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Interesting NBA stat of the day Only 1 team in the Western Conference is below 4503:56 pm Thu Dec 3 EDT

Can we not 0

In Hindsight should the Spurs have fired Pop to keep Kawhi 4:01 pm Thu Dec 3 EDT

Bruh you stupid. 0

Purely catch and shoot whos the best shooter in the league 7:42 pm Mon Dec 28 EDT

Steph, then Klay 14

Why did Kawhi not want to be in San Antonio 3:33 pm Thu Jan 16 EDT

Those cigarettes arent gonna buy themselves 4

Is Lebrons main argument as 2 Goat the finals thing 1:28 am Mon Feb 17 EDT

If the main argument is rings... ... Why is Bill Russell not in your top 5? 1

Why is PG13 an mvp candidate when he has another top 10 player recent mvp winner as a teammate 12:26 pm Thu Feb 27 EDT

Cause he plays good shooty hoops 1

LeBron could miss his next 3 432 shots and still have a better career FG than Kobe LeBron could have 1 500 turnovers in a row without an assist and still have a better career assist turnover ratio than Kobe 12:01 pm Wed Mar 4 EDT

Watched them both. I would say Kobe is easily a better scorer than LeBron. However, I would say Lebron is a much better overall player in terms of overall production that he brings to a team. 1

Twas the hour before free agency with shit posts about4:53 pm Sun Jul 5 EDT

The formatting hurts my soul 1

How can Lebron be the greatest 3:08 pm Thu Jul 23 EDT

Nephew just got out of summer school. Go do your homework. 18

Would a deal for CP3 in December put the Knicks into the playoff conversation CP3 Randle gives them some nice pieces to have added to the young core of RJ Knox Robinson I think they can be a playoff team with that move plus bring back Carmelo Anthony5:17 pm Thu Aug 6 EDT

Lol 1

Whats the email to apply for the draft 3:07 pm Sat Aug 15 EDT

Simple. Go to "sss.gov" 1

Could Russell Westbrook and GIANNIS beat the best 5 WNBA players 2 on 5 12:02 am Sun Aug 30 EDT

Is it make it/take it...? 0