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China s stance on this matter is crystal clear - China s ministry of foreign affairs response to CCTV suspending all NBA broadcast4:42 am Tue Oct 8 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

NBA players salary expected to decrease by 20 if it loses the Chinese Market6:54 am Wed Oct 9 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Deleted


Kyrie since getting a haircut 28 5 points 6 3 assists 4 5 rebounds 2 3 steals - 56 50 90 2:04 am Sat Nov 23 EDTDeleted

imagine a bald scalabrine 6

Is harden the most hated superstar after KD 7:52 am Wed Dec 4 EDTDeleted

> I know he gets a lot of FTs And that’s what makes him annoying, like the dude just flops around so much that at times it just pisses you off 6

Do you think the next player we consider GOAT All Time is alive yet 5:32 am Sun Dec 8 EDTDeleted

How tf would we know? -3

I Wish the Warriors Would Quit Losing 6:43 am Sun Dec 8 EDTDeleted

You really think they would try to lose home court advantage just to get a better pick in the draft 1

For your team would you take Prime Manu Ginobili or 2016 Klay 9:16 am Fri Jan 3 EDTDeleted

> JIRAIYA IS STILL ALIVE IN BORUTO!!! Wtf, major spoiler right there lmao 6

Serious Where would Curry rank all-time after this season if he wins his 5th ring and would ve won his 2nd or 3rd FMVP 4:52 am Wed Feb 6 EDTDeleted

He only has 3 rings atm 3

Could you beat LeBron James Jr in a 1 on 1 game 4:00 am Sun Feb 10 EDTDeleted

Get a room already 8

Serious If travel is an issue for removing conferences and changing to top 16 why doesnt the league revert to a 2-3-2 playoff format 3:44 am Sat Mar 2 EDTDeleted

> In a playoff series the higher seed plays games 1 and 2 at home. Games 3, 4 and 5 are on the road. Don’t you think this is a bit disadvantageous to the higher seed? 3

Is LeBron and his contract still a valuable asset 8:22 am Sun Mar 3 EDTDeleted

Stop overreacting 8

If something happened that required a disaster draft terrorist attack plane crash etc how would players and the league react 12:03 am Mon Mar 4 EDTDeleted

If I’m not mistaken, every team gets to keep 5 players they want, rest would all be made available, and these players are all professional athletes, they won’t refuse to play for a new team 2

If you could trace the Lakers downfall this season to one moment what would it be 5:57 am Mon Mar 11 EDTDeleted

LeBron’s injury 4

The Kings are set up for a monster offseason They could have up to 72 5 million dollars to spend and a loaded roster 2:47 am Mon Mar 18 EDTDeleted

Let’s be real, the Kings prolly don’t want Cousins back, and Cousins prolly don’t want to go back to the Kings 3

If Lebron publicly requested a trade to a contender before the start of next season where would he be most likely to land How would people view this 3:35 am Mon Mar 18 EDTDeleted

He would be viewed as a quitter 2

Tatum or Siakam 2:00 am Tue Mar 19 EDTDeleted

Tatum, because he’s better than Michael Jordan /s 5

Could this rule help with the complaint of fans not seeing their stars play on game day because they rested 6:01 am Wed Mar 20 EDTDeleted

Thing is some people buy their tickets before the season even began 1

NBA pas de playoffs pour LeBron James une premi re depuis 20056:44 am Sat Mar 23 EDTDeleted

> Read More Lol, I like how the whole text is in French and you just casually put “Read More” in the end 8

Serious are the lakers able to trade lebron for D Lo 12:30 pm Sun Mar 24 EDTDeleted

You can’t be serious with that question 14

Fuck NBATv8:31 pm Sun Mar 24 EDTDeleted

It’s sad that the free ones are usually better than the paid ones, kinda like in anime, where the paid ones only have a lil amount of anime due to copyrights while the free ones don’t give a damn about copyrights so they have all the animes uploaded l 5

Hypothetical If the Rockets go for 6-8 wins out of their last 8 games pull on the 1 seed in the West who wins MVP Harden or Giannis 10:25 am Mon Mar 25 EDTDeleted

Harden would be the MVP in that scenario, but it’s very highly unlikely for that to happen, I just don’t see the warriors and nuggets losing half of their remaining games 1

5 NBA Players Who Give Back8:18 am Wed Mar 27 EDTDeleted

> Read More Seriously, you just can’t copy paste the whole article? wtf 5

Athletic Jordan Bell was suspended for using Mike Browns Credit Card at Hotel8:06 am Thu Mar 28 EDTDeleted

Imagine being a millionaire and still doing this type of shit 11


Fultz for MVP 6

Even ignoring accolades Dwyane Wade was MUCH better than Paul Pierce 10:25 am Mon Apr 8 EDTDeleted

> Piece strikes me as incredibly petty and just constantly thirsting after attention and validation. It’s obvious after the dude threw a tantrum when the Celtics tried to air IT’s tribute video lol 2

Wait The Warriors actually lost 2:34 am Tue Apr 16 EDTDeleted

The warriors actually won the game 3

Should the Warriors regret ever acquiring Kevin Durant 3:20 am Tue Apr 16 EDTDeleted

Lol 4

How comes that Michael Jordans 23 jersey was never retired in all franchises 12:36 pm Tue Apr 16 EDTDeleted

I wonder why Riley thought that it was a good idea to retire Jordan’s jersey, as great as Jordan was, he never contributed shit to any other team aside from the bulls, he even prevented some other teams like the Jazz to win a championship, so why would 4

When is the last time an All-Star scored 0 points 2:05 pm Tue Apr 16 EDTDeleted

Yeah, dude legit turned from an all star to a scrub over the night and was out of the league shortly after, like wtf 2

Harden getting viciously elbowed by Joe Ingles11:26 am Sat Apr 20 EDTDeleted

And there are people out there genuinely curious as to why people dislike Harden lol -1

Who s better between Jimmy Butler and CJ McCollum 1:23 pm Sat Apr 20 EDTDeleted

> CJ who is a great player with his own podcast. What does the podcast has anything to do with how good CJ is lol 21

Permission to switch fandom11:54 am Mon Apr 22 EDTDeleted

Lmao 4

Devin Booker is signed through 2023-24 how many more seasons of disfunction does it take for him to demand a trade 3:32 am Tue Apr 23 EDTDeleted

I don’t want to be here 1

How likely is it that spurs win nba finals 6:50 am Fri Apr 26 EDTDeleted

As likely as this post gets a positive karma 6

Will some team give Kevon Looney Mozgov money 12:44 am Sat May 11 EDTDeleted

No 1

Is Kawhi Leonard related to Meyers Leonard 3:09 am Tue May 14 EDTDeleted

> and they look kinda similar to each other. Lol 20

The Lakers now have LeBron James Brandon Ingram Lonzo Ball Kyle Kuzma Josh Hart the 4 overall pick and 40M in cap space9:07 pm Tue May 14 EDTDeleted

All those young players together with the 4th pick would prolly get traded for AD 1

Could the Pelicans draft Zion and RJ 9:28 pm Tue May 14 EDTDeleted

RJ would be top 3 13

Why are people mad about the Pelicans getting the 1 pick when the Lakers and Knicks would have traded it to them anyway for AD 12:06 am Wed May 15 EDTDeleted

Bulls, Cavs and Suns fans are hella mad as well lmao 7

Why are people mad about the Pelicans getting the 1 pick when the Lakers and Knicks would have traded it to them anyway for AD 12:06 am Wed May 15 EDTDeleted

Zion won’t help the Pelicans contend for a championship right away, so AD is still leaving 3

What can NO get for Jrue and the 4 pick 1:31 am Wed May 15 EDTDeleted

Lol 13

It would be insane if Kawhi Leonard straight up gives the Toronto Raptors a championship in his first year11:15 pm Sat May 25 EDTDeleted

Imagine playing just one season for the Raptors and getting a statue in Toronto 9


> Question for the international fan base! How did you guys get into cheering for the Raptors? Where did your passion and support for the Raptors come from? They’re like 90% Warriors haters 1

Should the Rockets go after Jrue Holiday7:39 am Thu May 30 EDTDeleted

With what cap space 1

Should the Rockets go after Jrue Holiday7:39 am Thu May 30 EDTDeleted

Why would the Pelicans want CP3? 4

Should the Rockets go after Jrue Holiday7:39 am Thu May 30 EDTDeleted

No, we don’t want his contract lol 2

when is it justified to draft for need over BPA 1:40 am Sat Jun 1 EDTDeleted

> Asking cause I’m a pistons fan Flair checks out 1

Why is the NBA still using TV ratings as a metric to determine how many people watched the game 6:25 am Sat Jun 1 EDTDeleted

> You can stream it illegally And why would they include something illegal as a metric lol 3

Question about whining10:57 pm Wed Jun 5 EDTDeleted

Harden and CP3 55

Should the Lakers pull out of AD talks and aim for a free agent instead hit or miss 3:16 am Thu Jun 13 EDTDeleted

Delete this shit 10

Who will start at Point Guard for the Celtics next season 8:28 pm Thu Jun 13 EDTDeleted

Scary Terry 2

2020 Lakers are the best team Lebron has ever had10:57 pm Sun Jun 16 EDTDeleted

> Kevin Kuzma 17

Kawhi Leonard Free Agent12:19 am Mon Jun 17 EDTDeleted

Because /u/2TFS36 says so 3

The Kawhining1:00 am Mon Jun 17 EDTDeleted

Go to bed 1

CP3 Did Not Request a Trade10:36 am Wed Jun 19 EDTDeleted

> [jimreaper45] CP3 did not request a trade, league sources tell r/jimpeaper45 FTFY 1

The Lakers need to draft Tacko Fall10:43 am Wed Jun 19 EDTDeleted

You tried 1

Reducing the amount of regular season games 10:38 am Mon Jun 24 EDTDeleted

More games = More chances for players to break records as well 2

Anthony Davis should play naked2:07 am Sat Jun 29 EDTDeleted

Posted by u/bigpenisdragonslayer 2

What goes into a free agency pitch besides money and length 3:43 am Sat Jun 29 EDTDeleted

Winning and Legacy 2

Biggest loser so far 11:27 pm Sat Jun 29 EDTDeleted

It was only going to be locks if they won the lottery but they didn’t 1

The Clippers are a superior franchise to the Lakers7:42 am Sun Jun 30 EDTDeleted

0 championships to 16 championships 13

Bold Prediction Andrew Wiggins will be traded today11:32 am Mon Jul 1 EDTDeleted

Lol 2

What happens if Silver denies the AD trade 11:43 pm Mon Jul 1 EDTDeleted

He can’t 13

get on record nephews will the Warriors ever win another title with a core of Steph Klay Draymond 9:54 am Tue Jul 2 EDTDeleted

Anything is possible 0

Who s this pingalore dude 3:20 am Wed Jul 3 EDTDeleted

He’s the dude that said Kawhi would be a Clipper 1

If an NBA player were to shit themselves during a game but insisted to keep playing would they be allowed 9:45 am Wed Jul 3 EDTDeleted

Imagine running with shits in your brief 3

If the Lakers end up w Kawhi and desperately need cheap role players is it crazy to think they should look to the Big 3 9:51 am Wed Jul 3 EDTDeleted

They should look on r/nba instead 1

Who is your most hated nba player no troll 12:27 am Fri Jul 5 EDTDeleted

The beard, dude’s unbearable to watch 3

The KD Warriors would probably beat the best possible starting 5 you could assemble using Jordans finals opponents from 91 to 98 12:33 am Fri Jul 5 EDTDeleted

You made it sound like Magic became better because of HIV+ lmao 17

In the midst of all this chaos where is Jeremy Lin going 10:59 am Sat Jul 6 EDTDeleted

Last I heard he was going to sign with an Asian team if he wasn’t offered a good contract in the NBA 2

Serious What if a team refuses to wear bad jerseys 9:47 pm Thu Jul 18 EDTDeleted

They’ll still wear the jerseys even if it’s trash just for the sake of endorsements and other money shits 1

Tim Duncan started playing basketball because of his fear of sharks7:06 pm Sun Jul 28 EDTDeleted

You forgot to add “Breaking” in front of the title 4

Daryl Morey All the best to Jeremy with Beijing Duck I know he will be in good hands with commissioner Yao Ming in town Still regret having to trade him to make room for Chris Bosh and then we weren t even able to get Chris The Jeremy Harden combo 9:10 am Fri Aug 30 EDTDeleted

It was heavily rumoured that if LeBron was gone, Bosh would be gone too, with Rockets being the favourite to get him, then outta nowhere, dude signed a max to stay with the Heat 6

Did DeMarcus Cousins ever get arrested turn himself in 12:00 pm Fri Sep 13 EDTDeleted

It would be on top of r/nba if he was arrested 12

Why I believe there should be no playoffs and no finals 1:01 am Sun Sep 15 EDTDeleted

Nobody gives a damn about your son Jacob’s opinion 4

What would you all-time white line-up be 11:52 am Tue Sep 17 EDTDeleted

Replace Battier with Klay then you have the best all white team 2

Is LeBron James still the best player in the NBA 5:50 am Sun Oct 6 EDTDeleted

> Dont mind me I just want to lose my gold virginity The sad thing is you prolly will stay a virgin forever 2

Lets pass out Free Hong Kong T-Shirts at Staples Center on Opening Night and make Chinese TV censor the whole audience2:56 am Mon Oct 7 EDTDeleted

A Gofundme for an account with 0 followers lol, this ain’t gonna work, people would just have their money scammed 6

I wish every team except the New York Knicks tweeted support for Hong Kong democracy 8:19 am Mon Oct 7 EDTDeleted

You’re generous for letting the Chinese watch Knicks games instead of Hornets games 7

By deciding to cut ties with an entire NBA franchise instead of just one person in Daryl Morey China have showed ultimate intimidation tactic and have essentially scared off all the teams from having any of their players or staff take a stand against the12:18 pm Mon Oct 7 EDTDeleted

I mean, if you were in their shoes, you would prolly would have done the same thing as well, and not just you, but majority of r/nba users would have chose to become a billionaire than stand with HK 4

What are the chances Lebrons comments are generally forgotten about by end of season 10:05 pm Wed Oct 16 EDTDeleted

What does government mean to you? 1

If a player averaged 0 0 0 0 0 for an entire season but got quintuple teamed every time down the floor would they win MVP 10:28 am Tue Oct 22 EDTDeleted

It’s r/nba, where amazing happens 5