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If Kawhi stays East is he the favorite to be an All Star Captain 12:40 pm Sun Jun 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted


Fisher Mark Cuban tells 105 3 The Fan that this is Dirk Nowitzki s final season He ll work in community relations role with kids and underprivileged He can do whatever he wants Hes earned it 4:31 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTDeleted

Not European enough. 2

What jersey number would you pick and why 7:54 am Mon May 11 EDTDeleted

*Draymond 1

Video Request Embiid Looking at the Stat sheet10:22 pm Tue May 12 EDTDeleted

Me check my finals result 1

Lebron dropping 51-8-8 in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals10:18 pm Fri May 29 EDTDeleted

Thats a game, not a playoff run 8

GAME THREAD Toronto Raptors 58-24 Golden State Warriors 57-25 - June 07 2019 7:59 pm Fri Jun 12 EDTDeleted

I just hope both teams have fun 3

NBA Finals Game 6 halftime discussion thread10:14 pm Thu Jun 18 EDTDeleted

No Jabbawockeez 3

Who s most likely to drop 50 points next season first 1:07 pm Sun Jun 28 EDTDeleted

Harden easily 13

NBC Sports Klay Thompson could be interested in Clippers if Warriors don t max him What s the chance the Warriors don t max him and how does his affect how they approach Kevin Durant s free agency 9:49 am Wed Jul 1 EDTDeleted

But what if Lakers dont re-sign AD next summer and he joins the Clippers? 10

The recent leak debacle is a great lesson in clout chasing9:57 pm Mon Jul 6 EDTDeleted

He put his initial in his username lmao 3

Grayson Allen embarrassingly thrown out of NBA Summer League game12:09 am Fri Jul 17 EDTDeleted

Man thinks hes Luis Suarez 3

Tim Duncans mother died one day before he turned 14 During a playoff game in 1999 Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Duncan Happy Mother s Day Mother as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw6:47 pm Mon Aug 17 EDTDeleted

Tbf nothing the Wolves did during KG era worked. 8

Happy Kyrie Irving Day 8:55 am Thu Aug 27 EDTDeleted

New album from Madlib and Freddie Gibbs /s -1

The 2004 US World Cup Team had AI Starbury Melo Stoudemire Wade LeBron and Tim Duncan and lost three games 2019 team is lead by Kemba Walker Donovan Mitchell and Khris Middleton 3:20 am Thu Sep 10 EDTDeleted

Marbury is basically a basketball cult leader in China. Dude got ego for the whole squad 3

Hypothetically had LeBron gone to a team with an already established face of the franchise does he automatically take over that role 9:07 pm Mon Nov 16 EDTDeleted

He went to the Heat, with Wade. 26

James Harden is currently on pace to end up with the most win shares in a single season since Lebron James in the 2008-0911:10 am Sun Jan 3 EDTDeleted

And another WCF exit 0

Post-Game Thread The Toronto Raptors 40-14 extend their win streak to 15 after defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves 16-36 137-12610:12 pm Mon Feb 10 EDTDeleted

That cause they dont wear sundress at this time in Toronto 37

OC Kawhi Leonards story is actually the plot of Disney Pixars Cars franchise3:09 pm Tue Feb 11 EDTDeleted

Kyle Lowry is Mater? 8

If Kawhi manages to get 15 threes this game will this count as beating Klay Thompsons record10:06 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTDeleted

No 5

Post Game Thread The Dallas Mavericks 40-27 defeat the Denver Nuggets 43-22 113-97 in each teams final game for the foreseeable future10:27 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Did Boban really just drop 31/17? 2

Post Game Thread The Miami Heat defeat the Boston Celtics in overtime score to take a 1-0 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals 9:27 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

God 2