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orlando vs toronto6:14 pm Sat Apr 18 EDT 0 ups @ 0.19 Removed


Trades Id make as the Cavs that probably wont happen but I wanted to hear your thoughts on10:50 pm Fri Dec 11 EDTRemoved

Can they actually trade a guy they JUST traded for ? (Alec Burks) 1

Serious Do you think it would improve tha product uh NBA games if they went back tuh tha 2 uh 3 free throw rule 10:05 am Mon Dec 14 EDTRemoved

for a moment I was worried youre having a stroke 3

Is CP3s contract the worst in NBA since Gilbert Arenas 8:44 pm Thu Dec 17 EDTRemoved

my personal favorite is Ian Mahinmi, I have absolutely no fucking idea how do you give such contract to a guy who played sub 20mpg for his career 22

Nuggets fans are so obnoxious They think that Jokic is somehow the best player ever and that our feeble minds cant comprehend his high IQ play When you ask them about what makes Jokic so great all they say is passing They are the epitome of fans th11:08 am Sun Feb 2 EDTRemoved

Well, if its his attempt at being funny then its quite sad either way. 2


especially that imo he was hit on that play, just that his long beard + patented "neck snap" make everything look like a total flop. Not even gonna argue in the other thread cause people love to hate him -5

Pascal Siakam or Jayson Tatum 9:06 pm Sat Mar 28 EDTRemoved

Siakam might be hitting 25 soon but I still think he has a good chance to grow into that 2nd guy on a very good team role. He started playing basketball seriously at 17 so imo his learing curve is different than for guys that played since they were few ye 1

With 7 games left in the regular season Jimmer Fredette needs to average 362 72 points per game to over take James Harden for the scoring title 3:36 pm Tue Mar 31 EDTRemoved

hes so good 6

In a game that could prove very big for MVP narrative Harden finishes the first half with 10 2 5 on 46 25 shooting with 0 FTA9:28 pm Tue Mar 31 EDTRemoved

giannis has 3 3

Why Rockets won t win a championship9:54 pm Tue Mar 31 EDTRemoved

more like hurt yourself and die by the midrange like Wiggins 1

Warriors fans really cant handle a loss8:05 pm Sat Apr 4 EDTRemoved

agree with the title, the post is obnoxious tho 1

Zach Lowe on Hardens 2017-18 MVP last years win felt like a collective shoulder shrug from voters Fine fine Maybe you should have won the year before Your team won 65 games We dont like watching you play so please take the trophy and lets agree no2:25 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

Its extremely high IQ basketball with a lot of finesse, incredible individual skill. Definitely not for everyone but some haters are genuinely surprised that someone can enjoy watching him, lol. 1

As the Suns didn t make the playoffs u 505suns must delete his account2:51 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

I wonder in such situations if the person is either trolling, straight up dumb or a delusional homer. Like no way a sane person thought Suns are making the playoffs. 6

If the Nets win the championship do they even offer Kyrie a deal 3:27 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

They will sign Kyrie, Klay, KD, Kawhi and AD for vet mins and 10-peat up in this bitch 1

JJ REDDICK IS A TEAM CANCER4:46 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

I see you havent been here for the last year playoffs. You would think Blazers were the worst NBA team ever assembled if you read the crazy shit people were posting. People are excited for the playoffs and the takes are extra hot in these times. 2

orlando vs toronto6:14 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

Ive missed you yoffs too. 0

orlando vs toronto6:14 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

It lasted a good 20 seconds after my post, I call it a fair game. -2

Playoff Lowry in the 1st half 17 minutes 0-4 from the field 0-4 from three Zero 0 points 2 assists 6:15 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

Not matter what going forward, I will forever stand by my opinion that he is extremely overrated. Some Raptors would try to convince you hes Prime CP3 but he aint even close. -2

All of you saying that Kyle Lowry is having a terrible game are box score nerds6:46 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

lol if Simmons had guys completely take over the offensive load like Kawhi and Siakam ( with help from Gasol and Green) you would say he had a great game too? Delusional is the word my friend 3

Would you rather have Gary Harris on Andrew Wiggins deal or Wiggins on Harris deal 6:51 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

Harry Garris 0

What happened with Michael carter-Williams 6:53 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

and he didnt lie 5

Hypothetical How would you feel if you fell into a coma for 2 weeks and someone told you the Eastern Conference semis were PACERS-PISTONS and NETS-MAGIC 7:52 pm Sat Apr 18 EDTRemoved

but memes at all time high 3

Who would win the title if Steph and KD swapped places with Westbrook and PG 6:35 pm Sun Apr 19 EDTRemoved

lol changing Russ and PG for Steph and KD somehow makes OKC worse? stop 4

Won my first playoff series at age 24 Went on to become the greatest player of all time Who am I 9:28 pm Sun Apr 19 EDTRemoved

His name? Albert Einstein 1

If the Warriors lose does this have the potential to be the best yoffs in NBA history 1:33 pm Mon Apr 20 EDTRemoved

downvoted for yoffs 3

Why did Kerr allow Curry to get 10 more shots than KD last night 11:07 am Tue Apr 21 EDTRemoved

Curry still had only 18 shots, its not that much for a guy like him dude, its not like he was out there chucking 40 shots dude 5

Won my first playoff series at age 24 Went on to become the greatest player of all time Who am I 1:49 pm Tue Apr 21 EDTRemoved

this motherfucker again 10

Houston Rockets just scored 70 points vs 2 defense in the league Utah Jazz Second half starting soon10:39 pm Wed Apr 22 EDTRemoved

Honestly for a sub that puts playoff impact literally 10000x higher than the regular season impact to judge how good a player is this sub really overrates a guy that is borderline useless against top 3 teams (GSW,HOU,MIL). Not saying hes worse than Capel 1

How close was Russell to pushing the ref 4:53 pm Sat Apr 25 EDTRemoved

> |.......................| Imma stop you right there, pal, Im sure that at most it was THIS close |.........................| 7

The first comment on posts on r nba is always the top voted one no mater how uninteresting or generic 10:05 pm Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

This. 2

Curry and Klay Body Language10:04 pm Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

I just want them to start losing again so I can enjoy the salty tears of Klay 1

who is more clutch on the warriors specifically in the playoffs10:29 pm Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

KD, Slim Reaper, Durant 1

How big of a controversy would it be if it came out that James Hardens beard is fake 10:44 pm Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

Banned for life. 1

request 5:25 pm Sun May 17 EDTRemoved

I always wonder why things like that are so damn satisfying to watch 1

yall begged for it and got Portland v GW now we gonna see a sweep and are being robbed of an actual interesting series of OKC v GS2:52 pm Fri May 22 EDTRemoved

The only team in the West that at least could hope to win a series vs Warriors was Houston Rockets and the the people who say otherwise are delusional/blatant homers. Dont even start with that OKC bullshit again, I thought that those embarrassing takes th 3

Kawhi to Lakers should be vetoed9:26 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTRemoved

genuine question, why was the trade "vetoed" by the league and not just straight up "cancelled" by the actual team? I was reading a little bit about it a while ago but still cant fully understand the situation 3

Kawhi to Lakers should be vetoed9:26 pm Sun Jul 5 EDTRemoved

So let me get this clear because its super late for me. Lets just say that Bob Myers of Golden State makes a crazy trade involving Curry, but later Joe Lacob, the owner is like "yo, fuck that, this trade is dumb, its not happening". Is this kinda the same 1

Another coach s challenge in which the call in question should ve clearly been overturned was not 10:49 pm Thu Nov 12 EDTRemoved

this is embarassing, not even a fan of either team but its fucking ridiculous 2

Are Hawks better without Trae5:21 pm Tue Jan 5 EDTRemoved

without Trae, the Hawks would have a very good chance ending up with the worst offense in the last 50 years and one of the worst team overall in NBA history 1

A little late but Dennis Schroeder quietly averaged 22 3 3 9 3 4 on 50 40 91 shooting in December off the bench for a Thunder team that went 11-4 in the month2:42 am Sun Jan 5 EDTRemoved

Yea, the original comment is an absolutely perfect example of "voters fatigue". People get bored of the constant front runner so they try to create false narratives. 2

CP3 in the Fourth Quarter 16 pts 2 2 FG 2 3 3FG 1 Assist 1 TO9:54 pm Tue Jan 7 EDTRemoved

its supposed to be 4/5 FG, 2/2 3PT 3

Can we come up with a nickname for Ja 10:03 pm Fri Jan 17 EDTRemoved

Ja is already a nickname basically and sounds great, why try to force another shitty nickname? 2

Memphis really got Winslow and a 2024 first round pick for nothing8:53 pm Wed Feb 5 EDTRemoved

Grizz on the come up 1

Andre Iguodala on Iggy Nickname I Never Liked That9:50 pm Wed Feb 5 EDTRemoved

The Fit would be a worst fucking nickname of all time lol 8

demarcus cousins12:07 am Thu Feb 6 EDTRemoved

Extremely high turnover numbers, lackluster defense, overall low bball IQ player, have been seen as a locker room "cancer" for pretty much his entire career. Although there was always a chance he could matured at least a little with the change of scener 1

No Portland Spurs post game thread 1:53 am Fri Feb 7 EDTRemoved

Im sorry I was only aware of Team Midgets vs Team Big-Bois match-up tonight 2