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King Kyrie Irving I felt disrespected after the game So your career-high ball goes in the stands 6:24 pm Tue Nov 10 EDT

The difference was he was going for a 50 point game. Totally different than if he had 13 and was trying to get to 15. Its like Brock Holts HR for the cycle against the yankees. Did he need to swing for the fences against a position player pitching with 1

Post Game Thread The Houston Rockets 19-15 beat the v Boston Celtics 20-14 127 - 11310:33 pm Thu Dec 31 EDT

Is 45 points on 26 shots even good? 3

James Harden has 20 FTA with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter8:45 pm Mon Jan 6 EDT

Dont like the FTs? Dont foul him. -7

James Harden has 20 FTA with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter8:45 pm Mon Jan 6 EDT

By that token every time someone shots free throws they arent fouls. -2

James Harden has 20 FTA with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter8:45 pm Mon Jan 6 EDT

"Steve Javie, an officiating analyst for ESPN with 25 seasons of NBA refereeing experience, disagrees that deception is a major factor in Harden living at the line. "Hes really a unique player where he doesnt really try to fool the referee actually," Jav -1

James Harden has 20 FTA with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter8:45 pm Mon Jan 6 EDT

Man the hate must be deep with you. You say a 25 year referee is wrong and he doesnt want to throw people under the bus? Its not like he had to give a comment. If he didnt actually think that he wouldnt have said it. 1

Peak Manu Ginobili or Current James Harden 10:21 pm Mon Jan 20 EDT

Are you on crack? 1

James Harden shot some points picked up some rebounds and handed the ball to other players versus a team in brooklyn tonight 10:43 pm Wed Jan 22 EDT

Have you seen his teammates? Might even be worse than your team 1

Big Baller Brand should use footage of Zions Nike shoe ripping apart as marketing footage5:58 pm Thu Feb 27 EDT

Adidas needs to do that. They have by far the better shoe right now. At least for casual and running. I dont normally wear basketball shoes. 3

If Giannis leads the Bucks to the finals similar to a LeBron 2012 playoffs will he be the best player in the league heading into next season 2:50 pm Mon Apr 20 EDT

No. The east is a joke this year. -19


They were a 5 seed. They were better than the Clippers and OKC as well as half the teams in the East. 0

Serious OK r nba seriously how old are you 11:19 pm Thu Apr 30 EDT

33 1

Is Steph curry still better than harden 11:52 pm Sat May 9 EDT

No. 2

The Golden State Warriors have not scored since 5 39 remaining in the fourth quarter The Raptors unfortunately havent been able to fully capitalise offensively 10:41 pm Sun Jun 7 EDT

Everyone focuses on GSs offense, but their defense is also among the top in the league when they want to shut you down. Its so incredibility difficult to beat them in a 7 game series. 1

Since the Spurs are reportedly interested in DeMarcus Cousins they have the potential to complete the famed Gay-Cousins-Love front court if they can somehow flip LaMarcus Aldridge for Kevin Love 5:02 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT

Agreed. I read that and really wondered why SA would want to do that trade. If youre desperate to get rid of LMA Im sure Houston would take him. 5

Why is Steve Kerr the guy who coached teams who were essentially guaranteed a championship before the season even starts complaining about anything being bad for the league 3:51 pm Thu Aug 6 EDT

And only fans in a few cities really thought they even had a chance. Outside of Houston and Milwaukee I don’t think anyone felt they could take on a fully powered Warriors team in a 7 game series. Not taking anything away from the Raptors. They took a 2

Demarcus Cousins timeline in the last 19 months8:20 pm Thu Sep 3 EDT

January 2018 - Hate on Harden. August 2019 - Hate on Harden. Nothing’s changed 2

Has Trump weighed in on the China NBA spat Will he 6:35 pm Tue Oct 13 EDT

He’s pulling a Durant 1