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When can we expect an apology from Russell Westbrook and Billy Donovan to Melo 10:19 pm Fri Nov 8 EDT

before tonight he was averaging 13 ppg on 48% TS 2

Why is Raymond Brothers being referred to as Fultz s attorney by the media while he s just doing his job as an agent 6:53 pm Tue Dec 10 EDT

One is his agent, the other is his lawyer. 2

What is the most a player has made off of only free throws 7:42 pm Tue Dec 10 EDT

Yall gotta learn to work basketball reference, would really save you time 13

Would it be crazy to say Luka Doncic is as good or BETTER than Ben Simmons right now 12:11 pm Sun Dec 15 EDT

Ben Simmons is much better. I wouldnt trust Simmons to take a shit and hit water but hes still one of the best playmakers in the NBA *without* the J. 7

Why does Doncic not get the hate that Harden does 8:40 pm Sun Dec 22 EDT

I will fight you 1

Doncic Vs Fox 10:08 pm Sun Dec 22 EDT

Thats odd, I dont see any highlights of Luka cooking Fox on r/nba. 7

For some reason people think Lebron was better than Kobe from 2008-2010 10:37 pm Mon Dec 23 EDT

I remember people didnt start taking Lebron over Kobe until the year after he won MVP (so 09-10 season). Mostly because he started cleaning up gaps in his play like post offense, offball movement on offense, jump-shooting, etc. His postseason play put all 2

What players would the Mavs include in a package for AD 4:19 pm Sat Jan 4 EDT

This is a good troll because nobody is this stupid. 0

The New York Knicks have scored 34 points at HALFTIME against Utah9:06 pm Sat Jan 4 EDT

37 is the second largest point differential of the season by any team in the first half, Warriors dropping 92 on Chicago is first (+42) 4

Rudy Gobert Finishes The First Quarter With 16 Points and 6 Rebounds 6 7 From The Field And 4 4 From The Free Throw Line 8:34 pm Sat Jan 4 EDT

Kanter is also getting cooked, this game is already over 3

The Utah are currently beating the New York Knicks by double their score 9:20 pm Sat Jan 4 EDT

Fans already leaving, garbage time already started, etc. 1

Is Luka Doncic the closest we ve come to see a real life MyCareer mode 11:55 pm Fri Jan 11 EDT

Wilt probably comes closest since he won two out of three (the first two) as a rookie. 6

What can Boston do financially to change this team 10:34 pm Mon Jan 14 EDT

Blow it up 8

Wont all records now be broken because of the shot clock rule change 10:56 pm Tue Jan 15 EDT

pace, space and the 3 ball will have a bigger effect 1

Where would you rank Dwyane Wade all time 9:20 pm Wed Jan 16 EDT

Somewhere between Chris bosh and Lebron James. 1

James Harden is shooting 1 9 on 3s halfway through the 3rd 9:35 pm Wed Jan 16 EDT

Not really much to think about except any regular person goes 1/9 from 3 and they dont have 23 points. 1

People are forgetting that boogie was the best center in the league before injury2:42 am Sat Jan 19 EDT

Why do people keep saying forgetting like we didnt bitch when he signed with GSW 1

The West Literally has the 5 best players in the world right now 1:09 pm Thu Jan 24 EDT

removed is when the mods do it, deleted is when the op does it 1

Lebron actually had a stacked team in 20161:20 pm Thu Jan 24 EDT

2016 team was good, Warriors were still better. Hell even the 2017 team was one of the greatest postseason offenses in NBA history and lost in 5 games. 0

Please dont over react about the Porzingis thing its not as big a deal as BR amp ESPN are making it out to be 2:12 pm Thu Jan 31 EDT

Its probably more concerning that the Knicks are actually considering trading KP and the pick for AD who seems disinterested in anywhere but LA and would leave them devoid of any options but to sign free agents in one summer to make a title run, a concept 0

Knicks fans are upset about KP but what did he really do for us 9:22 pm Thu Jan 31 EDT

Porzingis definitely had tons of red flags but the potential was always the upside that made us overrate him as Knick fans. 1

Which NBA conspiracy do you believe 11:41 pm Tue Feb 5 EDT

I believe the 2013 Lakers conspiracy. Mostly because the officiating leaned so heavily on the Lakers in that run its just not possible that it was just incompetence. No way can so many officials be so bad at their job in a specific span such as that. 6

CMV LeBron is the worst Laker superstar in history Kobe is the greatest2:22 am Wed Feb 6 EDT

Kobe got blown out by 48 playing 30 minutes and had 5 points against the Jazz. 10

Dear ESPN It s 1st Round Picks not No 1 First Round Picks 10:11 pm Wed Feb 6 EDT

A lot of people say number one pick when referring to first round picks. 1

Dennis Smith Jr has 21 Points 3 Assists and 1 Rebound in 17 Minutes vs The PIstons 8:31 pm Fri Feb 8 EDT

Hes the only one that can actually put the ball in the hoop the past few games. 1

Carmelo Anthony Admits Westbrook actively chasing rebounds for triple doubles 11:27 am Thu Feb 14 EDT

Who cares, theyre in the playoffs arent they? 2

Serious Do you guys think that the NBA is turning into a white man s sport 5:24 pm Sat Feb 16 EDT

NBA is not a sport, its a sports league 1

Team US vs Team Europe in like 3 years Wholl be better 7:03 pm Sat Feb 16 EDT

massive dropoff after giannis, that dropoff wont exist on team usa -2

Serious Isnt it weird KD is the face of disloyalty when Lebron has changed teams 3 times 12:50 pm Tue Feb 19 EDT

Honestly, it didnt cool off until we got another villain to root against and he beat them. 2

GAME THREAD Houston Rockets 33-24 Los Angeles Lakers 28-29 - February 21 2019 10:35 pm Thu Feb 21 EDT

Who is that with the acme anvil hairdo? 2

OKC gave up a first round pick for Dennis Schroder10:49 pm Sat Mar 2 EDT

I was confused at this thread like "And?". Didnt even know he was struggling, every other OKC game I watch hes a great spark off the bench. 2

Ben simmons is a choker11:12 pm Sat Mar 2 EDT

Hes not a choker but youre right about him not having a J hurting the team. At the same time, there were like 5 things wrong in that game before you even get to that. 1

Would the Lakers even make the playoffs if LeBron was healthy the entire season 11:37 pm Sat Mar 2 EDT

I mean 24-21 would be just about 44 games, which is what everyone predicts will take to get into the playoffs this year. 2

Would the Lakers even make the playoffs if LeBron was healthy the entire season 11:37 pm Sat Mar 2 EDT

Hey, I dont know how 538 got the number. I just know what it is. 1

Who would win a 1v1 Jordan or Durant 12:50 am Sat Mar 9 EDT

KD has 4 inches and 45 pounds on MJ, hed cook him. 0

Who would win a 1v1 Jordan or Durant 12:50 am Sat Mar 9 EDT

He ended up about 220 by the time he got to Washington so maybe he was a little more toward 210-215 in even his second threepeat. Thatd sorta be undersized in todays NBA I mean Derozans about 220-225 right now. 1

Thunder dominate Pacers at half time PG already 20 points and Russ close to a triple-double 8:19 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT

I wouldnt even consider up 25 at the half dominating at this point, weve had 8 games where teams lost with a 25+ lead at halftime and plenty more who won close. 1

Should Patrick McCaws Jersey be retired in Golden State9:59 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT

They can hang it in the rafters as long as they leave it there when they move. 4

Lebrons 27 8 8 statline is misleading10:01 pm Thu Mar 14 EDT

If you go by per 100, his rebounds are the same, his assists are down 1.6 and his points are down .5. Not much difference. 3

Lakers vs Knicks 11:29 am Sun Mar 17 EDT

Is Lebron playing? He hasnt lost in MSG in like 5 years -1

DeAndre Jordan screaming Y all can t let this motherfucker flop every fucking time during last nights game 7:49 am Fri Mar 29 EDT

Mics were spicy last night. Dennis smith Jr. shot a 3 later on in the game and someone on the Raptors bench said "that motherfucker cant shoot and you could hear it on the broadcast. There were some other things you could hear too, it was entertaining. 16

DeAndre Jordan screaming Y all can t let this motherfucker flop every fucking time during last nights game 7:49 am Fri Mar 29 EDT

Knicks broadcast. Also caught fizdale saying thats fucking bullshit when Mitchell Robinson got the tech at the end. 1

With all of the resting and teams deliberately putting placers Out towards the end of season its time to look at shortening the season 2:17 pm Sun Mar 31 EDT

NBA making less money due to less games played is not in their best interests. This is in the best interests of the players. 2

KD comments get a life to Michael Rapaport under AB post taking shots at JuJu Smith-Schuster on instagram2:26 pm Mon Apr 8 EDT

Rapaports secondary job is antagonizing people on the internet to get them to put his name in their mouth so he can promote shit like his podcast and TV show, so hes living his life. 10

After the Spurs sweep the Nuggets how will they fare against the winner of OKC Portland 9:44 pm Tue Apr 16 EDT

Nugs might get one in San Antonio 2

Did Lillard use Harden s double-stepback on that gamewinner 1:09 am Wed Apr 24 EDT

yo who cares, motherfucker hit a stepback from 37 feet to end a playoff series 1

Anyone have video of the Sixers fans singing at the end of the game 1:15 am Wed Apr 24 EDT

I dont think anyone watched that game so, probably not. -1

Did anyone have the same reaction to this shot as you did with Currys half court game winner shot against OKC in 2016 1:17 am Wed Apr 24 EDT

I thought this was more hype, it was at home and they made an amazing comeback to close out a series and lilliard steps back from farther out. 1

Holy SH T is the East more intriguing then the West this year I like a Lebronless East I ll be looking forward to ALL these games 2:34 am Wed Apr 24 EDT

I mean, had Lebron stayed in the east its not like these teams wouldnt be here, if anything we probably would have gotten a good first round series out of it. 1

Was This The First 50-Point Walk-Off Shot In A Game 7 9:37 am Wed Apr 24 EDT

Damn son what did you smoke 1

How do people root for bullshit floppers like Harden and Paul 4:35 am Mon Apr 29 EDT

Same way people rooted for Lebron when he was falling all over the place on the Heat and when Ginobili was flailing all over the place on the Spurs. I remember I used to have a gif from the 2012 NBA finals where two players ran into each other and simulta 3

What would happen to Enes Kanter if the Raptors and Trailblazers met in the finals 10:59 pm Thu May 2 EDT

Kanter dies just like everyone else in the Armageddon that the Blazers and Raptors both actually getting to the finals would bring. 1

Can anybody with knowledge about capspace stuff answer me Can the Warriors signs the max with Kawhi Leonard this summer when KDs gone then go over the cap to re-sign Klay 10:51 pm Thu May 2 EDT

Pretty sure Warriors cant sign anybody but vet mins, maybe a MLE guy and whoever they got bird rights on 1

Pic request James Hardens blood red eyes11:21 pm Sat May 4 EDT

He said during the interview that he can see now but man it looks ugly. 1

Whats been the best series through the first 3 games so far 12:59 am Sun May 5 EDT

Blazers Nuggets then Rockets Warriors 1

In a inbound does the backcourt violation apply 1:23 am Sun May 5 EDT

You can inbound into the backcourt in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. 3

Jokic is going to be the best all time center not Embiid1:16 am Wed May 8 EDT

I wouldnt put either over Dwight Howard at this point and people out here talking about being an all time great center, its too early and there arent anywhere near enough accolades. -1

Statistically speaking is Kawhi Leonard really more clutch than Kobe 1:13 am Wed May 8 EDT

Natural evolution of the game dictates that players in this era will be overall twice as talented as players in the last generation so no, I would not be shocked if Kawhi statistically was better than Kobe. There *are* going to be players more talented or 1

Giannis will rule the NBA because true Power Fowards have gone extinct 1:36 pm Fri May 10 EDT

Teams have been trying to builds lineups with length for like 5 years, you dont even need the Bucks to win for people to be into that. But, its a shooters league and length+shooting is hard to come by. 2

What are the odds that Chris Paul goes off in today s matchup 3:26 pm Fri May 10 EDT

Chris Pauls days of going off are over but he might be able to reach into a bag for a vintage performance. 1

If you want to be a Top 3 SG of all time there is no excuse for not willing your team to a very winnable game12:02 am Sat May 11 EDT

Agreed, James Harden should have scored on all the double teams 25 feet out and dropped 40 points in the fourth quarter. 2

The warriors are like the protagonist in a superhero movie always coming out on top12:14 am Sat May 11 EDT

Im glad Im not the only one who thought the white walkers should have won. 1

Why does Steph Curry have haters but Dirk Nowitzki doesnt 9:58 am Sat May 11 EDT

Dirk hasnt won anything in 8 years. Most of the people in here dont even remember the year 2011 let alone basketball in 2011. 2

Since 2000 only two teams in the west have not made the Conference Finals the Clippers and New Orleans What do they have in common Chris Paul 4:02 pm Sat May 11 EDT

He hasnt been on either team in a while and theyre still not close to a conference finals team. 2

Daryl Moron4:35 pm Sat May 11 EDT

I think they were better offensively, better chemistry and James Harden was a better offensive weapon. But, they were nowhere close to what they were on defense. The numbers say that (17th in DRTG!) , the eye test said that, it was obvious there. 3

Why are Knicks fans so mad Barrett and Reddish are good players 10:27 pm Tue May 14 EDT

After what happened to the Suns and Bulls, Im grateful. The new NBA lottery is a bloodbath. 1

Is not entering the draft and signing after a viable option for Zion 11:24 am Thu May 16 EDT

I mean, considering most regular NBA fans on draft lottery day were saying the team theyd want zion to be on the least was the knicks, probably. So theyd bitch about the Knicks winning, it being rigged, the Knicks possibly keeping him and wasting his tale 1

If Steph Klay played average in Game3 they sweep Houston and KD does not get injured 2:03 pm Fri May 17 EDT

I dunno about sweep but Ive been saying for days now that the splash brothers shooting 35% from the floor isnt an ideal 2-2 series for Houston. They had a lot of good looks too and just didnt hit. It was ominous and so not surprising when they lost. 1

A little ironic the Warriors 3 homegrown stars are showing out12:25 am Sun May 19 EDT

No they dont, people already knew they were good before they signed KD, they won 73 games and 67 before that. 2

Who do you think was better Peak Dwyane Wade or Peak Kobe Bryant 2:47 pm Tue Jun 4 EDT

There was a question, otherwise how are you giving an answer? 1

Why aren t we hearing anything about Steph s gravity and how much it makes other people better today 12:01 am Thu Jun 6 EDT

Theres less talent on the floor so for most of the game they put a single body on Curry, let him eat and everybody kept their man. Normally they double him on and offball. 1

Was Nurse wise to focus his defense on everyone but Steph 12:11 am Thu Jun 6 EDT

Yes but I see a lot of people saying Curry was doubled all game. Im not sure what these people were watching, they pretty much had Danny Green or FVV on Curry and he almost always beat them off the dribble and ended up either taking floaters or 3s. 1

LeBron James in his 3 losses to the Warriors in the Finals 34 6 11 6 9 5 1 5 16:32 pm Fri Jun 7 EDT

Only person who comes close to shooting like that off the top of my head was Kobe in his last season shooting 46% TS. 4

How is Dell Demps making all these leaks if he works for neither team 4:56 pm Wed Jun 12 EDT

Sounds like youve been bamboozled into thinking only one person talks to the media instead of almost all of them. 1

Can anyone else not see comments on posts 5:07 pm Wed Jun 12 EDT

there doesnt seem to be anything here 2

How do we feel about Raptors winning despite Warriors being handicapped 11:02 pm Thu Jun 13 EDT

Id say the Raptors might be lucky. Game 6 down 2 with the Warriors as injured as they are, this series would have been won by golden state long time ago if they were healthy. 1

Alan Hahn Thinks that The Lakers Will Sign Carmelo Anthony6:48 pm Sat Jun 15 EDT

He should go to a contender on a vet minimum and play whatever role they need, swallow that pride those days are over 2

The top 2 picks in the 2017 nba draft are no longer with the team that drafted them1:23 pm Sun Jun 16 EDT

Only 4 of the top 10 picks in 2016 are still with their original team. The NBA is a cold place. 1

The Lakers lost all the small details in the AD trade and will be paying for it for years -- starting now1:54 pm Sun Jun 16 EDT

Mortgaging your future has been the requirement of any big FA trade ever. You never hear the teams who win cry about it. 3

who is having a worse offseason so far the Knicks or the Celtics 11:28 pm Tue Jun 18 EDT

So what youre saying is both teams arent good and nobody is going to either team but boston is the team who is actually having players walk out on them in FA 1

who is having a worse offseason so far the Knicks or the Celtics 11:28 pm Tue Jun 18 EDT

Boston being better than the Knicks does nothing for them in this offseason though 1

Twitter Journalism and Sources Say coverage is getting stupid 11:03 am Wed Jun 19 EDT

Its always been like that, were just taking it in faster because of social media. Sources will say whatever the fuck they can to help themselves. 1

Would it hurt Knicks fans more if KD and and Kyrie went to Brooklyn than elsewhere Would it hurt Lakers fans more if Kawhi went to the clippers than say staying in Toronto How much more would it hurt 6:15 pm Fri Jun 21 EDT

I have friends whos kids are starting school this year who werent alive the last time the Knicks were in the playoffs. I think Ill be fine. 1

Dennis Rodman is a moron the warriors would have a field day against the 95-96 Chicago Bulls 1:08 pm Sat Jun 22 EDT

The Warriors couldnt even beat the Raptors 1

OC Grading the NBA Media by the votes for the different awards12:15 pm Wed Jun 26 EDT

Dave McMenamin really thought Derrick rose deserved MIP because he played like dogshit the year before? 3

Why does LeBron have so many haters 12:17 pm Wed Jun 26 EDT

Hes been the best player in the NBA for ten years. 0

February 14th 2019 Deveney Celtics believe Rich Paul planted the story about Kyrie Leaving5:46 pm Wed Jul 17 EDT

Its the NBA, if you dont slit someones throat, someone will do it to you. 1

Serious Do you now or maybe have always hold Tom Brady in higher moral regard than LeBron James due to Bradys mostly consistently quiet stance on political social issues vs LeBrons more public advocacy and philanthropy but current silence 12:49 pm Thu Oct 10 EDT

Lebron doesnt kiss his kids on the mouth like theyre cartoonishly trapped underwater and need just a bit of oxygen to hold on. 1