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a word about life10:37 pm Tue Oct 8 EDT 6 ups @ 1.00 Removed


At the end of the first half DeAron fox with 17 points on 6 8 shooting Lonzo Ball with 4 points on 2 8 shooting11:08 pm Sat Nov 16 EDTRemoved

feels not good 1

What is an opinion that you fully believe in but if said out loud would result in people clowning roasting you 11:17 pm Sun Dec 15 EDTRemoved

kobe is top 3 all time -1

Is James harden overrated 10:01 pm Sat Feb 9 EDTRemoved

okay 1

Heres why the Devin Booker quote about Im going for 50 matters12:21 pm Fri Mar 29 EDTRemoved

u dont really hoop 2

Game Up To 21 The Professor with a 19-0 head start vs LeBron3:24 pm Fri Mar 29 EDTRemoved

Lebron 21-19, 100/100 times 6

Joel Embiid features in a music video with over 50 million views8:36 pm Fri Apr 26 EDTRemoved

we forgive you germany 1

OC The Laws of physics and the PURPOSE of a STEP BACK jumper prove that Harden shoots unnaturally and is looking to draw fouls11:32 pm Tue Apr 30 EDTRemoved

u dont hoop 7

Unpopular opinion Enes Kanter is the best looking player in the NBA 10:04 pm Sun May 5 EDTRemoved

yea ur right, this is definitely an unpopular opinion man im sorry i cant support this 1

Giving Meyers Leonard minutes in game 6 will be the death of the Blazers12:33 am Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

let g-eazy play 2

Unpopular opinion10:59 pm Thu May 9 EDTRemoved

someone gave u gold for this 2

Wiggins is insanely underrated on this sub6:16 pm Tue Jun 4 EDTRemoved

no hes not 5

GAME THREAD Shanghai Sharks 0-2 Los Angeles Clippers 1-1 - October 06 2019 12:38 am Mon Oct 7 EDTRemoved

this one is for hong kong 5

Now that Ben Simmons has Steph Curry range are the 7 foot 6ers a lock to win it all 10:49 pm Tue Oct 8 EDTRemoved

mods why do u remove my posts but let garbage poo poo doo doo like this make the cut hello mods 2

I got Shoulder Subluxation while playing basketball8:23 pm Thu Oct 10 EDTRemoved

youre gonna end up like fultz bro plz relax and just take a week off 2

Lebron James jumpshot hesi move How it is done 8:25 pm Thu Oct 10 EDTRemoved

okay 1

Lebron James jumpshot hesi move How it is done 8:25 pm Thu Oct 10 EDTRemoved

yes 1