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Post Game Thread The Cleveland Cavaliers 9-35 snap the Los Angeles Lakers 23-21 100 - 9511:56 pm Sun Jan 19 EDT

You had Wade. I dont disagree with you completely though. Even when the Cavs had Love and Kyrie, they still looked bad without Bron. 2

Post Game Thread Lakers 25-22 fall to Rockets 26-19 in an OT thriller11:30 pm Sat Jan 25 EDT

Also when your team is based around the regular season and you lost your one and only chance of beating the Warriors once CP3 went down last year. 0

Post Game Thread Lakers 25-22 fall to Rockets 26-19 in an OT thriller11:30 pm Sat Jan 25 EDT

Hey, at least you know this wont happen in the playoffs! Harden is a great regular season player but he doesnt get those bs calls in the postseason. 1

Post Game Thread Lakers 25-22 fall to Rockets 26-19 in an OT thriller11:30 pm Sat Jan 25 EDT

16 FTs in OT for the Rockets. Thats disgusting. -1

Unpopular opinion Pop is just as much of a douche bag to media as Westbrook12:48 am Sun May 3 EDT

Maybe he just watched the first two answers or something? 5

Jokic is just a Demarcus Cousins that can sometimes make the playoffs11:52 pm Wed May 6 EDT

/r/iamverysmart 1

Is Kawaii Lenoard the most overrated superstar today 10:55 pm Wed May 20 EDT

Youre an idiot lol 1

Is Andre Iguodala a top 5 perimeter defender in NBA history 11:37 pm Thu May 21 EDT

No 1

Discussion Dame choked11:37 pm Thu May 21 EDT

Hes holding his arm so how the hell can he shoot naturally??? 5

A little ironic the Warriors 3 homegrown stars are showing out12:25 am Sun May 24 EDT

It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife 7

KD is going to stay with Golden State12:50 am Tue Jun 16 EDT

I think the way this series went without him was already the turning point tbh. Him getting injured again just cemented it. Now we have to watch 3-5 more years of this Warriors team in the Finals (unless the Lakers can get another superstar or two). 1

Who wins the championship if Durant and Thompson were healthy 12:28 am Fri Jun 19 EDT

Lol. I think this is pretty obvious. 27

This RDAmbition thing is almost as bad as Burt Steele and his 5 45 tweets7:20 pm Mon Jul 6 EDT

This is his chance to be proved legit or fake. 7

META Low-effort comments that just say Not now are stupid and shouldnt be allowed Why can we only discuss ONE thing right now 6:14 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT


KTLA Sports Reporter As my nba sources continue to inform me Its NEVER BEEN about signing with lakers According to what has been told to me kawhileonard leans heavily in the direction of the LAClippers But if not he will stay with the raptors6:39 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT

If that was the case, why would he even meet with them then? 1

Has Air Buds legacy been tarnished by his association with Harvey Weinstein 7:16 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT

Do we know if Weinstein ever invited Bud to his hotel room? 1

Whats up with Zion 10:15 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

Its all dat ass 1

Westbrook unfollowed George on Instagram 2:48 am Sat Jul 11 EDT

Lakers should trade for him. I know they dont have the assets to do it but if they did it would be amazing. 1

Warriors12:23 am Fri Oct 30 EDT

Get your hot takes here 1

Kawhi Leonard has a career high 9 assists in 19 45 minutes 12:22 am Fri Oct 30 EDT

How the fuck has he never had 9 assists??? 4