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Dear New Balance12:35 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 4 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Do the Raptors have the worst supporting cast in NBA history 12:29 am Tue May 12 EDTRemoved

Did you just miss the cavs last year or what?? 5

Is Curry s play due to his injury to his finger11:52 pm Wed May 13 EDTRemoved

Come on, Curry is human and is allowed to just be sucking without the injury excuse always come to play. Few players get this kind of excuse treatment for EVERY thing. It doesnt diminish the fact that hes the best shooter ever. Enoughhhh 1

Capela and Curry Who has been more disappointing this series 12:17 am Thu May 14 EDTRemoved

Its gotta be Curry simply because his standard should be much higher. He has been shit, especially tonight. To be fair, Capela has been just as bad tonight. 1

KD got none stop hate for 3 years Yet very few will have a problem with Lebron AD Kawhi Super Team 3:11 pm Thu Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Context matters. 1. KD had them 3-1 after they had won a record 73 games. He then blows it and JOINS THAT team, making them possibly the most stacked team EVER. LeBron didnt make the playoffs this year (because he was hurt, to be fair), but they had no 2

Skip Bayless AD proves once again hes the Lakers and league MVP so far He made 4 threes Jimmy Butler went 0-5 from three including buzzer miss to tie Shannon Sharpe smartly refused my bet taking Miami plus the 3 1 2 9:55 pm Fri Dec 18 EDTRemoved

AD was so clutch on the 3s and the rebounding down the stretch, damn. LeBron and AD are a ridiculous duo. 1

If age isn t a factor is there any team in the nba that Giannis would fit better on than Golden State 12:09 pm Thu Sep 3 EDTRemoved

I think the two best would be GS or Miami right now, assuming you could essentially airdrop Giannis onto those teams. GS for the obvious reasons...the established championship culture, great coach, and the best backcourt weve probably ever seen. Miami 2

If theres anything that this playoffs has proved its not that Kawhi is worse than KD and Curry Its that Lebron is a tier above them all 3:23 pm Wed Sep 16 EDTRemoved

Steph also played with both Klay Thompson AND Kevin Durant for 3 years. 2 finals wins came with the KD super team. The other one happened when LeBrons second and third best player were completely out for the series. And LeBron STILL dominated every sta 0