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Doc Rivers should be immediately fired after this second round debacle2:35 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Removed


do you realize how much blm sjw content ads are going to be played talked about during the rest of the nba season10:05 pm Sun Jun 28 EDTRemoved

The season and this year is crazy and screwed up anyways. Whatever happens from this point on is going to be interesting. Might as well go along for the ride to see what happens. 1

It s cool to see NBA lead the way joining w BLM No justice No peace But if Morey tweeted HK protestors slogan liberate Hong Kong that s now illegal w China passing new security law He d been arrested w 370 other protesters on 7 1 9:35 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTRemoved

Their politics are their business, we have enough work to do on racial equality in our own country. Maybe we want to start with that first instead of trying to be the world’s moral compass. 2

Tell my family I love them1:00 am Sun Jul 12 EDTRemoved

That’s a lot of words to put on a jersey mang 1

LeBron tweets his support for Kamala Harris Joe Biden s pick for VP7:54 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTRemoved

She was aggressive and locked up a lot of people as San Francisco’s DA and California’s AG. I don’t see what LBJ is so psyched about. 2