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There is a G-League player named Haywood Highsmith6:24 pm Sun Nov 24 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

My Current All Stars9:44 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Removed

My New Orleans Milwaukee trade idea1:34 pm Tue Jan 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Removed

A Detailed Review of Kyrie Irvings Final Press Conference with the Celtics11:08 am Fri May 10 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

3 Players Who Could Shock the NBA in 2019-202012:26 pm Thu May 23 EDT 19 ups @ 0.86 Removed

My Predictions for Where Each of the Top 20 Free Agents Land Big Surprises 9:23 am Wed Jun 5 EDT 1 ups @ 0.56 Removed

Ben Simmons Is A Giant Among Men3:47 pm Mon Aug 12 EDT 0 ups @ 0.21 Removed

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Unpopular Opinion Tatum is better than Lauri11:06 pm Sat Dec 14 EDTRemoved

you gave no reasons why, but I agree -1

Suns Kings and Hawks 11:40 pm Sat Dec 14 EDTRemoved

I do not think Fox/Doncic would have fit well together. That being said talent wise its probably "whatever should have tried anyways". But Bagley is at least talented with room to grow. Luka clearly didnt want to go to ATL and we might have seen a Steve 1

so im watching d wade1:15 am Sun Dec 15 EDTRemoved

i think his agent 4

Casual fan here How has Lonzo been so far this season 1:24 am Sun Dec 15 EDTRemoved

at the end of 2017-2018 I had him 116th overall, right now I have him 117th. shooting better, still smart bball IQ, only 21, isnt being pressured to score as much for obvious reason/s (LeBron). biggest thing Id like to see is being more aggressive on off 0

Is the 2013 NBA draft the worst ever 12:42 pm Sun Dec 15 EDTRemoved

2000 is the only draft in modern NBA history in which the league statistically got worse 1

What was the most memorable NBA game you attended in person 12:25 pm Sun Dec 15 EDTRemoved

Ive only been to one NBA game ever: Rockets @ Grizzlies in March 2013. Grizzlies won, but I was more focused on my alma mater Florida Gulf Coast playing in the sweet 16 and watched that game in the lobby the whole 4th quarter. 1

Who s the better player which prospect would you rather have Siakam or Kuzma 7:44 am Sun Dec 29 EDTRemoved

Siakam. Kuzmas ceiling is top 45-50, Siakam top 20 -1

Who would you rather have on your team KD or Doncic 1:23 am Mon Dec 30 EDTRemoved

this thread goes to the nephew hall of fame 1

My Current All Stars9:44 pm Thu Jan 2 EDTRemoved

in all seriousness, I really, really like how hes looked on the floor lately. 2

Who says no 3:53 pm Mon Jan 6 EDTRemoved

how does this trade make any sense 2

Grizzlies amp Rockets Conley Trade Idea - explanation included 8:06 pm Wed Jan 23 EDTRemoved

this is awful, and we arent trading him to a division rival 1

With Oladipo maybe out for the season now w a knee injury who will replace him in the All star game 8:39 pm Wed Jan 23 EDTRemoved

its too soon but a real thought since this does open up a spot. my east all stars currently excluding Oladipo: **Starters** Giannis Embiid Kawhi Kyrie Beal **Bench** Lowry Ben Simmons Jimmy Butler Kemba *Oladipo would have been next so after 1

You haven t watched Trae Young lately have you 1:05 pm Tue Jan 29 EDTRemoved

there sure as hell was until 2019 started. I saw multiple people on here call him a worse Brandon Jennings 1

Lonzo9:13 pm Wed Jan 30 EDTRemoved

tell us how you really feel 1

Which NBA conspiracy do you believe 11:41 pm Tue Feb 5 EDTRemoved

OJ Mayo being banned from the NBA for 2 years. Im not saying his story of the reason being painkillers is false, I did read a story on a forum 5-6 years ago of someone saying they knew him personally and he was real into molly 1

Should Raptors trade Lowry and Valeuncias for Conley and Gasol 8:03 pm Wed Feb 6 EDTRemoved

why would Memphis do this? 1

List of massively overrated inefficient players8:19 am Thu Feb 7 EDTRemoved

thank you for your service 4

Hello Grizzlies fans Can you guys answer my questions 1:40 pm Fri Feb 8 EDTRemoved

As a Grizzlies fan, I think hes mediocre (he looked good the 1st month of the season though) but if you go to the Grizzlies sub and ask them the answer you will get is "worst point guard in NBA history" 3

Post-Game Thread The Atlanta Hawks 19-39 defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 28-29 117-113 behind Youngs 22 6 1410:07 pm Tue Feb 12 EDTRemoved

Luke had the "Im getting fired" look on his face at the end 1

Predict Lakers starting line up for 2019-20 12:24 pm Sat Mar 9 EDTRemoved

I did 3 sims of NBA 2K and every time DeMarcus Cousins signed there and I know its a video game but it makes too much sense. 3

My Predictions for Where Each of the Top 20 Free Agents Land Big Surprises 9:23 am Wed Jun 5 EDTRemoved

SAS also said Kawhi to Clippers, which I disagree with. 1

Offseason Post James Harden was named but not indicted in an appellate case currently at the Texas Supreme Court of Criminal Appeals and I thought it was interesting enough to share9:17 am Tue Sep 24 EDTRemoved

What a bunch of dumb horseshit by everyone involved in this. 3