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The Raptors have successfully completed the Canadian Sweep 12:19 am Sun May 31 EDT

thats crazy fired the coach of the year and traded away your best player. Leads to NBA final the next year congrats lol. 8

My message to OKC complaining about Running it back 3:05 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

So pretty much like every team in the NBA -2

The most dangerous team in the NBA that everyone has forgotten about 2:01 pm Sat Jul 11 EDT

Hate to say it. Clippers>Lakers>GS on paper pg, Leonard, and Beverly/Harrell that defense and floor spacing is pretty much insane and upgraded version of Toronto championship team. I dont think any team will have the offense and defense to match th 1

Post Game Thread Los Angeles Clippers 31-13 beat the Dallas Mavericks 27-16 in a 110-107 thriller with Kawhi Leonard leading the way with 36 points 11 rebounds 3 steals 2 blocks11:03 pm Tue Jan 21 EDT

its only his 2nd year hes not even in his prime yet! Watch out 2

Who would you build a franchise around Doncic or Kat 2:26 am Thu Feb 6 EDT

Luka 2

How well would Pippen be able to defend MJ and LeBron 1:45 am Tue Sep 1 EDT

just go watch how he defend Kobe and Magic. Thats as close of an answer as you can get 1

Congrats to the Nuggets from a Clippers fan2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDT

Lol I just remembered Chuck curse damn he fucked you guys over 2

Congrats to the Nuggets from a Clippers fan2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDT

I hope he doesnt say that shit to us because he has some real mojo man. happen 3x now with blazer, Utah and Clippers. Im a believer 1

In 2018 a rookie Ben Simmons led the Sixers to a gentlemans sweep over a Heat team trapped in mediocrity with virtually no cap space Two years later Miami are in the NBA Finals and Philly were swept in the 1st round and have arguably two of the worst c6:37 am Mon Sep 28 EDT

Lol they chose harris and horford over butler priceless 76ers would have been in the finals right now instead of Miami. 76ers with embiid, butler and healthy ben Simmons would have been a nightmare for lakers 3