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Isnt it cringy to see Lebron James standing against racism and inequality after the whole China situation 6:17 pm Thu Jun 10 EDT

You just posted cringe bro 6

not having an athletic center like last year will hurt the lakers i think12:32 am Wed Dec 29 EDT

Youre literally always wrong tho 2

What the fuck LeBron 9:27 pm Wed Jan 27 EDT

Good, hard foul. Find a new slant. 2

Westbrook - Loyal MVP Family man local hero interacts with fans End result - hated by every fan Klay Thompson - Playboy does illegal drugs like marijuana trash talks players in public and off court End result - loved universally and called a nati1:25 pm Wed Feb 3 EDT

Well at least since OPs last post 1

Cant have LeBron as GOAT when hes literally babysit by the refs11:53 pm Tue Mar 2 EDT

Ok 1

Why is no-one talking about what Charles Barkley had to say recently and more importantly why do mods keep removing it 4:47 pm Sun Apr 4 EDT

We live in a society 1

Why is no-one talking about what Charles Barkley had to say recently and more importantly why do mods keep removing it 4:47 pm Sun Apr 4 EDT

Basic 0

Why dont they lower the rims and shrink the court in the WNBA 3:18 pm Thu Apr 8 EDT

Idk 1

Why didn t ESPN lower the mic turn it off when Murray went down with the injury 2:04 am Tue Apr 13 EDT

Personally, in my opinion, from my perspective, I do not know. 20

KD being called sensitive for defensive himself vs the media doesn t even make sense2:47 pm Tue Apr 13 EDT

Lol 6

Can Stephen Curry Pass LeBron James for GOAT10:26 pm Mon Apr 19 EDT

I dont know what this means but I like it. 2

Kevin Durant is the most selfless superstar in history agree or disagree 9:48 pm Tue Apr 27 EDT

Lot of early morning /r/nba posts during primetime. Whats going on tonight? 0

LeBron James is great but hes overrated in the all time discussion3:28 pm Wed Apr 28 EDT

LeBron James 4

Dr J was right Lebron started the superteam era5:35 pm Wed Apr 28 EDT

Okay Ill let him know he was right. Thanks for confirming bro 5

Is it even possible to see triple 12:59 am Thu May 20 EDT

Hoooly shit its a joke /r/nba is wild tonight 19

CJ McCollum Very good game NBA won tonight 1:23 am Thu May 20 EDT

Bron and CJ are good friends. Wouldnt read too much into it. 6

I have watched my last game with LeBron in it 6:36 pm Sun May 23 EDT

Ok 7

Adam silver told the refs to call the game for clippers tonight11:11 pm Tue May 25 EDT

Meh yall said this last year for the Clippers-Nuggets series too. 1

If Chris Paul wins he wouldve beat teams where every best player is out 1:58 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Go to sleep 1

This subs response to KD and Michael Rappaports comments were disappointing and mirror whats happening now7:41 pm Wed Jul 7 EDT

Hey man Im so sorry to hear that 4

Influx of pro Lebron posts11:25 am Wed Jul 14 EDT

He has a movie coming out. Hes going to be making media appearances to promote that movie that people (or yes, organizations posing as people) are going to want to share. Thats how its always been. 3

Currently audience reviews for Space Jam 2 sit at 83 Is Lebron not as hated as we thought 11:01 am Sat Jul 17 EDT

Counterpoint: It has a 4.1 on IMDB but that might stabilize. 2

Shouting at your friends 2 more is not a support its a jinx 1:04 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Damn LeBron really on your mind huh? 1