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Which player would be better 5:02 am Sat Mar 14 EDT

Simmons with Steph’s jumpshot. Curry won two MVPs mostly due to his historic shooting. Giving him Ben’s body and altheticism would instantly make him the best player in the league. 1

The 2016 Warriors will be the last 70 win team ever1:10 am Fri Apr 24 EDT

Also because winning 70/82 is really fucking hard 1

When people say MBA do you accidentally think they meant NBA 1:23 pm Tue May 26 EDT

Lol never have, but now I always will. 1

Do you think Giannis is better than Playoff Kawhi 8:05 pm Sun Aug 9 EDT

Did you even watch the playoffs when Toronto shut Giannis down? Lmao And let’s be clear, Kawhi is absolutely MVP caliber when he plays. 1

What is Lonzo actually good at it 8:23 pm Sun Aug 9 EDT

He’s a solid defender. And his vision is actually great imo he just sucks so much at scoring that he can’t take advantage of it since teams will always play him for the pass. Plus as you said his ball handling is bad for a guard 1

Miami is clearly a better more talented well coached and tougher team than Milwaukee 9:41 pm Wed Sep 2 EDT

Bud plain and simple sucks in the playoffs. Unless he learns to make proper adjustments they have no chance in catching up to Miami. 1

Goldsberry Harden shot below 20 from the field for the 8th time in his playoff career Lebron Durant Kobe and Jordan have combined to do that TWICE in their playoff careers 11:22 am Fri Sep 11 EDT

Exactly. It happens too often to just be a coincidence. Dude’s an all time great but he just doesn’t have it in him. 1

Congrats to the Nuggets from a Clippers fan2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDT

The Clippers also have a bunch of assholes up and down their team. Bev especially deserves all the shit coming his way. 2

Clippers could have not beaten this Lakers team in a 7 game series 12:01 am Sat Sep 19 EDT

They would have not wtf. They CHOKED versus Denver. How are they gonna compete with Lebron and co? The Clippers have great individual talent but aren’t a great team. Harrel and Lou don’t fit at all with Kawhi and George, their depth is overrated, thei 1

Lebrons numbers vs Andre Iguodala Jimmy Butler and Jae Crowder in the playoffs10:42 pm Mon Sep 28 EDT

Yeah, Miami has three great defenders and Bam to throw at him, but this is Lebron we’re talking about. He’ll be great no matter who guards him. 0

Lebrons numbers vs Andre Iguodala Jimmy Butler and Jae Crowder in the playoffs10:42 pm Mon Sep 28 EDT

I meant Bam as the last line of defense. Of course he’s not gonna guard James 1

Should LeBron play more minutes in Game 6 11:44 pm Fri Oct 9 EDT

Morris should play 0 problem solved 2

Markieff Morris put up a 0-0-1 stat line tonight with 4 fouls and 3 turnovers in 23 minutes12:00 am Sat Oct 10 EDT

It was going straight back to Danny. I’d rather Green get another shot than whatever the fuck Morris did 1