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Now that the Heat have Beal and Butler what seed do you think they end up with 12:27 am Wed Jul 15 EDT

Wait what 2

We get mad about shut up and dribble but 3:17 pm Wed Jul 22 EDT

1. Cortez is an idiot. 2. This has nothing to do with basketball. -2

My top 8 rankings for each NBA conference 6:46 pm Fri Jul 24 EDT

Spurs > kings, otherwise looks about right. 1

Would Kevin Durant actually commit suicide if the hate towards him goes way too far 7:54 pm Mon Aug 3 EDT

Why even go there bro wtf thats messed up. 2

Lebron has beaten better players in the NBA Finals than Michael Jordan5:01 pm Sat Aug 15 EDT

Who do you think isnt a lock to make it? Kawhi? Hell get there. All others seem obvious locks. 2

Russell Westbrook played every game for the first 5 seasons of his career a total of 394 consecutive games The longest active streak right now is 300 Joe Ingles 11:19 pm Sat Aug 15 EDT

Submission? Like some MMA shit? 7

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDT

And then Duncan proceeded to dominate Kg for the rest of their careers. 12

Whos getting tribute videos next season 10:25 pm Fri Aug 21 EDT

Tony Parker for his jersey retirement? 3

Do you think Golden State Warriors 3 Championships dont have any value 7:11 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

Very much dislike them but no thats ridiculous. Gotta respect champions. They owned a loaded western conference for half a decade man... tf you on? 12

1st year fan8:36 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

Miami will be fun. Theyre a well run organization. Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra are excellent. Those Miami Vice jerseys are my favorite in the league. 3

What does Giannis need to break the top 10 of all time8:17 pm Fri Aug 28 EDT

Okay Ayesha we get it your husband can ball. 2

Revised top 10 players ever1:46 pm Tue Sep 1 EDT

Delete your account. 2

If San Antonio looks out of the playoff picture by the trade deadline for some reason does this trade seem reasonable 2:06 pm Tue Sep 1 EDT

They wont be out of the picture so no. 2

Will Suns be a playoff contending threat 10:03 pm Fri Sep 4 EDT

Not happening. Maybe next year! 1

New 1960s and 1970s NBA Footage5:03 pm Wed Sep 9 EDT

What are you looking for? Subscribers? Money to dgitize the film? 1

What are some controversial opinions that you hold1:37 pm Thu Jan 9 EDT

Beat catch and shoot guy ever, but best scorer? Nope. 5