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This sub has no idea what over- or under- -estimated means 1:25 am Wed Nov 3 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Scary Terry 16pts so far in the first quarter7:32 pm Sun Feb 14 EDT 9 ups @ 0.85 Removed


Stop with the is Luka a top 10 player 2:06 pm Sun Nov 14 EDTRemoved

C’s are looking way smoother and playing together much better without him. Imo kyrie also stunted tatums growth, good to see him playing like a future superstar again. 1

Clip Request11:20 pm Sat Nov 27 EDTRemoved

Lol at mentioning your cup size estimate 6

Carmelo Anthony has been named the NBAs Western Conference Player of the Week 3:42 pm Mon Dec 6 EDTRemoved

No way. Harden? Doncic? 5

If Durant or Cousins come back this year does that mean they really didn t have the injuries they were diagnosed with 4:33 pm Thu Jan 14 EDTRemoved

This could actually be one of the dumbest posts i’ve seen on here. Congrats! 2

Lets rank every player in the NBA12:21 am Tue Nov 9 EDTRemoved

3. Giannis 1

Who would you rather have Current Joel Embiid or prime David Robinson 12:42 pm Mon Feb 22 EDTRemoved

Right now im still taking the Admiral, Need to see Embiid stay healthy and put up more elite seasons. Getting closer though 1

Should the NBA have Anfernee Simons and Obadiah Richard Toppin Jr redo their Dunk Contest in case it was a big fluke 9:13 am Mon Mar 8 EDTRemoved

No 1

Why does being all defense matter in the MVP race this year when the consensus this year is that everyone is having an all time great season offensively 6:59 pm Fri Mar 19 EDTRemoved

Lol so true 6

Is Talen-Horton Tucker actually a good prospect and valuable piece or is it just LA media hype 3:12 pm Wed Mar 24 EDTRemoved

Agreed. Plus, while they both have good potential I honestly think Maxey has shown more flashes. I dont think either will be a star but both could be good starters or 6th men 3