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Doc Rivers is the very first coach in NBA to blow three 3-1 leads 12:25 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 8 ups @ 0.90 Removed


These NBA scores are jokes and the stats to go with them are meaningless11:08 pm Mon Nov 2 EDTRemoved

Post videos of you in an open gym and lets decide if they are comparable 1

LeBron James is currently averaging a LeBron according to tonights game 12:07 am Thu Nov 19 EDTRemoved

It said it was his average in CLE 5

Kawhi Leonard Carmelo Anthony I like his midrange game 3:16 am Sat May 9 EDTRemoved

Ah, I see youtube recommended you this vid too. 1

Murray finishes with 50 5 6 and Mitchell finishes with 44 6 5 in another outstanding matchup11:12 pm Sun Aug 30 EDTRemoved

Wolves drafted Kris Dunn instead of him 1

Kawhi Leonard scored zero points in the fourth quarter in the Clippers game 2 loss to the Nuggets 11:44 pm Sat Sep 5 EDTRemoved

Lol yall are so quick 2

Should The Raptors Try to Trade Siakam amp Other Assets For a Playoff Performer 11:55 pm Fri Sep 11 EDTRemoved

No but what they need to do is find a player to be their #1 option bc thats not what Siakam is. 3

What happened to Marc Gasol 12:49 am Sat Sep 12 EDTRemoved

Hes old. 5

If Clippers didnt get Paul George where do you think Kawhi would be playing right now 12:39 am Sat Sep 12 EDTRemoved

Yep, Raptors had little to no chance of getting him. Basically he made sure that the Clips got him another star and PG was like the 5th option. And if none of them came to fruition, he was going to Lakers. 1