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How do make your wrist stop hurting when you dunk a basketball 12:42 am Sun Aug 23 EDT

I think it’s cuz you tried to flex on us by saying you dunk like Lebron 2

Does Adam Silver espn try to wait this China stuff out or immediately get in front of it 11:32 pm Sun Oct 11 EDT

Idk man, the fact that China is trying to cut ties with the rockets is big. Yao made the rockets the Chinese Lakers. 2

The problem isnt China10:53 am Mon Oct 12 EDT

Honestly, I only care about things that happen in the country I’m living in. Might just be me. 1

Nate Silver Conspiracy Theory What if Morey sent out the Hong Kong tweet because he knew it would reduce the NBAs revenues in China therefore reducing the NBAs salary cap for 2020-21 and making it harder for other teams to outgun the Rockets who are 8:30 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

Wouldn’t that raise the tax they’d have to pay? 1

Streaming3:59 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT

Wondering the same. 2

Should Lebron hold his retirement until July 7 2027 7 7 27 5:27 pm Wed Nov 11 EDT

He’ll most likely play out his 4 year contract then sign a short term and try to play his last season wherever his sons at 6

Shaqs advice to Whiteside and other players who will be looking for a contract next year Ball Out 11:51 pm Thu Nov 12 EDT

As a heat fan, it always feels like his stats were empty. Plus he’ll prob put up more then lock up another big money contract and then slack off again 2

Kawhi for Derozan has to be the Worst Trade off all time10:53 pm Mon Nov 23 EDT

A mix of not trading to in conference rival and pops ego 1