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Porzingis weak pick and roll defense could stop the Mavs from ever going deep in the post season9:53 pm Tue Aug 11 EDT 0 ups @ 0.45 Removed

Paul George for Jimmy Butler straight up Who says no 11:41 am Mon Aug 24 EDT 0 ups @ 0.13 Removed

What do you think the reaction would be if Portland decides to blow it up and trade Dame CJ and Nurkic for assets 6:29 pm Tue Aug 25 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

What major trades do you see happening in the offseason 10:54 pm Wed Aug 26 EDT 0 ups @ 0.23 Removed

Is the outcome of the Clippers Nuggets game proof that the NBA does not ask referees to alter games 2:33 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Serious Is the NBA the best two-way sports league 9:31 pm Tue Jun 2 EDTRemoved

In terms of the soap opera its by far the best. In terms of actual competition its the worst of the major sports. 2

Unpopular Opinions Thread10:31 pm Tue Jun 2 EDTRemoved

Lebron>Jordan. Hes bigger, stronger, faster, a better passer, rebounder, and a more efficient scorer. He also beat a Warriors team that was better than any team MJ faced in the Finals. 3

Unpopular Opinions Thread10:31 pm Tue Jun 2 EDTRemoved

I dont think Lebron is better than Jordan career-wise. I just think hes a better basketball player. He can comfortably play and defend 1-4 and sometimes 5. I also think he would have beaten anyone Jordan faced in the Finals. 4

If the Raptors win the Finals do they get an invitation to the White House 8:55 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTRemoved

Hopefully they decline. 0

It s all planned11:59 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTRemoved

Youre not wrong. -3

It s all planned11:59 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTRemoved

They tried. The Warriors with KD were too good. 0

If Brook and Robin are twins why is Robin the only one that sucks ass Robin Lopez Because I m adventurous in the bedroom 12:23 pm Sat Jun 6 EDTRemoved

The KD one was harsh. I surprised they gave that to him. 11

Wiggins is insanely underrated on this sub6:16 pm Tue Jun 9 EDTRemoved

The kid has no heart. Unless he finds a real life wizard of oz, thats never going to change. 1

If KD returns in game 5 and leads the Dubs to a comeback to win the finals does he deserve finals MVP over Curry 11:41 pm Fri Jun 12 EDTRemoved

Not unless he does it without Curry. 10

When you realize raps fans are willing to wait 55 hours outside to support their team but Golden State fans cant wait 1 minute and 30 seconds to help support their team11:46 pm Sat Jun 13 EDTRemoved

Some of us have jobs. -4

Yall are acting like youve never seen a 3-1 comeback before9:48 am Sun Jun 14 EDTRemoved

Theres a Curry though. -9

GAME THREAD Golden State Warriors 1-3 Toronto Raptors 3-1 - June 10 2019 8:12 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTRemoved

Youre not early. Youre late. 4

Curry gets the Shaq treatment9:22 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTRemoved

Hed be by far the goat. -7

Was today the worst in r nba history 11:03 pm Tue Jun 16 EDTRemoved

I liked it. 4

As a raptors fans11:16 pm Thu Jun 18 EDTRemoved

Nobody cares what you think or how you feel. 2

What did Steph do to make this sub hate him so much 12:23 am Fri Jun 19 EDTRemoved

He shit on all their teams. 1

the reason why steph curry is bad at clutch sifuations is because he is too emotional he has a childish demeanor and mind to him and it gets in his way The complete opposite of mamba mentality And it is not a knock on him some people are just not mean12:57 am Fri Jun 19 EDTRemoved

Hes more clutch than Kobe. 0

Curry is now 0-5 for finals MVP s1:22 am Fri Jun 19 EDTRemoved

He would have won it this year. 6

With Torontos win last night Lebron becomes the first person to win the NBA championship as both a player MIA CLE and an owner TOR 3:55 pm Fri Jun 19 EDTRemoved

Theyre already old. This sub ran them into the ground. -8

Would a Giannis for Luka swap benefit both the bucks and the Mavs in the long term Why or why not 12:42 am Tue Dec 22 EDTRemoved

The Jeremy Lin effect for white people. 2

Has LeBron James ever faced someone whos a top 15 player OAT in his prime during playoffs 7:07 pm Thu Dec 24 EDTRemoved

In terms of pure basketball ability i think KD is a top 15 talent. -1

The NBA Finals literally only exists because it makes money 8:12 pm Fri Dec 25 EDTRemoved

And? Its a transaction. They take our money and we take their entertainment. 8

Why Patrick McCaw Not LeBron or Stephen Curry Is the N B A Player of the Decade6:39 pm Sun Jan 3 EDTRemoved

Same amount of Finals MVPs as Steph too. 45

Serious How the hell did Brian Scalabrine last so long in the NBA 10:26 pm Sun Jan 3 EDTRemoved

Excellent glue guy. 1

Harden is a better scorer than Kobe12:06 pm Mon Jan 4 EDTRemoved

Different eras. 4

To my fellow Raptors fans Please shut up about the refs5:12 pm Mon Jan 4 EDTRemoved

Amen. Raptors fans are the worst when it comes to complaining about refs. 5

Why does this sub hate kawhi2:36 pm Sat May 23 EDTRemoved

That doesnt mean they hate the guy. 1

The Draymond controversy1:56 pm Mon May 25 EDTRemoved

Can you try that again in english please? 0

Working Theory Nike has far more influence in media and free agency4:50 pm Mon May 25 EDTRemoved

>The constant Jordan vs. Lebron vs. Kobe(All Nike guys) GOAT talk is fabricated by Nike, Lebron is not a top 5 player yet. Really? 3 rings, 3 Finals MVPs, 4 MVPs, Best player in the league for a decade, GOAT level stats. Who are your top 5 players t 1

What will the NBA do for Vince Carters final moment in the NBA 11:30 pm Mon May 25 EDTRemoved

>Its pretty shitty that he wont receive a proper acknowledgement due to the league suspension. Hes made 170 million dollars in the NBA. Im sure hell be ok. -2

I caught Steph Curry Mocking the Cavs on twitter when it was announced Kyrie wanted to be traded5:32 pm Tue May 26 EDTRemoved

Snitch. 2

Serious How good would Prime Blake Griffin been in the 60s 12:41 am Wed May 27 EDTRemoved

Hes get injured every other game playing in Chuck Taylors without access to HGH. 5

Derrick Roses pace adjusted numbers and efficiency from 19-20 are almost identical to his MVP season5:28 pm Thu May 28 EDTRemoved

Thats nice. He also gang raped a girl. Hes the new Karl Malone. -1

How is Michael Jordan the owner of the Charlotte Hornets and yet they are so terribly bad 8:07 pm Sun May 31 EDTRemoved

Because hes not a good owner. 3

LeBrons stance on China vs USA6:48 pm Fri Jun 5 EDTRemoved

Doesnt he build schools and shit? 4

If you take every teams all time best starting 5 4:56 pm Sun Jun 7 EDTRemoved

Well this hasnt been done a thousand times. 2

Why has Spencer Dinwiddie been in San Antonio since April And why d he just buy a mansion here 5:22 pm Mon Jun 8 EDTRemoved

He likes those big ol San Antonio women. 1

Why do people want the NBA to cancel their season for racial injustice Its literally the worst idea ever Taking a stand for what you believe shouldnt mean that sports ends 10:36 pm Fri Jun 12 EDTRemoved

A lot of the players are just lazy and want free money. -2

I will never forgive Kevin Durant10:25 pm Mon Jun 15 EDTRemoved

I do. I hope he never finds real happiness in life. 0

Mavs would have been a higher seed if Fluka Dogshit didnt chuck his team out of multiple close games 4:57 pm Wed Jun 17 EDTRemoved

I like this guy. 1

Top 11 Small Forwards in NBA History10:45 pm Sat Jun 20 EDTRemoved

He made it for Ketchup Durant. 3

WHO WOULD WIN IN A 7 GAME SERIES11:26 pm Sat Jun 20 EDTRemoved

Larry solos. 0

What is LeBrons mission goal purpose I hear him saying that the list of jersey statements are just something that didn t really seriously resonate with my mission with my goal but I havent been able to find out what that mission goal purpose IS An9:40 pm Sat Jul 11 EDTRemoved

His mission is to bring glory to the Chinese government. -1

Clipper Hate 10:19 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTRemoved

I just think Kawhi is a bitch for the load management thing. -4

How come Giannis can win MVP and DPOY and still not be considered the best player in the league 6:32 pm Sat Jul 18 EDTRemoved

Because media awards are meaningless. Case in point: Nash has 2 MVPs while Kobe and Shaq have one each. 2

Lakers Broadcast7:53 pm Thu Jul 23 EDTRemoved

You really made a thread just for this? 6

I know Im a homer saying this 1:49 am Sat Jul 25 EDTRemoved

Youre not a homer. True Golden State fans know their place. Historically you do not belong in the bubble. Youre an afterthought. You dont matter. Nobody gives a fuck about the Warriors. 0

I know Im a homer saying this 1:49 am Sat Jul 25 EDTRemoved

Youre a Philly fan. Your state voted for Trump in 2016 and you booed your own team so hard that they started to like it. -5

r nba feedback Update this sub s snoo version of the NBA logo to update the proposed new NBA logo honouring Kobe Bryant still with the snoo edition 9:01 pm Sun Jul 26 EDTRemoved

I want the logo to be a Drowzee sucking its own dick. 2

Why did GSW become worse with Kevin Durant after having 73-9 record in 2015-16 season 11:21 pm Mon Jul 27 EDTRemoved

I keep forgetting they won in 2015. Such a forgettable title run that was. -2

Do you have an issue with the NBA rigging games to be more competitive and creating more dramatic moments1:20 pm Wed Jul 29 EDTRemoved

We would have had a Lebron Kobe finals too. 2

Jeremy Lin named finalist for CBA Defensive Player of the Year12:02 pm Thu Jul 30 EDTRemoved

/r/CBA 2

Jonathan Isaac jersey sales skyrocket and are almost sold out3:33 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTRemoved

There are games on now. If you actually gave a shit about round ball then youd be watching them. -6

I am ashamed 9:54 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTRemoved

This is the future of basketball. Get used to it. 5

At 20 792 points James Harden becomes the all-time leading scorer amongst left-handed shooters 10:53 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTRemoved

How many of those points came from the line? 1

Rocket went 21-61 from 3 tonight tying an NBA record for most 3s taken in a non-OT game 11:20 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTRemoved

Thats some ugly ass roundball homes. 1

I hear a lot of interviews from players coaches media in the bubble that this election is one of the most important ones in our lifetime and to get out and vote Who do you think they want us to vote for 2:05 pm Tue Aug 4 EDTRemoved

Who do you think bro? 4

Mod transparency There needs to be a change with the mods deleting every single post10:14 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTRemoved

hahahaha 1

Mod transparency There needs to be a change with the mods deleting every single post10:14 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTRemoved

I actually think they do a pretty good job. 1

Bubble Butt Melo - 17 57 PPG 6 8 TRB 46 FG 49 3P 10:26 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTRemoved

Youre gonna get banned son. 1

Bubble Butt Melo - 17 57 PPG 6 8 TRB 46 FG 49 3P 10:26 pm Tue Aug 11 EDTRemoved

But nothing will come from it. 1

NBA to players No Thots in the bubble11:25 am Wed Aug 12 EDTRemoved

What about slatterns? Surely they are allowed? 2

Grizzlies do not deserve to be in play in game 3:41 pm Wed Aug 12 EDTRemoved

I dont care if they deserve it or not. I dont want that shitty ass boring team to ruin my playoff entertainment. 1

Serious Damian Lillard right now is better than Steph Curry has ever been1:46 am Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

2016 Curry would bend Dame over and give him the business. He would break Lillard mentally and physically. 4

Which team has the hottest sideline reporter 1:52 am Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

Didnt Tristan Thompson kiss Kristen Ledlow during an interview? That shit was crazy. 1

Which team has the hottest sideline reporter 1:52 am Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4xMeKBliHQ 3

Which team has the hottest sideline reporter 1:52 am Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

Yeah that makes me cringe into a neutron star every time i see it. 2

Any one see KD in the new Drake music video 2:30 am Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

That sounds really cringy. KD is so bloody lame mate. -10

If Dame continues to play the way he has the past few days and wins FMVP 4:24 pm Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

What if my balls were the size of jupiter. The world would be sucked into their gravitational force and be destroyed. 3

The most pain I can imagine6:27 pm Sun Aug 16 EDTRemoved

Same. The set up was pretty damn good. 3

Nashs two mvps are some of the weakest of the last 20 years why does no one on this sub acknowledge that 12:23 pm Fri Aug 21 EDTRemoved

Reddit is ultra defensive of great white players like Nash, Dirk, John Stockton, and more recently Luka. 2

Leonards flopping is almost not fair11:45 pm Fri Aug 21 EDTRemoved

Everyone flops dude. Get over it. 4

The future is bright for the mavs1:00 am Sat Aug 22 EDTRemoved

Original poster. You were the original poster of the thread, OP. 2

I wish we could cool down on all the pile-on negativity The sub and coverage n general is out of balance with negativity 9:51 am Sat Aug 22 EDTRemoved

Personally, I love negativity. 3

Why exactly is the penalty for a clear path foul two free throws and possession 9:59 am Sat Aug 22 EDTRemoved

Players used to bear hug other dudes from behind if they got out in front of them on a fast break. The NBA wanted to stop that and I dont blame them. It was ugly ass basketball. 11

Do the sneaker squeaks on ESPN of the Rockets-Thunder seem really fake or am I crazy 7:53 pm Sat Aug 22 EDTRemoved

It sounds like a 1000 baby mice being sodomized on the court. 2

What do you guys think about what Montrez said 7:59 pm Sat Aug 22 EDTRemoved

The playoffs are on. Go watch. 1

Serge Ibaka in only 20 minutes of play 27 15 2 8:57 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

Hes playing against the Nets calm down. 1

Lukas current nba career or Derrick Roses up until 2012 11:40 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

Dont put that voodoo on Luka. 5

If you replaced 2014 LeBron with Luka would the Heats win the title that year 6:03 pm Tue Aug 25 EDTRemoved

what the fuck 3

Can a Miami fan help me with this commentator 5:58 pm Tue Aug 25 EDTRemoved

Thats Emmy award winning commentator Eric Reid. 12

Who will win MVP 1:09 pm Wed Aug 26 EDTRemoved

They should give it to Harden to make up for Giannis stealing Hardens MVP last season. 1

Seems like r television thinks the NBA is suffering from bad ratings because of politics and America bashing 1:32 pm Wed Aug 26 EDTRemoved

The people who would stop watching because of that wouldnt have watched in the first place. 0

What Is Up With This Sub My Dudes1:57 pm Wed Aug 26 EDTRemoved

I lowkey like it. Its very entertaining. 0

When did celebrating on the bench mean you act like you won championships 3:28 pm Wed Aug 26 EDTRemoved

Montrezl Harrell used all his energy to go super saiyan when someone hit a jumpshot up 20 against an injured team. It was ridiculous. 0

Stan Van Gundy explains the current situation perfectly11:46 pm Wed Aug 26 EDTRemoved

Police reform and getting trump out of office would be a good start. -4

Pompey The meeting turned dysfunctional after the coaches left according to a source 11:49 pm Wed Aug 26 EDTRemoved

People forget that these guys are relatively young and uneducated. -2

Why do people still think Kawhi is better than Lebron 3:46 pm Sun Sep 13 EDTRemoved

Kawhi still scares me man. 2

Game 7 and we might have to have a conversation after this11:37 am Tue Sep 15 EDTRemoved

Jinxing isnt real son. 1

NBC Sports Boston announced a while back that they are laying off sideline reporters Abby Chin and A Sherrod Blakely due to covid budget cuts Please help us bring attention to NBC Sports management that they should re-hire both personalities 12:12 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTRemoved

Why though? Sometimes you gotta fire people. 9

Houston getting rid of westbrook 11:39 am Tue Sep 15 EDTRemoved

I dont think they can. Nobody wants that contract. Theyre probably run it back. Another year of chemistry might do wonders for them. 2

Is the outcome of the Clippers Nuggets game proof that the NBA does not ask referees to alter games 2:33 am Wed Sep 16 EDTRemoved

I Guarantee youd be wrong. 1

Kawhi is still better than James Harden2:38 am Wed Sep 16 EDTRemoved

Im not so sure about that anymore. 0