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Is LaMelo Ball the 3rd best player under 25 4:55 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT

if the list is based on potential (which it was) LaMelo at 3 wasn’t even the most egregious listing... how tf was Donovan Mitchell 4th 0

So how does embiid get so many free throws compared to jokic 10:32 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT

Embiid’s on the ground every other play 9

Does Lebron playing against TikTokers and Twitch streamers diminish his accomplishments 2:34 am Wed Apr 7 EDT

yes he should have played against the pornstars and WWE wrestlers of the 90s 3

r NBA experts how would you rank Giannis AD Jokic amp Embiid 7:31 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT

r/NBA how would you rank Rodrigue Beaubois, Bruno Caboclo, and Josh McRoberts? 1

Every game tonight was decided by 15 points or more12:23 am Sun Apr 11 EDT

the games were terrible tonight outside of the Jazz game the product really has not been great this year 1

Injuries have made this season a lot less fun for everyone1:40 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

while this is true the overreactions on twitter are crazy “someone must pay for Jamal’s injury” what 1

If youre the Mavericks or Blazers wouldnt you rather go to the play-in as the 7th or 8th seed so you play the Jazz or Suns instead of the Clippers round 1 12:53 pm Fri Apr 23 EDT

if KP comes back healthy the Mavs could beat the Clippers... the Mavs have proven they can beat anybody but also lose to anybody so get me out of the play in immediately 2

Who is the next John Henson or Ronny Turiaf id Jordan Hill 4:34 am Sun Apr 25 EDT

what a strange strange group of players 3

Damian Lillard hasn t shot over 40 since a Twitter user asked him to get the Blazers to 42 wins or he loses his house6:41 pm Sun Apr 25 EDT

how could Terry Stotts do this 0

The East next year is looking like an all time great conference9:35 pm Mon May 10 EDT

all time great? lol 1