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LeBron s offense vs Clippers5:28 am Fri Jul 31 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Is Lucas Dongitch the GOAT 10:54 pm Sat Aug 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.36 Removed


NBA should reopen the league now 2:51 am Sun Apr 12 EDTRemoved

Neph go back to eating out your sister 3

Lebron is 0-9 in the finals4:39 am Tue May 26 EDTRemoved

Meanwhile the Astros... 1

One great thing about Corona happening 10:44 am Tue Jun 9 EDTRemoved

Easy to say for a team who isn’t expected to have any award winners. What about the players from teams who are expected to win an award? I’m sure they’d like to have one 0

One great thing about Corona happening 10:44 am Tue Jun 9 EDTRemoved

Schroder seems to be the consensus among this sub 1

Its clear that CP3 and other elite players spoke unfairly without input from other players2:13 pm Fri Jun 12 EDTRemoved

The irony of it all is that by the players voting against cap smoothing it screwing the banana boat and other superstars out of a competitive league 0

Strauss You know how some agents and GMs all of a sudden they get around black guys and they get into the vernacular One of the things he learned when we used to be in the offices at SFX and Rob Pelinka would be on the phone going Yo wassup dawg 12:25 pm Sun Jun 14 EDTRemoved

Lmfaooooo did LeBron and pelinka hire you as their PR person? I hope you are getting paid at least -1

No circle jerk I just really dislike Kyrie Irving1:58 pm Sun Jun 14 EDTRemoved

Dude really ditched supporting his team in the 2018 playoffs to go get a nose job 3

Who has been better this year Fred Vanvleet or Jamal Murray It s closer then you think 2:11 pm Sun Jun 14 EDTRemoved

You already knew the answer going into this post as you even answered it yourself and said “it’s closer then you think” just to make it seem like you weren’t being biased lol 10

Who has the coolest chick in the NBA2:19 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTRemoved

“Imma get downvoted” is just a lame excuse to say something stupid -3

No hate but why are Celtics fans so insecure about their young players 5:20 pm Thu Jun 18 EDTRemoved

Your fan base is 10x worse than any when it comes to this 14

How would you feel if you found out your girlfriend cheated on you with your favorite NBA player 6:15 pm Fri Jul 3 EDTRemoved

You’re telling me Raymond Felton isn’t your favourite NBA player?! The disrespect! 5

Ugly Anna I already got invited to the bubble Yea the season is definitely ending early 3:46 pm Sun Jul 12 EDTRemoved

Not to mention the fact that she’s also a Lakers fan lol this is such obvious bait 5

NBA is back I want to watch it in full screen I don t want to see commentators 5:44 pm Wed Jul 22 EDTRemoved

I guarantee you these people nitpicking every detail so far are the same people who didn’t even want the NBA to come back in the first place 1

Coming into possession of Lebron s Gold Coins Possibly 5:52 pm Sat Jul 25 EDTRemoved

Is this a LeBron toenails in a Minneapolis hotel parody? 1

Has anyone here actually been to magic city 10:12 pm Mon Jul 27 EDTRemoved

Hawks fans wya 2

the nba standings in the west are wild11:18 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTRemoved

The real question is if the rockets even want the 3 seed? Maybe they want to avoid the clippers in the second round. Will the Lakers lose the next game on purpose to ensure the rockets are the 3 seed and make sure they’re the clippers problem to deal wi 6

James Harden is 1 steal away from leading the league in steals12:10 am Mon Aug 3 EDTRemoved

lolwut literally almost no one says that everytime I’m on social it’s usually either j cole or Kendrick, drake gets clowned on a lot 0

Basketball match5:12 pm Mon Aug 3 EDTRemoved

I’m sure he cares about his 1 post karma account getting banned 1

Which nba fanbase would produce the most scrappy sneaky athletic gym rats 11:53 pm Mon Aug 3 EDTRemoved

Knicks or Nets, that place is hoop city 4

MPJ Nickname12:36 am Tue Aug 4 EDTRemoved

Ant Vax seems fitting 1

How do you find out if a team has tiebreakers against another team if they currently arent tied in the standing7:06 pm Tue Aug 4 EDTRemoved

Then it comes down to tie-breakers, the first one being division record of each team, which Houston has the advantage on so therefore they win the tie-breaker in the event that they and the Clippers end up with the same record 2

Rockets win tonight now gives them the best record against teams above 50012:06 am Fri Aug 7 EDTRemoved

Lakers just regular season champs they ain’t winning shit 2

Bol Bol roughly translates to Talk Talk in Hindi7:32 pm Fri Aug 7 EDTRemoved

menu aundi aa 1