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Giannis in 2014 Ill never leave the team and the city of Milwaukee till we build the team to a championship level team 12:41 am Wed Jul 21 EDT 6 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Serious lakers are really good but are there any teams in the west that can realistically beat them1:02 am Thu Feb 18 EDTRemoved

No Barton, Plumlee, or MPJ. Having another center out there will def be helpful against you guys lol 5

Kicked ball violation rule Six have been called in this WCF game as of the start of the 4th 11:16 pm Sat Oct 2 EDTRemoved

Absolutely right. It’s not their fault if someone just throws it off their leg. Lots of should be turnovers that the offense gets handed back to them because of a miscall. 1