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In their age 20 season or younger only 2 players have avg at least 17 PPG 7 APG and shot 34 from three Ja Morant and Lebron James 11:14 am Mon Aug 10 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Deleted

Only some players are true closers Who is the best closer in the NBA currently 11:42 pm Tue Sep 1 EDT 0 ups @ 0.27 Deleted

Kawhi and PG only shot 1 free throw combined2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 0 ups @ 0.42 Removed


What happened to the Ja Morant hype 9:33 pm Fri Jan 24 EDTRemoved

LMAO he already looks like an all-star to me. What is this crap? 6

Knicks PR While Steve Stoute is a valued contributer of the Knicks marketing and branding efforts he does not speak on behalf of New York Knicks personnel and basketball operations 6:03 pm Tue Feb 11 EDTRemoved

Knicks definitely are the KANGZ of being the Knicks 1

Post Game Thread Team LeBron 2 defeats Team Giannis 24 157-155 in a thriller of a game wrapping up the 2020 All Star Weekend 11:29 pm Sun Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Incredibly exciting even though it ended at the free throw line. I know AD was sweating. 4

Rob Pelinka spotted with Giannis Antetokounmpo12:52 pm Tue Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Pelinka is actually a shit GM if he didn’t have the luxury of relying on LA as a draw 1

Next year the Golden State Warriors will have the opportunity to go to 6 straight NBA Finals11:25 pm Wed Mar 11 EDTRemoved

People are actually dying because of this virus 2

Would you rather have Dejounte murray or Lonzo 4:40 pm Sun Aug 9 EDTRemoved

DeJounte. 1

Damian Lillard caught following17 year old TikToker and liking her racy pics sources included7:04 pm Thu Aug 13 EDTRemoved

Nothing, this sub will eat shit for Dame if he tells them to. 1

Why can t Suns be included in the play in tournament 12:06 am Fri Aug 14 EDTRemoved

They just were 2

If the Clippers lose this series should they fire Doc Rivers 7:30 pm Sun Aug 23 EDTRemoved

Man this is dumb 1

Murray finishes with 50 5 6 and Mitchell finishes with 44 6 5 in another outstanding matchup11:12 pm Sun Aug 30 EDTRemoved

Tfw your coach doesn’t even coach but it doesn’t matter when you have unlimited homing rockets 3

Is Rudy Gobert one of the worse contract in the NBA 12:11 am Mon Aug 31 EDTRemoved

Definitely feel like he is particularly valuable only against certain teams. 3

Only some players are true closers Who is the best closer in the NBA currently 11:42 pm Tue Sep 1 EDTRemoved

They are closers in games without the highest leverage, but both of them have terrible shooting splits in Game 7s -6

Only some players are true closers Who is the best closer in the NBA currently 11:42 pm Tue Sep 1 EDTRemoved

I didn’t call them chokers I said they disappoint consistently in Game 7s -2

Replace giannis with healthy KD how much different would the series be right now against Miami 12:19 am Thu Sep 3 EDTRemoved

Wtf did we get lobotomized KD is an all time great 1


Milwaukee has the league’s best record for the first time in 50 years nearly for the franchise. Has the MVP for the first time really ever. Fans get excited. Many of them have never been alive to root for a true contender Bucks team, or for an MVP. -1

Whos the better player - Kemba or Kyrie10:33 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTRemoved

Lmaoooooooooooooo the lack of perspective honestly gives me vertigo 0

Congrats to the Nuggets from a Clippers fan2:16 am Wed Sep 16 EDTRemoved

This sub treating y’all like shit. Honestly it’s bully mentality from a bunch of dynasty fans who think fans of cursed franchises should demonstrate appropriate humility. 8

Kawhi Leonard individual statistics in Game 7 14 points 6-22 FG 2-7 3PFG 6 rebounds 6 assists 2 turnovers -21 in 44 minutes8:38 am Wed Sep 16 EDTRemoved

He shot zero free throws. The fix was in. -1