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Blake Griffin has a new career high 50 points10:00 pm Tue Oct 27 EDT

Just hypothetical, but I think Simmons could have held Blake under 50. Then again, anything better than what Dario did today would be great. 0

Post Game Thread The Philadelphia Sixers 17-8 defeat the Memphis Grizzlies 13-9 8:32 pm Sun Dec 6 EDT

wrong box score my dude 1

Russell Westbrook gets very niggardly late in the 4th quarter1:49 am Thu Jan 23 EDT

dude google it, prob not the best choice of words but its not what you think it is 0

Post-Game Thread The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 130-125 behind 40 15 6 from Embiid and despite 52 16 7 from Giannis6:05 pm Sun Mar 22 EDT

Brogdon: You fucking need me 3

Post Game Thread The Toronto Raptors gnash down on the Philadelphia 76ers taking a 1-0 series lead10:05 pm Sat May 2 EDT

Simmons needs to yam it on everyone shorter than him. Tobias and Jimmy need to be more decisive. IDK what to do about Gasol v Embiid, but hopefully well figure it out. Probably cut down on Embiid post ups and run more DHO with Redick, those were effective 1

Quick check up How has this 30min of Free Agency been for you 6:37 pm Sun Jul 5 EDT

worst day ever 1

2nd Option Kemba Klay Draymond Westbrook Butler or Kyrie 11:51 pm Sat Sep 12 EDT

Klay is the perfect side kick (not a knock on him). 1

Post Game Thread Philadelphia 76ers 34-21 defeat Los Angeles Clippers 37-17 by 110 - 103 with 26 points triple double from Ben Simmons9:34 pm Tue Feb 11 EDT

Kawhi and Shamet* 6