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Post-Game Thread The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 130-125 behind 40 15 6 from Embiid and despite 52 16 7 from Giannis6:05 pm Sun Mar 17 EDT

The Milwaukee Giannis vs The Sixers NOBODY ELSE SHOWED UP FOR MILWAUKEE , JESUS 2

A little ironic the Warriors 3 homegrown stars are showing out12:25 am Sun May 19 EDT

So? the whole point of the draft is for your team to draft good talent. Theyve drafted good talent and thats the only reason for their success. Thats admirable 1

Is Raptors Dynatsy more important than Warriors dynasty11:34 pm Fri Jun 7 EDT

i still remember that Dallas Mavericks dynasty man, damn 1

Is curry the biggest front running sidekick in nba history 11:26 pm Fri Jun 7 EDT

>I honestly thought i would never see anyone disappear worse than kobe in the finals. top level nephews here 0