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Both Jordan and Lebron have 2 Olympic Gold Medals but does Lebrons 2004 Bronze Medal and higher total medal count put him over MJ 12:13 pm Sun Jul 11 EDT 0 ups @ 0.14 Removed


ESPN don t make it feel like the finals10:55 pm Tue Jul 6 EDTRemoved

nah Suns wouldve went to WCF but probably lost to Clippers. Nets crush the East tho 1

In his first NBA Finals game - Chris Paul finishes with 32 Points 9 Assists and 3 Rebounds while shooting 63 2 from the field11:28 pm Tue Jul 6 EDTRemoved

he aint gonna let this chance slip 3

Has any player ever elevated centers as much as Chris Paul 12:24 am Wed Jul 7 EDTRemoved

only cause they required a center position 2

Milwaukee Bucks point guard Jrue Holidays DAUGHTER is named Jrue Holiday 1:01 am Thu Jul 8 EDTRemoved

did you just assume his daughters gender? 2

Replace Chris Paul with MVP Westbrook Are the Suns still in the finals 11:55 am Fri Jul 9 EDTRemoved

no. Westbrook is the perfect example of what Draymond calls an 82 game player vs a 16 game player Devin Booker would be lucky to get 10 shots/game with Westbrook 1

Do you think an Asian player could ever be the face of the NBA 9:02 pm Mon Jul 12 EDTRemoved

lebron? 1

Chris Paul in Game 4 of the 2021 NBA Finals11:38 pm Wed Jul 14 EDTRemoved


2020 Heat vs 2021 Suns12:33 am Thu Jul 15 EDTRemoved

do the Heat have their 3 best players injured in Game 1 again? 2

Whats your most unpopular NBA opinion 10:18 pm Fri Jul 16 EDTRemoved

even 2012 was questionable. he just choked in the Finals the year before and the league couldnt afford their golden boy choking again yet OKC won G1 and the refs swallowed the whistle on Lebrons foul on KD in G2 for the game-tying free throws 1

Whats your most unpopular NBA opinion 10:18 pm Fri Jul 16 EDTRemoved

Kobe won MVP in 08 2

Currently audience reviews for Space Jam 2 sit at 83 Is Lebron not as hated as we thought 11:01 am Sat Jul 17 EDTRemoved

Lebrons long time spokesperson is a Republican political strategist lmao. yall been played 1

Does Giannis have a super team 4:39 am Wed Jul 21 EDTRemoved

so this years Nets werent a superteam 1