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Upvote if Suns got fleeced downvote if they didnt6:22 pm Thu Jun 20 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Serious When is Per 36 useful applicable 5:10 am Tue Aug 13 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Which Team Got Screwed Over the Most In the Draft Lottery 11:45 pm Tue May 14 EDTRemoved

The Suns 5

Where was Durant during the post game team interview 12:01 am Tue May 21 EDTRemoved

Didnt travel with team 31

Unpopular opinion The cheering of KDs injury was a normal human response in the heat of the moment Once people had 10 seconds to think they knew better and cheered KD The Raptors fanbase is not any worse than any others and people are exploiting this2:58 am Tue Jun 11 EDTRemoved

Not biased at all are you lol 28

Should KD take a year off 4:52 am Tue Jun 11 EDTRemoved

Hes "taking a year off" anyway bro 25

I hope Marc wins so he can rub his ring all over Fizdales head5:14 am Tue Jun 11 EDTRemoved

Fizdale and Gasol patched it up relax bro 2

Post-KD injury get better How does this affect Free Agency and AD 4:56 am Tue Jun 11 EDTRemoved

I think the Knicks are out of the AD sweepstakes now so the Lakers seemingly have a clear path to get him In theory they can still trade for him but after the Durant injury I feel like hell just walk. And if they get a second tier FA next to Davis itll j 9

Am i only one that doesnt see anything bad in Raptors fans cheering for KDs injury 6:13 am Tue Jun 11 EDTRemoved

Damn bro you sure showed Durant 10