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Can we all agree that James Harden is better than KD and Steph this season after overcoming a huge deficit and hitting the game winning shot 1:24 am Fri Jan 4 EDT

Birches be complaining that steph ain’t getting enough shots lmao He’ll have plenty of shots when KD leaves 1

Warrior fans now claiming Steph is not getting enough touches do you agree with this 1:33 am Fri Jan 4 EDT

Lmao hot take I like it 0

Whos better Luka doncic or luka modric 3:15 pm Sun Feb 3 EDT

Modric is a fucking animal. 2

Taking apart the Lakers offer 6:39 pm Mon Feb 4 EDT

You ain’t looking out the buyout market (a la Houston) which would bring players to play with LeBron and AD easily 1

Is Lebrons main argument as 2 Goat the finals thing 1:28 am Mon Feb 11 EDT

Cause he started watching basketball last year 3

As someone who watched every Duke game this season 7:11 pm Sun Mar 31 EDT

Oh so you mean like harden /s 1