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People are gonna torch Harden for that last foul call but why do the referees keep falling it 9:43 pm Wed Nov 4 EDT 0 ups @ 0.42 Removed

Has Luka Doncic overtaken Giannis as the most Valuable asset in the league right now 10:52 pm Sun Nov 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Removed

Lakers and the Bucks are the only teams unbeaten so far vs sub 500 teams Why were there complains about easy scheduling 10:44 am Tue Dec 29 EDT 1 ups @ 0.52 Removed

Would you rather have Markelle Fultz or Kyle Kuzma 1:36 pm Thu Jan 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.24 Removed

Why is there so much Outrage about Giannis comments 2:53 am Mon Feb 17 EDT 0 ups @ 0.10 Removed

I just deeped its funny how giannis picked kemba over harden because he would pass the ball yet was straight up ignored in the 4th qtr 6:50 pm Tue Feb 18 EDT 0 ups @ 0.15 Removed

What else did Giannis say about Harden APART FROM DURING ALL STAR BREAK 8:49 am Sat Feb 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.38 Removed

Giannis averages vs the west this season 32 PTS 11 REB 6 AST5:15 pm Tue Mar 10 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Would you now take Jokic over Giannis and AD 6:24 pm Sun Sep 13 EDT 0 ups @ 0.36 Removed

Lebron and AD vs Steph and Giannis3:11 am Thu Oct 1 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

If Giannis wanted to leave but make sure the bucks recieve good compensation l Could he sign the supermax next offseason then get traded elsewhere 11:51 am Thu Oct 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted


Lakers announcers during the 1st qtr Basketball is not that complicated See the hoop shoot score it KCP didnt do any of that the other night 27 minutes for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 5 fouls no points 11:18 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTDeleted

I mean hes shit 6

Giannis Antetokounmpo tonight 29 17 9 on 12-21 shooting and 0-5 from 3 - of 0 in 37 minutes 8:23 pm Sat Oct 31 EDTDeleted

As was bron harden kawhi etc? 1

This sub is a joke 6:47 pm Sun Nov 1 EDTDeleted

Theyve been wiping their ass with the rest of the league past 5 years surely they can handle some banter 1

is AD better than Lebron 9:02 pm Sun Nov 1 EDTDeleted

#lol theyre not on the same tier 4

Is this going to be the best season Westbrook ever had 10:08 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTDeleted

>westbrooks amazing rebounding ability is actually surprising too, now that hes not getting fed by adams Ay listen we tried to tell yall 1

Who are you d too big men in the game today 8:19 pm Tue Nov 3 EDTDeleted

Fucking jolie bro 2

Westbrook has 10 assists with 7 50 left to go in the 2nd quarter7:58 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTDeleted

#we tried to tell yall 1

Who would you rather have Markelle Fultz or Frank Ntilikina9:57 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTDeleted

Fultz actually looks ite for orlando. Wtf the sixers take Jonathan simmons bumass anyway? 1

The phoenix suns just scored 43 points in the 1st quarter at Golden state While holding GS to only 14 points10:09 pm Wed Nov 4 EDTDeleted

I knew warriors defense would be a joke but offensively they look poor even with steph 7

Ingram just got called for a palming violation 8:51 pm Thu Nov 5 EDTDeleted

Didnt someone get called recently? Was it bledsoe? 1

Clippers or Sixers11:17 am Fri Nov 6 EDTDeleted

This was said with AD who scored 0 in the 4th lol 1

Keep it real with me Who is your DARKHORSE in the EAST team Besides BUCKS and SIXERS that has shot at ECF 7:16 pm Sat Nov 7 EDTDeleted

Over a 7 game series marcus smart will be in a wheelchair taking giannis elbows 24/7 1

James Harden so far this season is averaging 36 PPG on 36 FG 20 3P with an average of 16 FTs per game 9:49 pm Sun Nov 8 EDTDeleted

>like Im actually playing well Thats the problem with TS% on this sub its being used as a performance metric now 2

What other players might be using PEDs right now 12:22 pm Tue Nov 10 EDTDeleted

Nah thats just pounded yam and jollof 2

Gordon Hayward vs Cavs career-high tying 39 points 7 rebounds 8 assists 17 20 FGM 4 4 FT 129:23 pm Tue Nov 10 EDTDeleted

39pts on 17fgm whilst harden is out here getting 40 on 7/23 shooting lmfao 18

If any other superstar does what Kawhi is doing 10:50 am Wed Nov 11 EDTDeleted

I know its been said a million times he is not better than lebron james if at 28 he has to load manage whilst lebron pkayed 82 games at 32-33 AND had that unbelievable postseason run 0

Vorkunov David Fizdale is considering starting Julius Randle at center tomorrow night against the Mavericks among several options Fizdale says cant assume Bobby Portis will slide into the starting lineup for Mitchell Robinson 8:03 pm Thu Nov 12 EDTDeleted

Well they need to boot fizdale out the garden firstly 1

Why are people outraged only when Harden tries to draw fouls 11:57 pm Fri Nov 13 EDTDeleted

Harden alone has attempted like only 20-25 less fts than Indiana 2

Dame tonight 60 points 4 rebounds 5 assists12:33 am Sat Nov 14 EDTDeleted

Wtf is mccollum doing nowadays?? 3

Could should the Lakers trade for Dame at the deadline if the Blazers are below 500 12:52 am Sat Nov 14 EDTDeleted

Bro said KCP GREEN CARUSO and picks that are in 6-7 years. Dunno what the hell u smoking g but enjoy it 1

How are the Raptors going to fare against the two LA teams back to back 3:09 pm Sat Nov 14 EDTDeleted

Fucks sake all those calculations down the drain cheers m8 2

lethal shooter5:05 pm Wed Nov 18 EDTDeleted

AD is at 29.6 pretty much 30%. Hes like a 31% career shooter aint he? 2

Ben Simmons for Patrick Beverley Lou Williams Landry Shamet and 2024 2nd Round Pick Who says no 6:13 pm Sat Nov 21 EDTDeleted

Lol no 2

Does anybody even like the coaches challenge 10:56 pm Sat Nov 21 EDTDeleted

Just like VAR on the premier league. Refeeres ego is too big so unless they see something so bad theyd be accused of match-fixing they wont change the call 6

LeWashed James messed around and dropped 33 7 12 on 62 and 0 TOs12:21 am Mon Nov 23 EDTDeleted

Imagine harden averaging 40 and ending up 3rd in mvp voting 1

If LeBron got 3 more rebounds he would have gotten a triple double but instead the headlines wont blare it tomorrow12:26 am Mon Nov 23 EDTDeleted

•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)u wot m8? 1

Everyone is amazed with Lebrons 12 assists 0 turnover game but he wasnt even the first one this season to do that 1:27 am Mon Nov 23 EDTDeleted

•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)hoes mad 3

Whos the best white player 12:03 am Tue Nov 24 EDTDeleted

Slavs are not white but turks are. Tf u smokin boi 2

Kawhi Leonard foul on James Harden12:55 am Sat Nov 28 EDTDeleted

LeAdS tHE lEaGue In DrIveS peR GAme tHo 5

Stat Houston gave up 2 picks and 2 pick swaps for Westbrook1:36 am Sat Nov 28 EDTDeleted

(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)^^shai ^^lowkey 2

That blonde ref in the Lakers game was absolutely atrocious11:08 pm Sat Nov 28 EDTDeleted

Isnt her name dennis schroder or something 6

The Mavs are putting on a clinic on how to defend Harden The Rockets 5:43 pm Sun Nov 29 EDTDeleted

7% from three tho feckin hell 0

Are the Clippers winning the championship this year 11:34 pm Sun Nov 29 EDTDeleted

Im concerned about the lakers bench getting ploughed by Williams/Harrell 1

Charles Barkley on Luka Doncic being Euroleague MVP at 18 he is playing against trash competition1:49 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTDeleted

In that case imagine thinking Harden an MVP candidate /s 1

Anthony Davis vs Lebron3:56 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTDeleted

Take Lebron off the lakers they wont make the playoffs -1

OC Is Rondo the perfect stretch 1 in todays NBA 11:05 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTDeleted

Guess its the opposite of a compressed 5 3

Serious Can the Lakers pull off any of these trades 2:07 am Wed Dec 2 EDTDeleted

I dont think kuzma is as valueble as these trades suggest 1

Should players chase high scoring games in blowouts 10:02 pm Sat Dec 5 EDTDeleted

The only disrespect is the hawks making their fans watch this poo lmfao 1

55 points in a game 10:37 pm Sat Dec 5 EDTDeleted

>72 games That is absolutely hilarious 14

Would you trade Giannis for Doncic4:17 pm Tue Dec 8 EDTDeleted

Dont you know? Giannis only scores 30ppg being bigger than everyone else... 3

We really need to just start calling ts the chuck threes make free throws stat and stop using it to evaluate how good someone is at scoring11:53 pm Tue Dec 8 EDTDeleted

Use EFG% den? 1

Whos your top 2 pretenders currently in the top 5 of each conference1:22 am Wed Dec 9 EDTDeleted

I honestly think Sixes and bucks can take both LA teams 2

Who do you want taking a game winning 3 Dwight or Russ 11:28 pm Wed Dec 9 EDTDeleted

Ight imma log out 0

There is so much pent up anger and aggression in this subreddit6:21 pm Thu Dec 10 EDTDeleted

Maaan i want really harden to shoot 60fts vs the raptors to see this sub self destruct lmfao 3

This Clippers loss proves that Kawhi and maybe PG s hurt11:01 pm Fri Dec 11 EDTDeleted

Kawhi didnt have siakam/gasol/ibaka to babysit him on defense 1

The Bucks have won 15 games in a row 5 and a half years ago the Bucks finished the 13-14 season with 15 wins total10:31 pm Mon Dec 14 EDTDeleted

Every team has kawhi and gasol to throw at giannis apparently so yeah 5

Dont Be Fooled by Media Bias Giannis is running away with MVP 4:49 pm Wed Dec 16 EDTDeleted

Which media members actually have giannis mvp thus far and not lebron? 1

Is Damian Lillard a superstar Only answer with Yes or No no debating comments12:17 am Fri Dec 18 EDTDeleted

No 1

Rule change proposal Two balls are in play but goal tending is now legal 12:17 am Sat Dec 19 EDTDeleted

This aint no circus lmfao 3

Who are the classiest players in the league Who are the biggest thugs 12:20 pm Sat Dec 19 EDTDeleted

Idk why jj redick seems like the type to be a cunt in everyday life 1

5 minutes into the fourth quarter Giannis has 40 points and the only other Buck in double figures is Kyle Korver is 1410:02 pm Mon Dec 21 EDTDeleted

Where the hell is khris Middleton bois??? 1

Are the Bucks overrated 10:16 pm Mon Dec 21 EDTDeleted

No luka overrated they better without him.. 1

This post is a reminder that Harden is averaging 38 9 points per game 5:37 am Thu Dec 24 EDTDeleted

Great. He can win scoring chanp 2

OC Most Unassisted Dunks Per Game Since 2000 Giannis 2019-20 1 72 Giannis 2018-19 1 68 Shaq 2004-05 1 31 8:58 am Mon Dec 28 EDTDeleted

Crazy considering how many bodies he sees at the rim 3

Can giannis not bully the trio of Embiid simmons and horford 3:39 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

Dose seemed like very makeable baskets/light touches for someone who shoots 80% at the rim almost 7

Can giannis not bully the trio of Embiid simmons and horford 3:39 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

This is where the lack of someone as good as AD/RUSS/PG to bail him out kills him 4

Sixers are currently blowing out the Bucks4:40 pm Wed Dec 30 EDTDeleted

9pt game wat 1

In the three games vs the Bucks in 2019 the Sixers have shot 15 32 46 9 from 3 18 36 50 0 from 3 and 21 44 47 7 from 3 6:28 am Thu Dec 31 EDTDeleted

21 threes is mad tho tbf 3

Highest FG from the mid range 1 DAngelo Russell - 54 8 2 Malcolm Brogdon - 51 1 3 Khris Middleton - 49 5 4 CJ McCollum - 49 3 5 Brandon Ingram - 47 2 6 Donovan Mitchell - 46 8 7 Jamal Murray - 46 3 8 DeAndre Ayton - 46 2 9 LaMarcus Aldri8:18 pm Fri Jan 1 EDTDeleted

Somebody do the maths for me. Lanarcus Aldridge shoots 46% middy which would be less efficient than a 32% giannis 3???? 1

How is James Harden not leading the MVP race 4:43 am Sun Jan 3 EDTDeleted

Him and giannis are neck and neck but i dont think anyone else is close right now 1

It never fails to surprise me how under appreciated James Harden is and how his game is portrayed by media 11:22 am Mon Jan 4 EDTDeleted

Man giannis harden gonna be more toxic than last year ffs 2

Which team has the best looking team in the league2:39 pm Tue Jan 5 EDTDeleted

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2

OC The Miami Heat third overall in the league are 6 0 games behind the Milwaukee Bucks This is more games behind than the Western Conference 5th seed Houston Rockets 5 5 are to the 1st seed Lakers The Milwaukee Bucks are not just good theyre on pa4:54 pm Sat Jan 11 EDTDeleted

people really say they dont trust the bucks in the playoffs but trust the Sixers lmao 2

Whats a NBA fact that 99 of this subreddit doesnt know 6:35 pm Mon Jan 13 EDTDeleted

Athanasios is the long name for thanos in greek. Athanasios is thanasis antetokounmpo actual first name 1

Ben Simmons with 20-9-3 at the half against the Pacers8:04 pm Mon Jan 13 EDTDeleted

Sixers fans happy the ben Simmons hot takes can chill for a bit...until the Is EmBId WAstInG SiMmOns pOteNtial takes come through 2

Why NBA players take an entire year of recovery after an ACL injury 8:32 am Fri Jan 17 EDTDeleted

Footballers dont have to jump as much and they for sure dont weigh anywhere near as much 1

Whos feeling worse Kings for passing on Luka or the Knicks getting screwed on the 1 pick in 2019 7:11 pm Thu Jan 23 EDTDeleted

Lol phoenix and Cleveland got it worse didnt they 2

In his last 5 games Luka Doncic is shooting 9 47 19 from behind the arc 7:37 pm Sat Jan 25 EDTDeleted

Now hopefully LeBron regresses so Giannis can win MVP in peace 1

Luka Don i is shooting 56 from the free throw line in the last 6 games7:41 pm Sat Jan 25 EDTDeleted

Omfg is this for real? 2

This sub doesn t care about basketball anymore A post about Kawhi throwing bills at a club received way more attention than LeBron moving into 3rd all-time in scoring 11:47 am Sun Jan 26 EDTDeleted

We all knew bron was gonna pass kobe but who woulda thought wed see kawhi grabbin cheeks lmfao 5

Thoughts Every player in the All-star game should wear Kobes jersey9:03 pm Sun Jan 26 EDTDeleted

Send him to the congolese basketball league 3

Idea on how to honor Kobe Bryant7:32 am Mon Jan 27 EDTDeleted

With Giannis most likely getting MVP thats gonna be a GOAT tier speech man 2

If there is indeed an afterlife who do you think Kobe is challenging to a game of 1 on 1 first What do you think the best matchup is 9:53 pm Mon Jan 27 EDTDeleted

Is there a player nba history who gets called names like hitler and bin harden jfc 1

How long until we get back to normal basketball talk 6:44 pm Tue Jan 28 EDTDeleted

After the next big matchup i think 1

The Milwaukee Bucks have put up 88 points in the first half against the Washington Wizards without Giannis9:09 pm Tue Jan 28 EDTDeleted

Whos mvp then? 1

Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe combine for 50-12-9 at the half 9:17 pm Tue Jan 28 EDTDeleted

Theyve done this in like 30 mins COMBINED. Wtf is Giannis feeding dem bros 2

Rank these ten players in their primes Kobe Curry Lebron KD Kawhi Giannis Harden CP3 Wade Russ4:40 pm Thu Jan 30 EDTDeleted

Why is giannis on here he turned 25 a month ago lol 14

Why does nobody call Giannis a choker 4:11 pm Fri Jan 31 EDTDeleted

Yeah he may choked but you cant label him a choker already. 1

Why does nobody call Giannis a choker 4:11 pm Fri Jan 31 EDTDeleted

He was still the bucks best player all 6 games 1

Westbrooks recent performance is used to justify his All-Star spot but he went 4-6 in the month of January In the same time span Booker went 7-7 Mitchell 10-4 CP3 11-44:43 pm Fri Jan 31 EDTDeleted

It would help if Harden didnt take westbricks place 1

James Harden finished the Game with 40 10 9 in a win against the Pelicans4:25 pm Sun Feb 2 EDTDeleted

Westbrick bacc too tho 2

Sixers-Thunder Trade6:29 pm Wed Feb 5 EDTDeleted

#BOI 2

Jackson If Heat drops Iguodala after 20-21 Miami would have anywhere from 71- 76 M on 21-22 cap with Butler cap holds for Bam Nunn Robinson Herro Okpala Silva the June 2020 1st rounder Anderson cap hit amp cap holds With cap potentially 12510:41 pm Wed Feb 5 EDTDeleted

Somebody is gonna max thanasis to get get giannis to join lmao 28

American Sports Media bias11:55 am Thu Feb 6 EDTDeleted

America is shit at football if course they dont care 1

Real Superstars Dont Respect Harden7:22 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTDeleted

Lebron took kawhi before harden 1

In the 8 games since inserting Zion Williamson into the starting lineup Lonzo Ball has averaged 8 75 assists per game10:15 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTDeleted

Damn thats almost a game per 8 assists 1

Damn Horford can t even stop Giannis10:08 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTDeleted

Sure we saw this in the playoffs last year 1

Why did people act like the Sixers has the personal to stop Giannis 10:17 pm Thu Feb 6 EDTDeleted

They do but philly cant expect embiid to guard 1 on 1 all the time 3

Of all the high scoring the team in my lifetime Rockets is most boring team I can remember6:30 pm Fri Feb 7 EDTDeleted

Rockets were more fun to watch than the lakers last night 1

Would this Raptors team beat the Lakers in a 7 game series 11:05 pm Fri Feb 7 EDTDeleted

Whoos gunna gard AYDEE 1

New All-Star Weekend Idea Use a bowling ball to play10:49 pm Sat Feb 8 EDTDeleted

Lets litter the court with landmines while were at it. 1

Did Rachel Nichols really get on tv and make the argument that Lebron should be ahead in the MVP race because of the burden he has to carry over Kobe s death 11:29 pm Sat Feb 8 EDTDeleted

Fam lebron finna get more votes than harden did last year jfc 1

Is Jayson Tatum the most complete overall two way player in the game right now 5:38 pm Sun Feb 9 EDTDeleted

Giannis and AD are both fairly better offensively 1

Post game thread The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Chicago Bulls 118-111 behind Korkmaz 31 pts8:35 pm Sun Feb 9 EDTDeleted

>Al Horford >PTS >0 #(ಠ_ಠ) 5

What do you think was the main reason why Team Giannis lost 12:59 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Nobody was scoring at will either team tbf 2

James Harden had more assists in the first quarter then kemba had all game2:04 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

You guys care more than harden does 2

Why is there so much Outrage about Giannis comments 2:53 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Ok outrage aint the right word but a lot of people saying Giannis was throwing shade or whatever like isnt that a legit strategy? 1

Giannis Basically we were trying to find whoever James Harden was guarding Thats who we thought we would have an opportunity to score on 2:33 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Apart from the "need someone who passes thing" what else has giannis actually said. Honestly asking 6

Giannis Basically we were trying to find whoever James Harden was guarding Thats who we thought we would have an opportunity to score on 2:33 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Apart from all star draft and apparently this when else?? 6

Giannis Basically we were trying to find whoever James Harden was guarding Thats who we thought we would have an opportunity to score on 2:33 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

I really dont see why people view this as giannis calling harden out like it wasnt nick nurses idea 6

Giannis Basically we were trying to find whoever James Harden was guarding Thats who we thought we would have an opportunity to score on 2:33 am Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

Apart from the draft he doesnt pass and all that what else has giannis said about harden? 2

Kawhi AD and Lebron going at Giannis3:24 pm Mon Feb 17 EDTDeleted

This couldve been a possibility if kawhi didnt sell the lakers dreams 1

Serious Who is the Rockets true center after the Capela trade 12:42 pm Sun Feb 23 EDTDeleted

No 1

Anthony Davis cant guard Jayson Tatum5:17 pm Sun Feb 23 EDTDeleted

Between Giannis AD and gobert i feel like giannis gets cooked the least 2

Sorry East I dont care about you4:03 am Mon Feb 24 EDTDeleted

I think milwaukee beat both LA teams and i have no fucking idea why buy i think the sixers do too 1

Garry Harris s improvement in three point percentage compared to last year is incredible12:02 pm Mon Feb 24 EDTDeleted

Tf is u smoking boi 1

Who is the one player if you take them out they go from contenders to struggling to make playoffs 11:33 pm Mon Feb 24 EDTDeleted

Russ will drag that team to 8th seed 7

The Bucks are not as good as their record shows and they are a bit unlikable12:47 pm Wed Feb 26 EDTDeleted

So who do u have faith in the playoffs then. The cltics who they bacjdoor swept last year? Raptors with no kawhi? The damn sixers?? 1

Giannis has a higher usage rate shoots the ball more and attempts more free throws per 36 than James Harden 7:13 am Thu Feb 27 EDTDeleted

Hardens top 5 in both touches per game and average seconds per touch whereas Giannis is like on the 20s 2

I really feel like everyone is overreacting to Harden s interview 5:06 pm Fri Feb 28 EDTDeleted

5? 3

Why do so many people agressively Stan Harden 10:19 am Sat Feb 29 EDTDeleted

Im jus saying i dont remember people reffering to westbrooks assists numbers this much when he was called a statpadding ballhog 1

Serious What makes Bam do so well on Giannis vs playing defense against Embiid 2:52 pm Tue Mar 3 EDTDeleted

Yeah embiid clamped giannis then got cooked reverse game. 7 game series neither can sustain 1 on 1 3

6 5 giannis12:50 pm Thu Mar 5 EDTDeleted

No but he wouldnt but that isnt fair. Giannis at 6"5 is Russ. Harden at minus 6 inches in height is kyle lowry 1

Is Giannis bad in crunch time because his team is better than most so they usually have a comfortable lead and Giannis never gets experience under pressure 1:15 am Sat Mar 7 EDTDeleted

Giannus was a no show? 1

The Bucks are pretenders 2:38 am Sat Mar 7 EDTDeleted

This series goes 7 imo 2

This MVP race is over Swap LeBron Giannis and the Bucks become prohibitive favorites Almost 17 18 GSW level prohibitive 8:39 am Sat Mar 7 EDTDeleted

LeBron is the better player yeah, Giannis shod still comfortably be MVP 3

A box score summary of how this weekend went for LeBron vs Giannis amp Kawhi1:24 pm Mon Mar 9 EDTDeleted

AD also outscored both of them 0

LeBron James is the MVP no debate5:06 pm Tue Mar 10 EDTDeleted

I never knew so many people thought LeBron deserves the 2018 mvp 6

When Giannis dominates the East he s MVP When Lebron does it the East is too easy1:45 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Lebron was the 1st seed once post miami and he wasnt getting mvp over steph that year 1

Siegel Royce Young is reporting on ESPN that the Thunders head doc came sprinting out to the court moments before tip and that the belief is that its related to the players involved in this game 8:46 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

That means the virus has been in the nba community if he got it from the media? 1

Video highlight request Rudy Goobert fondling the microphones9:02 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Mods are minesweeping rudy content right now 26

The NBA and other major sports leagues should fund public testing for Coronavirus 9:52 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTDeleted

Cristiano Ronaldos Teammate btw 1

Giannis Antetokounmpos skill7:58 pm Mon Mar 23 EDTDeleted

Giannis went from greek cabaclo to what wouldve been 2 time league mvp. You simply just out physical everyone to do that. 3

Giannis Antetokounmpos skill7:58 pm Mon Mar 23 EDTDeleted

>someone who can stay in front of him I dont think ive seen anyone consistently do it without help hovering about tho. Guys can get stops sure but theres nobody i think that stops giannis on there Absolute lonesome consistently 2

LeBron Blocks Giannis2:49 pm Thu Apr 23 EDTDeleted

Giannis dunks that nowadays 2

Lets revisit the 2020 All Star Game Put KD on Team Giannis and does the result change 3:19 pm Tue Apr 28 EDTDeleted

You put jimmy closing instead of kemba they coulda won 1

Tatum vs Giannis11:55 am Wed Apr 29 EDTDeleted

The guy who averages almost 30 without a jumpshot 1

Top 51 players of all time6:00 pm Wed May 13 EDTDeleted

How in gods name this this shit get worse the more i read down 1

Do you think Giannis is better than Playoff Kawhi 8:05 pm Sun Aug 9 EDTDeleted

Gr8 b8 m8 3

Nets just dropped 45 points in first quarter against Clippers9:38 pm Sun Aug 9 EDTDeleted

Gonna be sad to see kyrie an KD ballhogging next season 1

Why is Damian Lillard allowed to go on a media tour crying about losing a game 12:54 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTDeleted

Every player has hatrs waiting for the oppurnoty to strike in numbers. Started seeing it with giannis recently its dames turn now 4

Can someone explain why people compare Luka to Larry Bird They play nothing alike 7:25 pm Fri Aug 14 EDTDeleted

Theyre both bright 1

How does having 2 play-in games work 9:38 am Sat Aug 15 EDTDeleted

I guess imagine it was a playoff series and blazers are up 3-2 at the moment. Blazers need 1 win grizzlies need to win 2 b2b 1

What 1st round match up are you most excited for 11:42 am Sun Aug 16 EDTDeleted

Bucks magic because fultz will average 35ppg 4

Do you think Giannis leaves Milwaukee 4:11 pm Tue Aug 18 EDTDeleted

If the rest of his team show this kind of laziness continously hell yes 2

Open Season on Bucks4:21 pm Tue Aug 18 EDTDeleted

Open season for a couple dayd make the most of it houston fans 3

Agree or Disagree whoever wins the Celtics vs Raptors series is making the finals 3:11 pm Sat Aug 22 EDTDeleted

I dont think either beats milwaukee tbh. Toronto wont have offensive firepower without kawhi and middleton will average 30 vs boston 1

Giannis finishes the game with a ridiculous 35-11-7 on 12-14 shooting in just 31 minutes3:50 pm Sat Aug 22 EDTDeleted

And 31 and 17 game 1 but usLesS IF NOt ChArGing wiTH ElBOws Out 49

The reality of the Luka and Montrez situation is that if the roles were reversed the backlash would be 10 times greater8:29 am Sun Aug 23 EDTDeleted

Not condoning whatcmontrezl said but if u think its the same thing go read about the 1800s properly 2

Where does Luka rank in terms of best players in the world after this game 6:48 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTDeleted

1st till giannis 40 14 6 in 30 possesions vs orlando tommorow 3

Giannis was incredible in R1 vs Magic 6:21 pm Sat Aug 29 EDTDeleted

Orlando arent some joke defensive team. Better than protland lmao 4

Anthony Davis is a better All-Around Basketball Player than Giannis5:51 pm Wed Sep 2 EDTDeleted

Tbh id take giannis over AD without giving a donkeys ass about fit but then again thats why i aint a gm 1

Giannis only played 35 minutes tonight and played 37 in game 1 9:43 pm Wed Sep 2 EDTDeleted

Those extra 8 minutes of giannis on fumes is better than connaughton right now 7

Giannis has been phenomenal so far but I cant just see him eventually leading the Bucks us to any sort of tangible results that involve winning 9:43 pm Wed Sep 2 EDTDeleted

Man he had 30 15 but it felt like 15 and 5 1

It s obvious the Bucks can t close games what can they do to fix that 9:54 pm Wed Sep 2 EDTDeleted

Giannis needs post moves so he doesnt have to go out to in all the time 1

Giannis would be the 2nd player ever to personally want to walk away from his team after winning back-to-back MVPs LeBron James was the last in 2010 3:13 am Fri Sep 4 EDTDeleted

Bucks are a giannis playing at regular season level away from winning a championship 1

Should the NBA have the Heat and Bucks redo their series in case it was a big fluke 9:10 pm Fri Sep 4 EDTDeleted

And mavs and warriors fans too 1

What team do you think Giannis will go to 9:12 pm Fri Sep 4 EDTDeleted

Hes gonna be traded for a butload of assests. Im saying Boston!!! 0

Jimmy is now 7-2 against Giannis in the playoffs2:40 am Sat Sep 5 EDTDeleted

Lmfao 2

Who had a worse coached series Nate McMillan vs the Heat or Bud vs the Heat12:09 pm Sat Sep 5 EDTDeleted

Bud has the b2b mvp and a 20ppg near 50 40 90 player playing 6th man minutes 1

Prediction Anthony Davis will score 35 today10:26 am Sun Sep 6 EDTDeleted

Cool. Tucker in 4 2

Who s the worst player you could put in Giannis place and have the Bucks lead this series 11:51 am Sun Sep 6 EDTDeleted

Whoevers worse between bron kawhi and healthy kd. I dont think harden or steph because to much defense is lost coupled with buds philosphy to allow so many threes 1

Would the bucks have won more games benching Giannis 4:42 pm Sun Sep 6 EDTDeleted

Heat gameplan is very centered around defending him. They actually have do guard the opposite player now 2

Is Budenholzer a bad postseason coach 4:11 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTDeleted

Unless giannis is taking upon himself to try and run through 5 defenders i barely remember then running sets to get him better position 1

Does the WNBA deserve more respect and support 6:32 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTDeleted

So thats how delle donne shoots 106% from the line 5

Hardens is just a bone head that disengages when the going actually gets tough 7:39 am Fri Sep 11 EDTDeleted

What superstar doesnt get double teamed. Bron giannis kawhi steph dame KD are all guarded by 2+ defenders i dont wanna hear double teams as an excuse 1

If Harden must be traded after this season as a Harden fan I hope he somehow ends up in Miami I wonder if that Heat culture coaching and system can fix his worst tendencies 10:58 am Fri Sep 11 EDTDeleted

If miami could get one of harden or giannis who are they taking? 1

Why is this subreddit putting all the blame on Harden when the answer is obvious why the Rockets are down 3-1 3:59 pm Fri Sep 11 EDTDeleted

For me its how lazy harden can make himself look in a playoff game that does it 3

Wow the Clippers can t get anything11:25 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTDeleted

Of all major duos kawhi and Pg have the least chemistry it seems to me 1

Who had the biggest choke job of the 2nd round Kawhi Giannis or Harden 1:36 pm Wed Sep 16 EDTDeleted

Kawhi only had 24ppg? People were saying he had a good series whereas giannis was shocking 2

Effishnsea7:16 pm Thu Sep 17 EDTDeleted

Yall take it easy. Im out 2

Why dont the refs ever call offensive fouls on Lebron 7:47 pm Sun Sep 20 EDTDeleted

Giannis leads the league in offensive fouls two years now 3

Anthony Davis 741 points 293 rebounds in 25 career NBA Playoffs games is the 5th player in NBA history to reach those thresholds through 25 playoff games The other four are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Elgin Baylor Wilt Chamberlain and Bob McAdoo 6:29 pm Tue Sep 22 EDTDeleted

Gotta make lebron always look like hes carrying so he wont get recognition unfortunately 1

If you gave Giannis Antetokoumnpo Steph Currys 3 point shot Durants Midrange and Steve Nash s Fred throw percentage how much would he be averaging 3:54 pm Wed Sep 23 EDTDeleted

Give him any one of those 3 and its 35+ 1

Amazing statistic in the ECF and WCF so far11:37 am Fri Sep 25 EDTDeleted

I dunno how you cant think this shit aint a simulation 8

It has just dawned on me just how much of a cheat code prime DeAndre Jordan would be if he had BroLos skillset 3:08 am Sat Sep 26 EDTDeleted

Fr if im giannis im only playing 20 regular season games a season since they dont matter anymore 1

Lebron is still the best player in the world2:35 am Sun Sep 27 EDTDeleted

That sixers and bucks series were certainly not easy. They were 4 bounces away from OTvs philly and could easily have gone 3 games down vs Milwaukee 3

Kobe Bryant full PUBLIC aut psy report sketch12:52 pm Mon Sep 28 EDTDeleted

Good fucking lord NSFW or atleast give us la chance to search the details ourselves OP :( 1

Doc Rivers recruited Kawhi to the clips and now they re firing him damn 5:37 pm Mon Sep 28 EDTDeleted

I think he means Pandemic Pees Pitiful performances got him fired 3

Top 5 Excuses Media will give lebron if he loses game 111:58 am Wed Sep 30 EDTDeleted

>this one is a guarantee especially when the goat debate starts popping 2

How loaded will the Western Conference be next year Is there a possibility for 10 teams to finish with a winning record 3:22 am Thu Oct 1 EDTDeleted

Bucks and clippers are gonna be overrated as hell since lebron didnt have to go through them 4

Why has kevin love consistently received passes for his poor performance in the playoffs Specifically on this sub2:47 pm Sat Oct 3 EDTDeleted

I wonder wtf was going thru stephs head when he saw love moving like that 1

Casual fans really need to start putting respect on ADs name10:37 am Sun Oct 4 EDTDeleted

Im seeing some people putting him ahead of kawhi and Harden. 4

1 game for the fate of our planet7:54 pm Mon Oct 5 EDTDeleted

Alex caruso and 4 different species of squid 1

Who is better Giannis or Anthony Davis 11:20 am Wed Oct 7 EDTDeleted

Paul george can shoot 7

Who is better Giannis or Anthony Davis 11:20 am Wed Oct 7 EDTDeleted

Lakers beat portland and houston comfy still but Denver could be a problem 1

Who is better Giannis or Anthony Davis 11:20 am Wed Oct 7 EDTDeleted

If westbrook tookthat thunder team to playoffs why couldnt a 611 westbrook? Both teams were as bad as each other 1

Im not sure its fair to rank AD over Giannis just yet 6:02 pm Thu Oct 8 EDTDeleted

If its its a shit team who says AD is making the playoffs 1

Im not sure its fair to rank AD over Giannis just yet 6:02 pm Thu Oct 8 EDTDeleted

I dont think its fair how having LeBron suddenly makes people forget he has 2 postseasons in 8 years. 7

Im not sure its fair to rank AD over Giannis just yet 6:02 pm Thu Oct 8 EDTDeleted

Bron is ADs perfect fit. Put giannis with his perfect fit which is steph and id put good money on Giannis looking better than AD 2

Markieff Morris s Fault 11:54 pm Fri Oct 9 EDTDeleted

Lmao as soon as green realised that 3 game was finished 1

Would the celtics have done better against the Lakers 8:37 pm Sun Oct 11 EDTDeleted

Probably fouls out on the tip off 3

Serious What adjustments can Spoelstra make at half to give the Heat a chance to win this game 8:54 pm Sun Oct 11 EDTDeleted

Swap the starting 5 with steph harden kd Kawhi and giannis 3

y all really underrate antetekounmpo smh10:50 am Mon Oct 12 EDTDeleted

Kinda unrelated but is kostas on the lakers because they see something in him or are they holding him as ransom for giannis free agency? 2

Why dont people say Giannis is NBAs best player despite 2x MVPs amp lead Bucks with best record 5:29 pm Mon Oct 12 EDTDeleted

Smells like bait to me 2

Im a little late on this one but I would like to take a moment to celebrate something that has somehow gone completely under the radar Jordan Clarkson was and is the first player in NBA history to score both on and off the court in every single month 8:19 pm Mon Oct 12 EDTDeleted

>4.7 points on 30% shooting Good grief @ some of the production bron was dealing with in 2018 2

Is KAT a simp 6:44 pm Fri Oct 16 EDTDeleted

(ಠ_ಠ) 1

Google search Jim Boylen 12:33 pm Sat Oct 17 EDTDeleted

Looool lmfao 0