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Buddy Hield in the first half 22 points 8-12 FG 5-8 3P11:10 pm Wed Oct 28 EDT 14 ups @ 0.94 Removed

AD goes to the locker room early 10:59 pm Sun Nov 1 EDT 7 ups @ 0.73 Removed

After starting 0-5 the Kings have the best offense in the league and a top 10 defense2:07 pm Wed Nov 25 EDT 3 ups @ 0.80 Removed

Is this not an important year for Chris Paul legacy wise 10:37 pm Sun Feb 23 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Deleted

The Sacramento Kings have the best record in the NBA since the All-Star break 6-1 Kings have climbed from 13th seed to 9th seed in this time frame 12:28 am Wed Mar 4 EDT 29 ups @ 0.97 Removed

Jayson Tatum back in April said he hasn t been able to touch a basketball since the Celtics last game in Indiana He thought about getting a hoop but doesn t think the Boston weather is good for outside basketball workouts 9:24 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT 6 ups @ 0.60 Deleted


Ive been seeing Hardensexuals on here comparing Chokeden and Kobe7:09 pm Sun Oct 25 EDTDeleted

I prefer Harchoke than Chokeden 0

In 13-14 NBA season there were only 2 east team that had a better record than 9th seeded Phoenix Suns 11:27 pm Wed Jul 29 EDTDeleted

The entire East was awful that year, including the Heat. Heat got absolutely embarrassed by the Spurs that year, the same Spurs team that got taken to 7 games in round one of the playoffs 2

Is there a player as uniquely overrated as Ivica Zubac 2:37 am Fri Jul 31 EDTDeleted

Yes, Caruso 1

The NBA sound board is ruining the viewing experience of the games 4:50 pm Sun Aug 2 EDTDeleted

It sounds like a fly buzzing inside my ear 1