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J Lin was the Jackie Robinson of the NBA11:00 pm Sun Jul 28 EDT

And Ichiro was Martin Luther King. 15

Which US President is Jeremy Lin most similar to 11:59 pm Sun Jul 28 EDT

Lincoln. About the same height. Was relevant four scores and seven years ago. 3

Some meditations on Klaw s sangfroid and its discountenance12:58 am Wed Aug 21 EDT

Indubitably. 1

If you turn the Chicago Bulls logo upside down it looks like a robot f cking a crab 3:51 pm Fri Sep 13 EDT

The Jazz logo upside down looks like a basketball playing hockey. 3

The Knicks will have a better record than the Nets next year8:57 pm Tue Oct 8 EDT

Nah. But maybe the Knets. 1

Trump tweeting about Kerr again 1:06 am Sat Oct 12 EDT

Kerrs been punched by MJ, so he could care less about this whiny bitch. 2