see pg just brings him down? He should get advice from /r/relationshipadvice 4

Why isn t Mike Malone playing Bol Bol to help Jokic deal with Davis McGee Howard 10:58 pm Fri Sep 18 EDTDeleted

Dwight would literally break his bones 21

It Miami and LA meet in the Finals do you think Spoelstra would have an secrets on LeBron 11:13 pm Fri Sep 18 EDTDeleted

Yes. But its lebron so what are you going to do 12

Crazy stat Goran Dragi is currently the leading scorer on the Heat in these playoffs 10-1 but during the regular season Goran Dragi was only the 6th leading scorer on the Heat 10:44 am Sat Sep 19 EDTDeleted

Who would want playoff p when you could have the playoff D 4

Can we stop asking coaches questions at the start of quarters 9:20 pm Sat Sep 19 EDTDeleted

Hey doc your team is down 20 points in an elimination game after you had a 3-1 lead, what are you gonna do now in the fourth quarter? 1

Is this an accurate list of the current top 10 players in the NBA 11:02 pm Sun Sep 20 EDTDeleted

Your turn tomorroww 2

Clipper Darrell has now switched allegiances by changing his name to Laker Darrell and updating his profile pic as well 9:39 pm Mon Sep 21 EDTDeleted

Who? 1

If all NBA arenas were named after their citys top Fortune 500 company8:26 pm Tue Sep 22 EDTDeleted

The utah jazz one would be sweet lol 3

Jamal Murray green-screen shoes9:35 pm Tue Sep 22 EDTDeleted

Murray vs mitchell battle of the highlighters 1

Why wouldn t the Nuggets be considered as legit contenders next season 11:06 pm Tue Sep 22 EDTDeleted

This season* 3

Rajon Pierre Rondo ties Kobe Bryant for the 9th All Time Playoff Assists with his 1 040th pass 11:15 pm Tue Sep 22 EDTDeleted

Lol Pierre 2

Jamal Murray10:34 pm Thu Sep 24 EDTDeleted

Dear diary 9

is Jamal murray like a more athletic bigger Kyrie with worse handles 10:39 pm Thu Sep 24 EDTDeleted

Why you guys always do this 29

Is the NBA hurting for money 9:35 pm Sun Sep 27 EDTDeleted

Man Im hurting for money 18

With a Lakers-Heat Finals Shaqs teammate streak continues10:05 pm Sun Sep 27 EDTDeleted

Biggest surprise of this season 5

How many of yall actually HOOP 10:35 pm Mon Sep 28 EDTDeleted

I stand by the basket with my hands up like chief in one who flew over the cuckoos nest 2

Static sound during Game 1 of ABCs broadcast of the 2020 NBA Finals9:55 pm Wed Sep 30 EDTDeleted

How are you viewing the game? 1

Whats your favorite commercial thats been continuously airing since the playoffs started 9:53 pm Wed Sep 30 EDTDeleted

I hate the snoop dogg commercials 3

Will AD leave the Lakers if Lebron steals his finals MVP 11:55 pm Wed Sep 30 EDTDeleted

Really gotta write a better script than that 1

Anthony Davis vs Bam Adebayo head to head updated 12:10 am Thu Oct 1 EDTDeleted

One day AD will catch up 2

Goran has torn foot12:15 am Thu Oct 1 EDTDeleted

Just duct tape it back together 1

2020 Lakers versus 2019 Raptors12:05 am Thu Oct 1 EDTDeleted

/r/nba should all buy magic 8 balls to answer their stupid hypotheticals 2

It s okay that Lebron isn t the best in the world anymore8:09 am Fri Oct 2 EDTDeleted

No one remembers ad on the pelicans apparently 6

Jimmy Butler is the first player with a 40-point Finals game without attempting a three since Shaquille ONeal in 2002 10:23 pm Sun Oct 4 EDTDeleted

67 shaq 1

Jimmy Butler is the first player to outscore outrebound and out-assist LeBron James in a Finals game including LeBrons teammates 10:49 pm Sun Oct 4 EDTDeleted

What happened this game? Lakers were set up to win. Especially considering bam and Dragic being out 2

Why are people putting this butler performance against players that did it on the road with crazy fans yelling at them And depth perception11:01 pm Sun Oct 4 EDTDeleted

This was a heat home game. Butler would have scored more with fans 5

Did Lebron walk off the court early to put the media attention on him and off of AD for his poor performance in Game 3 12:03 pm Mon Oct 5 EDTDeleted

Isnt it weird? Everything is a narrative, a conspiracy, underlying reasons, etc. People overanalyzing everything. Not just basketball, its scary when you put it in perspective how much mental gymnastics and effort people put into things. Crazy theories 5

You have been pronouncing Zion Williamson s name wrong he whole time11:59 pm Mon Oct 19 EDTDeleted

Maybe the Z is silent 1