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How do you feel about David Duke as a basketball player 11:10 pm Mon Feb 22 EDT 2 ups @ 0.54 Removed


Starting sharpshooter Terrance Ferguson has thus far averaged 2 0 2 0 0 4 on an incredible 13 3 FG and 9 3PT while playing 21 minutes per game 10:11 pm Sun Oct 24 EDTRemoved

Man OKC fan were hyping the shit out of him after one good game last year. 1

How is NBA com still sooo bad 11:29 pm Mon Oct 25 EDTRemoved

Its been bad since I was in 9th grade and that was 12 years ago. 2

Post Game Thread The Memphis Grizzlies defeat the Utah Jazz 92-84 behind Mike Conleys 23pts and Marc Gasols 18pts 13rebounds11:39 pm Mon Oct 25 EDTRemoved

Hopefully this game shuts up the annoying circlejerk of people complaining about high scoring . 1

KATs parents should ground him and take away his Xbox until he starts taking the NBA seriously again 1:53 am Sat Oct 30 EDTRemoved

His parents should limit him to one IG Thot a week. 2

Bruh James Harden carrying the rockets after the fight 1:57 am Sun Oct 24 EDTRemoved

Lowkey bruh 1

I want to make it to the NBA7:06 pm Sat Nov 6 EDTRemoved

Holy shit all this dude does is posts stupid topics on this sub. 1

Brandon Ingram tonight 10pts on 3 8 3reb 1ast 6 turnovers12:47 am Mon Nov 15 EDTRemoved

Its weird how Lakers fan continuously act like Ingram is incapable of criticism given how highly your fanbase rates the guy. -14

AMA ball boy deleted his account 12:45 am Tue Mar 2 EDTRemoved

This sub and Reddit is a stupid kind of gullible. Stuff like TIFU and most amas are just a means for people to embellish outrageous stories 1

Is Luka Don i a lock for HOF 9:32 pm Mon Mar 8 EDTRemoved

Well he is a known Rockets troll. 1

D-Wade s stat line in his final home game 30 3 311:48 pm Tue Apr 13 EDTRemoved

Should have gone for that perfect 33/3/3 1

Westbrook isn t the first superstar to lose in the first round 3 years in a row2:03 am Wed Apr 28 EDTRemoved

If by god you mean my boy Jesus the bricklayer. 3

If youre a GM would you rather have Curry Dame Kyrie or Westbrook 2:09 am Wed Apr 28 EDTRemoved

Im glad Lillard is getting so much more respect now. Lets not forget that after losing Batum, Aldridge, and signing a big contract as the team’s main star, Lillard was still able to lead his team to the playoff on what was supposed to be rebuilding/lott 2

Lets be honest the Rockets Warriors series is already over 1:25 am Wed May 5 EDTRemoved

That is what you Nostradamuses said last year. 1

video request That babe dancing during the TO before the 2 40 timeout 10:37 pm Thu May 6 EDTRemoved

Please update me as well. 2

Unpopular Opinion I like Mark Jacksons commentating on games12:48 pm Sat May 8 EDTRemoved

Gtfo here with the martyrdom card, there is a reason people hate Jackson and it has nothing to do with being a casual. This is top level /r/nba gatekeeping or “iamverysmart” 1

How do the Rockets move on from this 11:47 pm Fri May 14 EDTRemoved

Damn, are you coming back to Dallas, honey? 3

Steph Curry at the half 25 points 7 9 FG 6 6 FT 5 7 3PT 10:15 pm Mon May 24 EDTRemoved

“People that annoy you” 6

Do most teams hate the Lakers because of their past championships 10:10 pm Wed Jun 16 EDTRemoved

Nah its their fan. I never gave a care or found GS fan to be half as obnoxious as Lakers fan. 1

Discussion How do the Bucks end up with 3 awards when they couldnt even get 3 wins off the Raps 11:00 pm Mon Jun 28 EDTRemoved

As if Raptors fan weren’t obnoxious enough... 0

Houston Rockets fan 25 is arrested over picture of him intending to burn Chinese national flag while wearing teams jersey in support of the US basketball franchise amid Beijings row with NBA over Hong Kong6:15 pm Tue Oct 12 EDTRemoved

So you’r telling me, “Ball is Life” has been a lie?!! 11

Luka drops 22 5 5 in the first quarter shooting 5 6 from 38:15 pm Wed Nov 24 EDTRemoved

Last year there were dumbasses saying he was being talked so much “only” because he is white. I wonder what this season’s narrative is. 5

Why is no one talking about how great RJ Barrett has been 12:57 am Tue Dec 7 EDTRemoved

Good efficiency for playing the 1950’s 2

Russell Westbrook finishes with 19 10 10 on 7 30 shooting and 5 TOs in a double OT loss to the Spurs 11:35 pm Tue Dec 7 EDTRemoved

Its amazing that he refuses to change his play style whatsoever and even more embarrassing are the apologists who make excuses for him because he mean mugs his opponents and play with effort. 1

OC Jerry West Says He Wishes NBA Would Change Logo so I tried making a new logo8:32 pm Sun Jan 31 EDTRemoved

I know you meant well but that picture tho lol... 9

Whats the point of the GOAT debate 11:43 pm Sun Jan 31 EDTRemoved

I know it sounds corny but Kobe’s death made me realized I should appreciate players (and people) more often when they are alive and stop getting caught up in these manufactured debates and obsession with analytics like PER, TS, and hell in “Rings” 2

So it turns out Stephen Jackson is ok with super racist antisemitism 4:05 pm Tue Jul 13 EDTRemoved

As an Asian American, i will whole heartedly stand by with BLM and have extreme empathy for what they have gone through. With that being said, it saddens me so much that through my life in the US, I have been subjected to so much trickle down racism by bl 27

Is Steph Curry a Hall of Famer 4:55 am Fri Jul 30 EDTRemoved

Are you blazing one up now like I am?? 2

How would a dynamic duo of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Garnett fare 2:05 am Thu Aug 26 EDTRemoved

Probably the same story as Marbury and KG. -2

Luka Doncic through 3 quarters against the Clippers Hot Wings Kawhi and PG 28 11 12 on 66 FG compared to a combined 26 10 5 on 29 FG 5:41 pm Sun Aug 29 EDTRemoved

Damn, this white boi got you so triggered. Spending an entire Sunday posting nonstop about him 2

Im sorry but luka doncic is absolutely insane7:49 pm Sun Aug 29 EDTRemoved

Clinically insane, send his ass back to a Slovenian asylum. 1

Raptors with NBA record 100 bench points 9:11 pm Sun Aug 29 EDTRemoved

How you think he slept with over 10,000 women? 31

I m sorry but this doesn t accomplish anything4:59 pm Wed Sep 1 EDTRemoved

As a panoramic, Irish Asian Furby, imma go to Taco Bueno later. 1

Why are the Wizards on the Eastern Conference even though Washington is on the west coast 10:46 pm Fri Sep 10 EDTRemoved

Our school system has failed us. -12

Whitlocks quotes on Iverson from 2009 10:05 am Fri Oct 1 EDTRemoved

Aint nothing little about Whitlock lol. 1

The Mavs lead by 44 with more than 6 minutes left in the 2nd quarter4:19 pm Sun Jan 2 EDTRemoved

I still have a feeling we are going to pull a choke like against the Raptors last year :( 9

Lamelo Ball is Balling Out8:45 pm Sat Jan 9 EDTRemoved

Holy shit wtf happened to Trae? He was incredibly good his first few games and now, poof. 3

Actual controversial opinion Ben Simmons flat out sucks9:37 pm Wed Jan 20 EDTRemoved

Ok? His offensive game is still ridiculously limited. Whenever anyone question his offensive evolution or improvement they are met with condescending "do you WATCH THE GAME" comments. 2

Kevin Durant s minutes since the James Harden trade 40 vs the Orlando Magic 35 vs the Milwaukee Buck and 50 vs the Cleveland Cavaliers10:09 pm Wed Jan 20 EDTRemoved

WTF is Steve Nash doing. He didnt call one timeout during the 2nd OT and is taking Mike Dantonis/Thibs seminar on minute distribution. 1

Nets lose 100 posts Nets win 0 posts 9:48 pm Fri Jan 29 EDTRemoved

You have 3 Superstars and yet have a victim complex. GTFO, maybe you do deserve Kyrie. 4

I am disgusted by the Mavs this season10:59 pm Sun Feb 14 EDTRemoved

Shouldnt you be happy by their mediocrity? That juicy draft pick :) 4

CONFIRMED Frank Isola Doesn t Like Beyonce7:40 pm Tue Feb 23 EDTRemoved

Her best album, Lemonade wasnt even written by her, like people praising this evolution of her from a pop artist to avant garde exhibitionist dont realize its so phony and artificial. Still a great album though but I dont agree why she is put so high on a 1