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KAT last night 19 points 10 rebounds 5 assists in 19 minutes 8:25 am Wed Oct 14 EDT 3 ups @ 0.80 Removed

The Timberwolves just hit a franchise record for 3pm 21 with 11 30 left in the 4th quarter 10:00 pm Mon Jan 27 EDT 9 ups @ 0.91 Removed


Who do you take going forward Andrew Wiggins or Kyle Kuzma 5:11 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

The one not on the max contract destroying the future of his team 8

With 7 games left in the regular season Jimmer Fredette needs to average 362 72 points per game to over take James Harden for the scoring title 3:36 pm Tue Mar 31 EDTRemoved

Can he do it? 9

We must sacrifice 1 NBA team as tribute to the basketball deities which team should it be 3:10 pm Sun Apr 5 EDTRemoved

Well volunteer. Twolves arent really doing much other than taking up space and wasting the primes of elite bigs. If they die so basketball can live at least we would have *some* sort of positive legacy. 1

Where does KAT currently rank as a NBA player and what is his ceiling10:24 pm Thu Apr 16 EDTRemoved

Id have agreed at the start of the season but disagree now seeing how the season has turned out. Hes been a very vocal leader for the team, has explicitly said hed trade his stats for team success, and now this week has talked about how the team is gonna 2

Who s your MVP 4:27 pm Fri Apr 17 EDTRemoved

Harden. I think Giannis is the overall better player, but I think what Harden has done this year is just fucking absurd. 37 - 6.6 - 7.5 is straight up video game numbers, and he did it all year long and got his team 50 wins, all while the second and thi 2

Tim Duncan won 5 championships in spite of Pop6:24 pm Thu Apr 23 EDTRemoved

I see this, I see this post and I read it. You know what I think when I read it? I say now heres a guy that knows hoops. 2

Im done10:22 am Wed May 20 EDTRemoved

Theres a reason theyve got a lottery in place, its meant to disincentivize teams winning 19 games a year. Youre not guaranteed anything. Its just statistics my man. 1

Its one game 11:46 pm Thu Jun 4 EDTRemoved

You sound a little defensive, slick 3

How much importance do you put into PER when judging a player 4:24 pm Thu Jul 2 EDTRemoved

Its a great stat when it portrays players I like in a good light and a bad stat when it portrays them in a bad light 7

Shaq vs Ben Simmons9:46 am Thu Jul 9 EDTRemoved

Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 3

Timberwolves OKC Rockets 3 team trade idea Big trade for big results3:05 pm Thu Jul 16 EDTRemoved

Wolves are not giving up Kat for anything less than an AD-level haul. 1

Karl Anthony Towns finishes tonight s game with 37 15 8 4 2 on 13 18 shooting and 4 7 from 3 in 28 minutes9:23 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTRemoved

Hes fucking insane. 10

Karl Anthony Towns finishes tonight s game with 37 15 8 4 2 on 13 18 shooting and 4 7 from 3 in 28 minutes9:23 pm Fri Oct 30 EDTRemoved

He shot 40% from 3 on like 6 attempts last year. Hes an elite shooter. 6

Who would you rather have on your team KAT or Embiid 11:08 am Thu Nov 5 EDTRemoved

You aint been watching much of the wolves this year have you 1

Andrew Wiggins through first 10 games 26 ppg 5 rpg 3 apg on 56 TS 9:40 pm Mon Nov 16 EDTRemoved

MIP. People saying "its early", and Im not saying he wont/cant come back down to earth... But hes never put together 2 or 3 games in a row of this level, let alone 8 or 9. Hes been insane on both sides, Ive never seen him scrap for boards or loose balls t 1

Andrew Wiggins at halftime 20 5 4 1 steal and 1 block on 8 13 shooting9:06 pm Wed Nov 18 EDTRemoved

I have always wanted to see Wiggins do well but over the last few years, Ive become very skeptical. Generally, hes looked lazy on both ends, doesnt hustle, and has IDGAF shot selection. This year, hes been hustling on both ends (Im talking scrapping for 1

Post Game Thread The Minnesota Timberwolves 9-8 beat the Atlanta Hawks 4-13 behind 28 from KAT and 25 from Wiggins10:07 pm Mon Nov 30 EDTRemoved

I think putting Teague on the bench is going to be long-term a great move. Hes gonna be a good spark plug off the bench once he gets out of this funk hes in. Free throws continue to be a massive concern, idk what the fuck is going on there. KATs passi 9

Does Miami move into contender status with a Gallo trade 11:21 am Thu Feb 6 EDTRemoved

Hard to see anybody other than Giannis and the Bucks coming out of the East rn. There are a lot of good teams, but I just dont see them getting by MKE in 7 games. 3

Who is the best player in your franchise history to never win a ring 1:09 pm Wed Feb 19 EDTRemoved

Pick any of them 2