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Harden and Westbrook for Simmons and Horford10:16 pm Sat Sep 18 EDT 0 ups @ 0.23 Removed

Celtics a trade destination for Kevin Love 5:12 am Thu Dec 16 EDT 1 ups @ 1.00 Removed

Kyrie s MVP chances7:13 pm Fri Dec 31 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Removed

Slander thread mad at your team Take it out on other teams 10:47 pm Sun Jan 2 EDT 2 ups @ 0.75 Deleted

Giannis is 1 10 at the free throw line tonight9:53 pm Fri Jan 15 EDT 3 ups @ 1.00 Removed

The Nets basically just need a center9:13 pm Sat Jan 16 EDT 9 ups @ 0.85 Removed

Embiid has 80 points on 34 shots in the last two games3:50 am Sat Jan 23 EDT 13 ups @ 0.78 Removed

Pick two of these players to be your franchise stars6:33 am Sun Jan 24 EDT 1 ups @ Removed

Did the Nets just wave the white flag with 5 00 left in a 13 point game 10:05 pm Sat Feb 6 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed

The 1 seed is going be really important this year12:25 am Thu Feb 11 EDT 0 ups @ 0.50 Deleted

The Bulls are just 1 5 games behind the Celtics8:49 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT 20 ups @ 0.82 Removed

Neither Celtic shouldve made the all star game ahead of Trae8:35 pm Wed Feb 24 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed


Not Your Average Trade Idea8:12 pm Thu Nov 18 EDTRemoved

Ehhh the Sixers don’t need to give up anything more than Simmons and mayyyybe a pick for harden imo. No ones getting both Richardson and thybulle 1

Per NBASupes this 5-team trade is currently being discussed MIN PHX NOP CLE ATL1:02 am Mon Nov 22 EDTRemoved

I don’t get it for Atlanta and Cleveland quite as much but it’s interesting ! 1

Is Jrue Holiday really that much better than Eric Bledsoe and George Hill who posted a league best 66 TS among guards who played more than 20 minutes and 46 from deep last season 12:16 am Tue Nov 23 EDTRemoved

Also is he better than CP3? Cp3 basically cost a draft pick lol 1

Thoughts on this hypothetical 4-way trade Rockets Sixers Wolves Knicks 1:22 am Tue Nov 23 EDTRemoved

Not terrible. I still don’t think the Sixers should give up much more than Simmons or harden, so prob not j rich 2

I mean am I wrong for not being that impressed by what the Bucks did They have no true PG right now no depth and while their starting lineup is good they will have to fill everything in via vet minimums 2:16 am Tue Nov 23 EDTRemoved

I wasn’t impressed by holiday but seeing they got bogdonavich too and that Giannis will almost certainly sign it’s pretty impressive IMO. This is not gonna be the same team the heat wiped out last year that’s for sure. 0

Klay Thompson signed a max contract in july 20199:24 pm Thu Nov 25 EDTRemoved

I wish KD never played game 5 :( 3

So a lot of teams are loading in on the free agency What exactly are the Knicks doing 10:04 pm Sat Nov 27 EDTRemoved

They’re doing well. Nerlins can be traded for a pick at the deadline 1

Durant Congratulations to my new teammate James Harden8:38 pm Tue Nov 30 EDTRemoved

Lmao 6

The Clippers should trade for Derrick Rose9:02 pm Tue Nov 30 EDTRemoved

I still don’t think that’s the move. But I’m not sure what is. I actually think Rondo would’ve been a helpful glue guy for them 1

Celtics a trade destination for Kevin Love 5:12 am Thu Dec 16 EDTRemoved

Ohhh shit. I misread the contract size sorry lmao 2

Serious I think Kyrie always had mental health issues and no one quiet takes him seriously 1:36 am Sun Dec 19 EDTRemoved

I think it’s good to have empathy for Kyrie but you don’t have to diagnose him. We don’t know him 7

Assume the Rockets want be be competitive how is this trade 6:48 pm Thu Dec 23 EDTRemoved

Not bad with picks for Houston IMO I think the Celtics would win the East in this scenario 3

Hypothetical Future Trade6:54 pm Mon Dec 27 EDTRemoved

Ehhh I’m all for Boston trading brown/smart for harden but I don’t think they should trade him for KAT -1

3 team trade landing Blake Griffin and Will Barton in Philly Tobais Harris back in Detroit and Matisse Thybulle in Denver Thoughts on this idea 8:59 pm Fri Dec 31 EDTRemoved

Philly says yes but no way does Denver do that Matisse isn’t in the Sixers rotation why would Denver give up a first and a legit good player in Barton for him? I think the Sixers trading Tobias and Matisse for Griffin (or Kevin Love) is more realistic 3

NBA Teams Ranked by Twitter Followers5:49 am Mon Jan 3 EDTRemoved

Wow kinda surprised by the nuggets. They’ve had Melo, AI, Jokic and Murray man 1

Biggest what-ifs in recent memory 2010-2020 1:50 am Wed Jan 6 EDTRemoved

Sneaky interesting one. If Kawhi stayed in Toronto last year do they repeat? 1

Has Kevin Durants tenure w GS overrated him a bit come playoff time 5:08 pm Sun Jan 10 EDTRemoved

He was the best player in the 2019 playoffs before his injury tho imo 1

What do you think of the following trade 12:59 am Tue Jan 12 EDTRemoved

They could get more for Kyrie and they need to win a title now with a star next to KD before he gets too old 3

Why are not talking about the fact that Jackie Macmullan called players owners property 1:13 am Fri Jan 15 EDTRemoved

Dude that whole pod. And the way they act like Harden is such an abomination for the way he asked for a trade as if it hasn’t happened 50 times before. Russilo voted for trump and it shows But yet still i listen every week to hear Bill talk hoops lma 0

Lamelo vs ben Simmons 10:03 pm Fri Jan 15 EDTRemoved

Ben’s one of the best defenders and fastest overall players in the league. Lamello will maybe so sick at ball handling that he plays better than Ben someday but it’s not close right now who impacts the floor more 1

The Nets basically just need a center9:13 pm Sat Jan 16 EDTRemoved

I think so too but playoffs are a small sample size. Getting someone to make Embiid a little uncomfortable would make it much easier for the Nets 1

Ben Simmons Lack of Aggressiveness8:43 pm Fri Jan 22 EDTRemoved

Sad cuz I think he’s still struggling with those back/knee injuries. He was killing it before the back 2

Late blooming scorers 9:42 pm Fri Jan 22 EDTRemoved

I think he’s a late bloomer but also not really a winning player as a number 1 option 1

Time to ask this question again Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum 10:03 pm Fri Jan 22 EDTRemoved

Jaylen imo 1

Pick two of these players to be your franchise stars6:33 am Sun Jan 24 EDTRemoved

A lot of Sixers fans want lavine to hit the trade market for this reason lol 2

Pick two of these players to be your franchise stars6:33 am Sun Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Lol I tried to take out MVP candidate tier players 1

Replace Irving with Steven Adams how much do the Nets improve worsen 7:35 pm Sun Jan 24 EDTRemoved

They get worse dude. Wait til the playoffs where every tough bucket is a grind and you’ll see the value of a Kyrie (even if he’s third option) 2

Jaylen Brown tonight vs the Cavaliers 33 PTS 3 REB 1 AST in 19 14 of playing time 13 20 FGA 31 for the game9:20 pm Sun Jan 24 EDTRemoved

As a Sixers fan I gotta say his improvement is incredible and he’s a really cool player. I will solely focus my slander towards Danny Ainge’s trade exception until further notice. 10

8 of the top 10 passing seasons by players 610 and above happened after 20139:25 pm Sun Jan 24 EDTRemoved

Was Magic shorter than 6:10? Genuinely curious But ya I do love watching my big passing bois too. Literally Lebron Ben and Jokic are 3 of my must watches lol 3

Should Hayward have been the first option on the Celtics this whole time 9:24 pm Sun Jan 24 EDTRemoved

I think the first option should’ve been Miles Turner this year imho 1

The 1 seed is going be really important this year12:25 am Thu Feb 11 EDTRemoved

I deserve this lol 5

I am disgusted by the Mavs this season10:59 pm Sun Feb 14 EDTRemoved

Same problems as Philly last year. Lots of players that can shoot but they’re not great shooters. Then they see too many bricks and don’t try on defense 1

Jamal Murray - 50 points 21 25 FG 8 10 3P ZERO free throw attempts 9:21 pm Fri Feb 19 EDTRemoved

Such a strange player. He really just goes supersayan and you never know what game it’s gonna happen lol 6

02 24 should be named Mamba Day4:55 am Sun Feb 28 EDTRemoved

Why did my brain think this was a shitpost about Mo Bamba when I saw the title 1